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  1. Success in forex trading depends on the profit-making strategy adopted by a trader during forex trading. A trader should first analyse various strategy so that he can understand which one will be better for their investment. success in trading also depends on the tips and techniques used by the trader while taking decision-related to forex investment.
  2. Forex is considered very interesting by most of the traders as it provides many opportunities to the traders to make money in forex market. All they need to be very careful while buying and selling a share in the market. A trader should use strong profit-making techniques to improve profit in the market.
  3. Biggest mistake done by most of the forex trader is being too emotional while trading. It forces a trader to make decisions emotionally. In the forex market, a trader needs to keep high patience and should control his emotions so that he can take a wise decision at the time of market downturn.
  4. Yes, life does not change by miracle it changes by efforts and hard work done by a person in his life. It depends on as person how well he used management skills and strength to improve results in career.
  5. There is nothing like that secure trading, Forex trading is risky process it needs high level of technical knowledge about the market but a trader can secure his investment by using various trading strategies, using market trends and follows ups, taking expert advices etc. It can help a trader to manage risk and control loss.
  6. Yes it is possible for a newbie to make money through Forex market investment by following some experts tips and tricks. Choosing a perfect broker is a task but it should be done wisely. It is much important to gain better profit. A trader should follow regular market trend and act accordingly.
  7. Trading continuously to make more profit is good but over trading is harmful. to earn constant profit a trader has to do constantly trading in forex market. It also help the traders to clear various concept related to Forex market. Trade frequently but do not enter without completing proper research and analysis.
  8. Over trading is one of the biggest mistake done by many investor in Forex market as it increases chances of losing money in trading. Many investor for the purpose to gain more profit, hold their position for long term this maybe harmful for the trader because it increase emotion of greed. Over trading is bad in trading, if you achieve your profit target it will be better to exit into a position.
  9. Because lacking patience, Forex trading is a complex trading platform and it need high level of expertise and market knowledge. It is very much important maintain risk in trading in order to gain constant profit. Most of the trader lose because they do not have proper knowledge of the forex market.
  10. Yes, having a website is important for small business because the website is an identity of a particular business, it promotes the business of the company. The website also includes a company's details, contact details etc it helps customers to reach the right place. It also enhances visibility or a company.
  11. There is various way to get more traffic on your website - 1. Search engine submission 2. Keyword should be best and easily searchable 3. Your website title and meta tag should be proper. 4. Content should be original and unique. 5. Promote your site on different social media platforms. 6. Only do white hat SEO to get organic genuine traffic.
  12. The main reason why traders quit trading is due to huge losses they face while trading as many traders normally do not place a stop loss in their trading strategies. It has been noticed that maintaining appropriate stop losses helps to minimise losses and maximise profits. If a trader is too emotional, it is good if he uses stop loss to protect from facing loss in the market.
  13. Press release submission helps you to create awareness about your company. It increases public reputation of the company. It is an most important task in SEO. It is a step to gain media attention.
  14. Emotions are bad in the trading, there is zero place for emotions. Forex trading is more complex than another trading thus it needs more practical insights and technical knowledge. To become successful it is necessary to avoid being too emotional while taking any important decision in the forex market.
  15. Blackhat SEO is the type of negative SEO that is totally unacceptable by Google because it includes manipulation of content and to hide website's content from Google by making two different sites. It usually does not obey search engine guidelines and includes increasing ranking by the violation of rules it simply not focus on the human audience.