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  1. It is what should be run in running trading, because in the course of forex it will be a high risk that is in front of us. So if we already have the maximum knowledge and knowledge then the risk is more can be managed well and correctly, and more profits will also be obtained easily
  2. With better able to manage the demo account well it will be better also when we run trading in his real account, because the demo account and the real account is the same way of working well. But that will differentiate it's virtual money and real money.
  3. In profitable in forex this is the most important we try to always run trading well, because forex business is a business that is very high risk, so the maximum science owned it must be properly owned to run the trading activities can be obtained in profit
  4. The way to succeed in the forex business that we must be with a struggle and also sacrifice, because we want to produce something that is necessary with the struggle and will not be instant on the run, especially in the forex business must really maximal science in order to profit to run trading in Consistent trade.Berry can be obtained
  5. It is necessary we run in running the trading, because with our focus is more able to be directed in running the trading, and that will be good again try to always run the trading by learning on the run as in the trade.Berry demo account for more in profit will be obtained easily
  6. Demo account it is very necessary we run in a good study, freely in forex we run, and more can improve the ability of trading for the better. And it perfectly fits the demo account on the run in a good learning stage in the stage to succeed in forex business alongside trade.Berry
  7. Mm and rm indeed it is very important at all, because with more can manage mm and rm well it will be good also in running its trading. With that we always try to learn in trading demo trading.Berry account for more trained knowledge and skills possessed
  8. Exactly right, because in business it has risks, so must understand how forex we run well. For that we can run trading with learning in preparation and readiness in social platform trading with a face to better understand forex trading to get the benefits obtained
  9. MM and RM that we can master with will make us remain confident with the funds in trading it and also can set the trading system in order to continue to survive in forex business in trade.Berry
  10. You can not live from trading if you always cultivate empty expectations. You have to put your expectations on a reality, that is in positions - positions that are profitable and immediately dispose of the positions - harmful position. If you need a cut loss yes cut loss when we run trading with dangerous in running trading with trade.Berry
  11. it is that we must understand, because the risk of uncontrolled it will not be able to benefit can be obtained properly. and their facilities demo account will be growing in the science of trading skills become more refined, and more capable of maximum owned. And it must be by a process executed in success to be obtained
  12. Forex trading does have a very high risk, it is better to do the best possible learning with sincerity, And we always be trying to take advantage of the social trade.Berry demo account trading platform so it can exchange information with other traders analysis and further facilitate and adds to the learning experience in running trading
  13. skills in running trading is very important to run with in practice, because more can run good trading it will be good also in the running trading. So with that as traders who want to be able to run a maximum of trading should be a maximum of trading knowledge also owned
  14. it will indeed happen, and gains or losses obtained every trader that depends on the trader masig each in his own no trading knowledge. Because more can benefit it will depend on knowledge and ability of its trading every trader
  15. The maximum in trading skills possessed it will be able to carry out trading. Forex trading it is that we should use trading well have its advantages if the maximum knowledge to be obtained also when trading on the run together trade.Berry