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  1. Everyone has their own goal or reason for entering in the trading. There are different people in the world who entered in trading with their different reasons but the common thing is that they all want to gain income on the invested capital. for this, an investor has to do some hard work and follow trends of the market.
  2. No doubt there is high risk involved in the forex trading but it is up to you how well you can manage your risk while trading, you have to increase your profitability by adopting best profit making approaches as well you have to learn from other traders how they manage their risk in the market.
  3. According to me, a trader should build his own strategy in the market because he only knows how to implement this strategy in a smart way. Success in the market also depends on hard work and smart work done by the trader while trading currencies in the market. How well a trader executes his trading strategies is also important in the market.
  4. Everyone has their own technique of earning income, I think if one technique is working for me, it might not work for you. I am just trying to say that everyone earns profit but they use their different strategies in the market to make a good income. We can build our own profit making methods.
  5. The gold market is one of the largest markets in the world and many investor trades in the gold market because they feel it is a safe platform to invest money. Gold futures are trading higher in the domestic market on Friday as investors took their fresh positions after getting positive signals from global markets. for information or to get more overview about the gold market you can follow leading financial expert websites.
  6. It is different for the different person If a person is doing well profit making is easy for him and it becomes fun for him. The points to be noted is that trading is just different than fun and games, for a better return in the market you have to gain basic knowledge about the market to make the trading process more interesting.
  7. It is essential to follow forum rules because in forex trading many people do not much aware of the rules and regulation and they make mistakes either intentionally or unintentionally. For better results in share market, a trade can take forex trading tips specially prepared by top financial advisor. It will beneficial for them to perform better in the market.
  8. Qualities of a good broker are following - 1. Aware of stock market rules and regulations 2. He should be well managed as well as can manage your risk smartly. 3. He should work for his client's interest. 4.He should not be in any illegal activities. 5. Your broker should be experienced and educated as well as honest to his clients.
  9. A broker is an important person for the trader because he provides guidance related to trading as well he performs all the activities on the behalf of the trader. The broker should be smart, intelligent and experiences because, at a point, a trader's success depends on his broker also.
  10. To plan a perfect trade first, an investor has to start with a small amount to know how actually the stock market works, how well he can manage and perform in the market then accordingly he can plan each and everything related to trade. A perfect planning will always be helpful for the investors.
  11. There is no fixed rule or fix way of doing trading, an investor can earn a better return by following daily updates, market news as well as he can take best trading tips for improvement of profit in the market.
  12. You can only become an expert in trading when you got a high level of knowledge and expertise in trading, for this you can take help of market experts, they have better experience about trade market. Your skills and knowledge help you to become an expert in the market.
  13. I think the best way of trading is what that gives you more satisfaction regarding investment profit. If you can manage your risk in a smart way then you can perform better in trading.
  14. Commodity trading means trading of commodities like gold, silver, Agri product etc. It divides into two parts soft commodity and hard commodity. Soft commodity includes Agri product like sugar, coffee and hard commodity include gold, silver and other precious metal. An investor can earn a good amount of profit by following better strategies and new techniques of the commodity market.
  15. According to me best way to protect our wealth is invest it in a better platform, a stock market is a good option if you are well aware of basic terms of the market but everyone can not do trading because of high-risk involvement. To protect your money you have to be careful each and every time.