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  1. If I got it right, you made it back to forex, didn’t you?=) I’ll trade on binary this month and switch to forex the next month. I liked to trade on binary.
  2. Well, I read a lot of forums and not only the English ones. It is sometimes really impossible to read the translation, but still you can get the idea. And I’ve noticed that everyone talks about binary.
  3. Of course it all starts with capital. Maybe you've got a good trading strategy or more good experience, but in actuality without capital you can't make much money. Then you'll have to hold out for large volumes.
  4. it's understandable that it's much easier to trade with the broker because it'll give you the best trading options. But you have to understand that many brokers can be swindlers.
  5. Of course we have to practise and practise in this business, in order to perfect ourselves and increase the scope of our profit. Of course also allow the market to develop.
  6. You know, these things are strictly individual, something that might be a disadvantage for one person might be a positive thing for another, so in this regard you just have to try it.
  7. I noticed such a trend. Brokers that allow for trading on forex and bo got more deals on BO in particular. People are most likely resting but they still want to earn some money.
  8. That's the thing that this company doesn't take any commission during money withdrawals and for me personally that's a huge advantage.
  9. By the way, forgot to ask where do you trade on BO or on forex?
  10. Don't paste your prepared advertisements here =) It's a scam =)
  11. THere are many ways to cure depression, but I don't believe in hypnosis.
  12. What do you need it for? Why bother? We checked and all the hassle is extra.
  13. Well, there are actually plenty of ways, from writing texts or going through surveys to withdrawing caps. It's true there are things you shouldn't do, for example investments in hype or scams.
  14. I've had no problems with payments thus far. And I hope it stays this way. In their rules they say that payments take up to 5 days but in reality they do it within several hours.
  15. Sohow is your trading going? A lot of people are looking for an ideal broker but there's no such thing. And some people get irritated with even the smallest details and start looking for another broker after the first withdrawal.