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  1. 1USDHost.com - 1 Dollar Hosting / cPanel Hosting / 99.99% Uptime / SSD Drives / 30-Day Money Back 1USDHost.com is a 1 dollar hosting provider. We offer cPanel shared hosting including one-click CMS installation (such as Wordpress, Joomla, etc.) for $12/year if you pay with PayPal or $1/month if you pay with Bitcoin. We are different that all the other 1 dollar hosts. Here is how: - Instant setup after payment: Get your 1 dollar shared hosting immediately and automatically delivered to you after payment. - 30-day refund policy: You are entitled for a 30-day refund to your full payment if you did not like our service. - 99.99% uptime: We guarantee a 99.99% uptime on our stable network run on our privately owned servers, which are monitored by our professional team. - Scalable with just one-click: Once you start growing, you can upgrade with a single click and you only pay the difference. All done automatically. WEB v1 - 2 GB SSD - 10 GB Bandwidth - 2 Domains - 2 MySQL Databases - Unlimited Email Accounts - Dedicated IP (+ $3.00) $1.00 /month - ORDER WEB v2 - 4 GB SSD - 20 GB Bandwidth - 4 Domains - 4 MySQL Databases - Unlimited Email Accounts - Dedicated IP (+ $3.00) $2.00/month - ORDER WEB v3 - 25 GB SSD - 150 GB Bandwidth - 25 Domains - 25 MySQL Databases - Unlimited Email Accounts - Dedicated IP (+ $3.00) $4.00/month - ORDER WEB v4 - 10 GB SSD - 50 GB Bandwidth - 10 Domains - 10 MySQL Databases - Unlimited Email Accounts - Dedicated IP (+ $3.00) $4.00/month - ORDER We accept PayPal and Bitcoin only. To contact us, please go to our LiveChat on our website or email us as info@1usdhost.com.
  2. Basically it is the practice of hoodwinking the search engines into pushing your website higher in the rankings here are many methods of accomplishing the end result (higher rankings), but it should be understood that you are potentially setting yourself up for the exact opposite (lower rankings and/or removal from the search engine index).you'd see websites with a given keyword or two or three repeated over and over again on a given page (sometimes hundreds of times) in order to make the engine believe that this page was really that important. You'd see blocks of text either at the top of the pages or the very bottom and usually the text would be the same color as the background of the page so that you couldn't read the text unless you highlighted it. What's funnier is that you can still find websites like this today. Funnier yet, some of these websites REMAIN EFFECTIVE in their tactics, no matter how obvious they are.if they can cheat the system and win, good for them. They also know they can just as easily lose the fight. It's not the only form of gambling in this world.
  3. Yeah. But this kind of tools hit my website. Can you tell me this kind of tools is safe for a website or not. I have so many clients. So it is safe i will buy one. Like Senuke or Search Engine Ranker and others. If they give me quality backlinks.
  4. Article Submission is really so much effective if your article will unique and get approved by article submission site admin. Ezine article and article base is best article submission site. If you get this kind of Article submission backlinks. This will be plus point to get huge visitor.
  5. In a short, On page is website internal work SEO work. For example: Keywords, Title, description, heading tag, image alt tags, internal linking, article writing, content setup, google analytic, webmaster, xml site map, robo.txt. This kind of internal SEO work is On page SEO.
  6. Hello guys, i am Mclaren. I am new here. I am SEO learner. I am 24 years old. I like to chat with forum. Also want to get help from community. I hope this community will help me so much.
  7. I am From Bangladesh. Nice too meet you all guys.
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