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  1. The security deposit is available only for those who have passed the full verification on the standard account and has the vip status. It's offered only for trading and can't be withdrawn. The broker decides how big the bonus should be. It can be from 50 to 100 percent.
  2. It is only natural to face losses in the start as a person is alien to the conditions and environment of forex trading. But those losses will help them grow as mature traders. They need to not worry about this. They just need to learn as much as they can while staying in the market.
  3. My broker forex optimum has some very attractive features for vip clients. You can get an accumulative bonus for your deposit starting from 26,8%, cashback for your trading account starting from 20% and compensation of negative swaps. The only thing left to do is to create a deposit of 10k$. And with this broker, in my opinion, I've got a pretty good chance.
  4. Overthinking makes you think over the top. You need to get a grip on yourself and think rationally. There is no point in over-thinking as it will create a lot of doubts and will make you second-guess your abilities. I know it will be hard but you can atleast try your best.
  5. Professional traders are professional for a reason. They must have realize that there will be plentyful of losses before entering into forex trading. They must have a back-up plan for a rainy day can come at any time. There must be a difference in the mentallity level between a pro and an amateur.
  6. You're just ready to blame everyone in everything. You aren't even trading on optimum yet, you're only planning to, and I'm trading there already and I've never noticed anything like that. You can check the rates yourself, and there can't be any hidden commissions, as arithmetic is an exact science. You can always calculate everything you're supposed to get. For example I am very satisfied by this broker and its trading platform.
  7. Knowledge is necessary for any field of life. You need to know that forex market spares no one. There is greater chance of failure than success. You need all the knowledge in the world to help your stay in the market. So, keep in learning and teaching new things to traders.
  8. Without patience, you will not be able to survive in the market. You need a calm and collective mind to break-in the market. Aggressive and short-tempered people are the most common biggest losers in this market. So, try to control your temper for increasing your chance of success.
  9. I don't blame those people. Money is not easy to make in this world. Not everyone has the luxury to play with their life savings. Such people have a lot of responsibilities in their life. We should not brand them as cowards. We should understand their circumstances and then comment.
  10. Grondo


    Hello everyone, you are most welcome in this forum. This forum helps you to get some knowledge and experience about the forex market. You can also ask for help from our experts and professional traders. They will definitely helps you related to trading. You should talk related to trading. Thanks!
  11. You should have to do some research before choosing any broker. Broker plays a very important role in your trading. The broker is a platform where you comes to do some trade. You should have to do some investigation about that before before investing your money through that broker.
  12. Do not waste your time. You should have to start earning now if you want to be a successful in minimum of time you had. Time is money so don't waste it. You should have to do some work for getting some knowledge and experience about that market. Thanks!
  13. If the trader drains all your money, then according to the agreement, he or she should compensate the money. I haven't quite figured out, how this compensation works.
  14. I'd like to try lamm service on forex optimum. A friend of my told me it's convenient and profitable. Althoguh he trades with a different broker. I've read the terms on optimum, they seem quite adequate and the risk is minimal.
  15. Experts are always available here for your help. You can get the solution of your problem here and also you can ask the questions here which are answered in a minimum time. I hope you would like this forum. Thanks
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