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  1. official

    I'd like to try lamm service on forex optimum. A friend of my told me it's convenient and profitable. Althoguh he trades with a different broker. I've read the terms on optimum, they seem quite adequate and the risk is minimal.
  2. Experts are always available here for your help. You can get the solution of your problem here and also you can ask the questions here which are answered in a minimum time. I hope you would like this forum. Thanks
  3. Success never remains permanent and failure never remains. So never lose your heart while trading. Only thing you can do is a hard work which makes you a successful trader. Hard work is the key to success. There is nothing in this world you can't do.
  4. Many peoples watches videos on internet daily. You can also do advertisement of your products by uploading the videos on that videos sites like YouTube, ytpak e.t.c, You can also make the channel on these sites which helps you to engage more peoples.
  5. Businessman or any person who is connected with forex must be mently prepared before using or investing. Mental prepration provides you selfconfidence and peace of mind. Many people takes a stress due to burden of work so they may lose their position in trade.
  6. All the activities of business needs some cover. As it is a risky work so some brokers are required to maintain activities. There are many chances of loss in this business. Cover and backup are neccessory for a good profit or outcome. Other methods can be used for cover like MT4 program.
  7. Aim and objectives of everyone differ from eachother. Goal and aim is linked with personal wishes of a person. If anyone has invested a large amount then definitely he or she will tend to earn more profit. Now everyone mainly aims to become rich. To acheive your goal work hard.
  8. Pokemon is my favourite game. Aish is my favourite hero in this game and my favourite pokemon is picachu. I like the way picachu loves Aish. And their team is the best team in a pokemon game. I hope you will also like this game.
  9. YouTube is the world's largest videos site on internet. You can watch any kind of videos here. There are many accounts related to the forex present on YouTube. You can learn from experts on YouTube by watching their videos and also you get the new updates after subscribing their channel.
  10. official

    Thank you, everything's a bit clearer now. But a lot is still unclear.
  11. I don't understand those who try to solve their problems on the forum. It's quite clear it's not going to solve anything. At least try contacting admins in this case. They should solve your problem. Otherwise, you're just wasting your breath.
  12. If you have a total drawdown, you can try participating in contests. They are organised for demo accounts, you don't need to invest anything and the gain is real. There are a lot of prizes, you just need to reach the first hundred. It's also good for practice. When you're only using demo, there's no hazard. And here the goal is real and you don't risk anything.
  13. I think your ranking on the Google depends mainly on the content you have uploaded on the website so far. SEO is basic tool to improve your ranking by using the well researched keywords in it. Blogs also improve the ranking with backlinks present in it!
  14. The first thing i do on the internet is check for my favorite football team, Chelsea F.C. They are last years champions. They have the best players in the world. Eden Hazard is the gem of the team. So, what do you do first thing online?
  15. I normally use my computer just before going to bed. I am a civil engineer, so i dont't use the computer that much as i am normally in the field. Sometimes, i use it on the weekends just for watching a movie or creating some sort of presentations.