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  1. New game earn free BTC: https://t.me/cbitcoingame_bot?start=243699949
  2. Paying: +389 uXRB https://raiblocks.net/block/index.php?h=176D4BDF03BACA82FC05BC049FACF33204684222F56EC3AA772D930E1A53B2F3
  3. Paying: +207 uXRB https://raiblocks.net/block/index.php?h=503392C18350EC469737E132AEE71DD2C3E9207D779B2019BC2E48D9E5634047
  4. https://nano-miner.com What is Nano? Where can I get a Wallet? Nano is a Cryptocurrency that specialises in instant, feeless transactions. Nano has been previously know as RaiBlocks. You can get a Wallet on http://www.nanowallet.io or from http://www.nano.org. Exchange: https://www.binance.com Why Nano? Nano has no transaction fees. This makes it perfect for small payouts. You can see all our payments on raiblocks.net. What is uXRB? Nano's ticker code is XRB. 1 uXRB = 0.000001 XRB. Why do I have to disable my adblocker? Many adblockers and even some antiviruses block any mining scripts because they have been misused by many websites. To mine Nano here, you have to unblock the miner. Support If you have questions, please contact us at support@nano-miner.com. Link: https://nano-miner.com Proof: +211 uXRB https://raiblocks.net/block/index.php?h=71717170236874FD0357E6E4A0288BD6F584510990CA1B5A9186FCE86236BD8B
  5. You download the app 5miles (on smart phone) on what steps to receive 2 CMT IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/5miles-buy-and-sell-locally/id917554930?mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thirdrock.fivemiles&hl=vi B1: Download the 5Miles app to your phone B2: Enter the code DFSYNI (in your invite code) to get 10 CMT B3: Post any post to receive 1 CMT B4: To check the CMT you receive in profile (profile) -> At the top of the avatars click on the phone icon -> Here enter the country and phone number, then you are immediately complete and will receive 1CMT immediately on the wallet (displayed in the wallet folder) Introduce 1 person both get 1 CMT ae get free current price P / S: CMT is taking a very smart step to create a consumer community, its value will increase rapidly in the future (On the home page of the app has sold Mec C200 by CMT :))
  6. Wake up to success. http://wake.unixcoin.com
  7. ➕ New payout: Amount: 16000 (~ $183.09) https://blockchain.info/tx/2993b8e415e57ce2ad1f2d3d9667f1cff383ecbe7508b445ca1405d9a828efa8
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  9. Thank you all for your feedback in UNIX COIN. We are happy to announce about decreasing the limit from 500 to 100 UNX/time to distribute UNIX COIN thoroughly and specialy Sorry Bonus for the first 1,000 member that missing ICO with 5 UNX per member per day. Thanks for sinserely. Thank you for your support and confidence in us. Wake up to Success http://wake.unixcoin.com
  10. Opening in 00 days 23 hrs 27 mins 21 sec.
  11. Paying: +0.006263 BTC https://blockchain.info/tx/46e3213ef01abe3a7cdf5117523070e7d75edf09e363eef8de3a733b4588a713
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