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  5. ranfurly

    Hello everybody, continuing from the last post which involves you basics to btc setup and trade This is just one method, I have another which is even easier. So let's go...First-up:1) Beginning Bitcoin..fast setup- Start off with a new email address..Why not?- Get new email to register a bitcoin wallet. I go with coinbase still there are others on bitcoin org- Finance your account. Debit card etc. Later I'll show you an amazing technique that can achieve this2) Evaluating Bitcoin..Quick fast- Right here I use bitcoinaverage com- Virtually all the cryptocurrencies can be purchased and the website gets refreshed quite regularly. Simplyplay around on the site and find out if you see anything interesting.Finished? Alright so now we trade
  6. I remember reading somewhere when bitcoin began, 1 bitcoin was worth 0.0001cent i.e that's 1/100th of a penny. Right? Then back in November 2013 1 BTC climbed to as much as $990USD... Wohoo! As at Feb 2016 it settled back to about $400USD before it reached $600USD in October. Instantly remains the best time to amass bitcoin, in view that it’s just in the beginning of another adoption curve. Right at this moment keep reading.
  7. Hi Happy To Be HereSo glad I have found this here a TGF. I am looking forward to using this great place to talk money, get advice on making money, have fun while doing it, and make some great friends.I'm new here to TGF but not new to business. I started out with internet marketing in 2003 and have been doing the work off and on since then. Now that I'm almost (Uh Hum) years old, I'm seeking to branch myself out into innovative types of internet business.