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  1. The security deposit is available only for those who have passed the full verification on the standard account and has the vip status. It's offered only for trading and can't be withdrawn. The broker decides how big the bonus should be. It can be from 50 to 100 percent.
  2. My broker forex optimum has some very attractive features for vip clients. You can get an accumulative bonus for your deposit starting from 26,8%, cashback for your trading account starting from 20% and compensation of negative swaps. The only thing left to do is to create a deposit of 10k$. And with this broker, in my opinion, I've got a pretty good chance.
  3. You're just ready to blame everyone in everything. You aren't even trading on optimum yet, you're only planning to, and I'm trading there already and I've never noticed anything like that. You can check the rates yourself, and there can't be any hidden commissions, as arithmetic is an exact science. You can always calculate everything you're supposed to get. For example I am very satisfied by this broker and its trading platform.
  4. If the trader drains all your money, then according to the agreement, he or she should compensate the money. I haven't quite figured out, how this compensation works.
  5. I'd like to try lamm service on forex optimum. A friend of my told me it's convenient and profitable. Althoguh he trades with a different broker. I've read the terms on optimum, they seem quite adequate and the risk is minimal.
  6. Experts are always available here for your help. You can get the solution of your problem here and also you can ask the questions here which are answered in a minimum time. I hope you would like this forum. Thanks
  7. Thank you, everything's a bit clearer now. But a lot is still unclear.
  8. I don't understand those who try to solve their problems on the forum. It's quite clear it's not going to solve anything. At least try contacting admins in this case. They should solve your problem. Otherwise, you're just wasting your breath.
  9. If you have a total drawdown, you can try participating in contests. They are organised for demo accounts, you don't need to invest anything and the gain is real. There are a lot of prizes, you just need to reach the first hundred. It's also good for practice. When you're only using demo, there's no hazard. And here the goal is real and you don't risk anything.
  10. Forex is the largest market where trillions of dollars are being exchanged on daily basis. Traders trade the currency in almost all major currencies. It is one of the most liquid and volatile market which remains open 24 hours from monday to friday. Am I right folks?
  11. I've noticed lamm service on Forex Optimum. I trade there and I'd like to try it, but haven't made a final decision yet. If someone trades on Optimum and uses it, share your experience, please.
  12. Top gold forum is very famous on the social media sites especially facebook and Youtube. I heard about it when I was streaming the videos about the cryptocurrencies and I watch it in a video which was the description of the importance of the Forex communities. What about you people?
  13. I think vegetarians are more healthy people than non-vegetarians. I love to eat salad and bean centered dishes and I think these are quite healthier as well. Tell me are you a vegetarian or non-vegetarian? What are your favorite dishes?
  14. The most favorite food in the world is one that cooked with love. I love when my wife cooks seafood for me, she makes it especially tasty.
  15. The most important rule of healthy eating is not to eat fried foods. You can eat absolutely everything; the main thing is that food should be cooked healthily.
  16. The platform is good. I trade on several ones. Olymp has everything that I need. It works fast, no lagging. No problems with money withdrawing. Everything else depends on you.
  17. It's true about pamm. The investment conditions are rather bad. But Optimum changed pamm into lamm. It has a bit different investment and money withdrawal conditions, as well as money managemet principle.
  18. I can't remember this platform to bug either. Although once I tried logging in when I had a pure internet connection, then I had some difficulties, but overall everything's good.
  19. Yes, it's lack of trust. Plus, people learnt to trade well themselves. The times when it was hard to learn to tarde and people looked for some other ways to earn money are gone. But I want to invest a small sum and see what happens.
  20. I love trading as it is my passion. I am addicted to trading and learning the trading techniques. I have built a strong strategy for my trades and I am quite successful as well. So, I would go with the Forex and online trading. Whats yours?
  21. Anyone here invested in pamm? Or maybe even lamm? I'd like to know more about the conditions and other stuff.
  22. If I got it right, you made it back to forex, didn’t you?=) I’ll trade on binary this month and switch to forex the next month. I liked to trade on binary.
  23. Well, I read a lot of forums and not only the English ones. It is sometimes really impossible to read the translation, but still you can get the idea. And I’ve noticed that everyone talks about binary.
  24. Of course we have to practise and practise in this business, in order to perfect ourselves and increase the scope of our profit. Of course also allow the market to develop.
  25. You know, these things are strictly individual, something that might be a disadvantage for one person might be a positive thing for another, so in this regard you just have to try it.

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