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  1. Broker is the main part of the Forex market as he is the person who provides platform for executing trades at some spread between the ask and bid price. You need to select the broker with good market reputation and regulation as well. Best of luck!
  2. Forex is the largest market where trillions of dollars are being exchanged on daily basis. Traders trade the currency in almost all major currencies. It is one of the most liquid and volatile market which remains open 24 hours from monday to friday. Am I right folks?
  3. I've noticed lamm service on Forex Optimum. I trade there and I'd like to try it, but haven't made a final decision yet. If someone trades on Optimum and uses it, share your experience, please.
  4. Top gold forum is very famous on the social media sites especially facebook and Youtube. I heard about it when I was streaming the videos about the cryptocurrencies and I watch it in a video which was the description of the importance of the Forex communities. What about you people?
  5. I am well-known of the Indian culture and I think Holi is the most popular Indian festival in which people throw colors on each other. you will see colors all around and people mostly also wear white clothes on this occasion. You will see colors all around during this festival. Am I right?
  6. I think vegetarians are more healthy people than non-vegetarians. I love to eat salad and bean centered dishes and I think these are quite healthier as well. Tell me are you a vegetarian or non-vegetarian? What are your favorite dishes?
  7. The most favorite food in the world is one that cooked with love. I love when my wife cooks seafood for me, she makes it especially tasty.
  8. I use my computer around the clock, since I work at home and so it practically doesn't turn off. This is my source of income.
  9. The most important rule of healthy eating is not to eat fried foods. You can eat absolutely everything; the main thing is that food should be cooked healthily.
  10. The fixed account was made so that there were no expansions. But still there can be small expansions for a couple of points with a large volatility. I think it's not crucial at all.
  11. The platform is good. I trade on several ones. Olymp has everything that I need. It works fast, no lagging. No problems with money withdrawing. Everything else depends on you.
  12. It's true about pamm. The investment conditions are rather bad. But Optimum changed pamm into lamm. It has a bit different investment and money withdrawal conditions, as well as money managemet principle.
  13. Next time don't even pay attention to these links. I understand that it must be interesting, but you also need to understand what kind of links are these. It's not the best time for such a fraud...
  14. You've turned a subject of commercial into the one of big commercial :) People, have you no shame? the fact that admins and moders rarely go here doesn't give you any right to make all this commercials in your posts.
  15. I can't remember this platform to bug either. Although once I tried logging in when I had a pure internet connection, then I had some difficulties, but overall everything's good.