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  1. Satisfaction with the broker depends on their services, how well you are performing in the market with the guidance of your broker. Select your broker carefully because your dissatisfaction regarding broker's services could lead you to lose your money in the market. For better performance in market stock tips, forex tips and much more can be suggested for boost earning.
  2. What trading strategies you are using is most important for you, it should be capable and related to new trends of the stock market. An investor has to follow new techniques of the stock market in the trading process because it leads him to better profit and if he is new in the market he can take daily updates, market calls recommendations and stock tips from the expert of financial market.
  3. Selection of best trading platform is one of the most critical decisions for an investor. He should do deep research before selecting a better trading platform for you.a right and the best platform is what that provide you better facility, good atmosphere to trade and better profit earning opportunities. If you want, you can take help of market experts who provide expert suggestion with forex tips, stock tips and commodity tips with an aim to guide you in trading.
  4. Yes, a good broker plays very important role in trading, he should be efficient and well managed, he should be able to manage your risk. Your broker should be well aware of your investment goal because it depends on his how well you perform in share market.
  5. Real trading success based on investor's efforts, risk taking abilities and management skills, if an investor knows how to do smart trading in the market then he can earn a good return on stock market investment.For better trading, he can take suggestions like stock tips, commodity tips and forex tips by financial market advisors.
  6. forex trading is risky but there is a lot of benefit of forex trading like It is the largest and most liquidate market People can easily earn through forex trading if he knows how to manage uncertain things. low charges of commission Profit potential from rising and falling valuation of difference currency High profitability also includes higher risk in that, forex is risky but if you know how to manage this risk very well then you can earn a better return from forex trading.
  7. How can we determine that the broker we are going to select is best for us.I mean what are the factor we should consider while selecting a broker in share market.Because broker is a very important person, they provide guidance to us for better trading. He should be able to give you right direction in trading.
  8. so what can we do to avoid risk in trading?? or we can say how to manage risk in trading?
  9. i am a trader, i want to know what factors we should consider if we are going to hire a broker?
  10. Can someone tell me what are the legal requirements of starting forex trading?Please explain step by step.
  11. Trading is risky, but you can make profit if you have proper knowledge about share market.Everything involves risk factor, when you are starting trading you should consider all points related to investing very carefully.If you are newbie and don't have much experience, you can take suggestions from experts also, they provides daily updates, tips and call recommendations to investors.
  12. Absolutely right.Selecting right broker is very important because they provide guidance to investor in every step, if your broker is not capable to understand market, how can he give profit to you.So be careful before choosing brokers for your investment planning.
  13. Right if you are a trader and want better return it is up to you how well you manage your risk and loses by improving knowledge.You must learn from past mistakes and try to never avoid them.
  14. Helpful points, I have one question.. Can you please explain what are the different factors we should consider to avoid lose in forex trading?
  15. Yes, along with this you can prepare yourself for better trading, for this another form of gaining experience is take daily advises.If you can afford, you can hire a financial adviser for you they give tips in different segments like Forex tips, stock tips, commodity tips. Their daily reports help us to stay updates with market.

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