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  1. Forex trading is not easy way of money making! This is the most standard way of earning, that’s way, and professional Forex traders are successful in their daily life too! It would be better, if a new trader can start his learning process with a trainer, but I was unable to arrange the cost of a professional trainer! By the way, I am really thankful to TradingBanks broker because of their amazing educational materials in their learning section!
  2. No, you need here clear knowledge on technical and fundamental! Personally I know many successful Forex traders but they didn’t complete their graduation! On the other hand, so many educated people but they consistently losing their money! That means, you need to learn fundamental and technical for being a successful Forex trader! Interestingly, I get professional market analysis from TradingBanks broker in everyday!
  3. Good broker means; which trading brokers provide 100% capital security and enough trading facilities and features. In a word, good Forex brokers always help Forex traders to make money! On the other hand, market maker brokers always discourage Forex traders! By the way, I use one of the most reliable Forex broker TradingBanks, obviously this one is active for retail Forex traders!
  4. You can increase your balance for reducing your risk percentage! It’s very quick process rather than increasing trading knowledge! But interestingly, I have reduced my risk percentage automatically without any investment! Basically, I got 100% deposit bonus from TradingBanks broker, that means; now I am trading with double trading equity! But till now I am following my pre-planned trading lot size!
  5. Yeah, I also started my live trading too early! Actually, there was a big welcome bonus offer from ECN broker TradingBanks and I didn’t want to miss that chance! And then I followed half monthly target according to my demo trading performance! By the way, right now I am trading with 30% monthly target, that’s really enough for me!
  6. I had lots of plan but when I got 100% deposit bonus from ECN broker TradingBanks, then I just relaxed! Really, now I am very comfortable in my live trading! Because of this double trading equity! Obviously now I use fixed trading lot size according to my previous trading plan! No doubt, money management is the most important part here!
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