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  1. About the alliance It’s no secret to anyone that the world financial market has fallen on hard times – a difficult political situation in the world, frequent crises, terrorist acts and other negative factors make conservative and “time-tested” financial instruments unstable and even dangerous for individual investors. Even stock exchange transactions, which were formerly the most profitable and reliable, involve huge risk owing to big general volatility of the stock market. Some professional investors, certainly, can support visibility of stability in the financial reporting, but 98% ordinary private investors have the same result, which is a loss of facilities. One unsuccessful transaction or investment can destroy all profits, got in the last few years, and even to go away in a loss. The only way out of the current situation is a complete change in the strategy of maintaining and multiplying of funds - it is necessary to start considering some "conservative" ways of earning as an alternative. The main attention should be paid to work in those areas of the financial market, which until now were considered unattainable for most private investors because of the need for certain resources, connections and large startup capital. As the ancient Tibetan wisdom says: "What is unattainable to one person today is the plan for a well-coordinated team tomorrow". To solve the important but complicated task of preserving and multiplying your capital successfully, we suggest everyone interested to join us - the investment alliance of private investors "Chang Cheng". Our alliance is investing in one of the most conservative and profitable segments of the financial market - trading in historical (rare) government bonds. The most important distinguishing feature of these securities is their reliability; they will never be devalued, since they are issued not by private companies, but by states. And even if a state disappears from the political map of the world, an assignee, that assumes obligations on all previously issued securities, appears in its place, this is important, and what is the most surprising in such seemingly catastrophic metamorphoses is the price of these securities. It is only growing. This "strangeness" in the behavior of prices is explained by the fact that the lion′s share of historical bonds is fully secured by gold, and now, any currency in the world cannot boast of it. (For reference, the Swiss franc is the most secured currency in the world - the coverage level is 40%). For example, if you managed to buy rare bonds at auctions or from resellers issued by Imperial Japan before 1941, now their sale through guarantors can bring you up to 900% of net profit. Marketing - Level 1: 5.5% profit per week Min dep: 0.02 BTC Maximum income for all the time: 200% - Level 2 Bronze: 8% profit per week Min dep: 0.5 BTC Maximum income for all the time: 200% - Level 3 Silver: 10.5% profit per week Min dep: 5 BTC Maximum income for all the time: 200% - Level 4 Gold: 13% profit per week Min dep: 25 BTC Maximum income for all the time: 200% Linear Affiliate Team: Perfect Team After activating of horizontal Specialist in the program of linear partner, module “Perfect Command” can be activated, for this purpose he must choose 2 men, having the personal active deposits of amount 500 dollars, whoever activated the module «Perfect Command”. If he could find two participants in his structure, it corresponds terms, they will become the first line in his “Perfect Command” and they can bring over people to the command among participants, attracted close them. More active levels in “Perfect Command”, anymore ALL members of command get bonuses in the program of partner and profitability of their investments. Bonus Cards This type of cooperation is available to all partners who have reached the level of “Expert” in the linear partner system. With the help of bonus card service, a partner can transfer funds from his personal balance to the format of bonus cards without losing loyalty points. Later, these cards can be sold to other members of the alliance. The member of the alliance who has purchased the bonus card has the opportunity to activate a bonus stake on his account even if he does not have enough of his own loyalty rating Link:
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  3. Avaliable payment bonuses:х5 RC Unit v1.00 - purchase more than 3 000 :gem:х3 RC Unit v2.00 - purchase more than 10 000 :gem:х2 RC Unit v3.00 - purchase more than 50 000 :gem:х1 RC Unit v4.00 - purchase more than 150 000 :gem:
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  6. Paying:Hello nam12.$5.00 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account U12476635.Transaction batch is 171587096.
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  9. Start: 02/04/2017 About: Betting on eSports matches is growing just as fast – if not faster – than esports itself. What was once just an an informal system of wagering conducted mostly between friends is rapidly becoming a global industry where hundreds of millions of dollars are risked every year by millions of players from nearly every corner of the globe. Now you have the opportunity to effortlessly profit from the eSports betting revolution by depositing with our program. We have assembled a team of former and current professional players and experienced bettors who have special insights into the market and a track record of making accurate predictions. We have several options to earn a high ROI on your deposit regardless of the amount. Plans: - LEVEL I-V : 4.5 - 6% daily for 30 day Min: 10$; Max 25 000$ - LEAGUE OF LEGENDS PLAN : 115% After 7 Days Min: 100$; Max 2 000$ - DOTA2 PLAN : 135% After 14 Days Min: 250$; Max 5 000$ - CS:GO PLAN: 180% After 28 Days Min: 500$; Max 10 000$ Link: Proof deposit:
  10. Start 29.03.2017: Custom Script, SSL, Greenbar ABOUT EMPIRE BIG CAPITAL LIMITED or better known as EBC LIMITED is a fund management company based in Hong Kong since early 2013 Your business partner, EBC LIMITED, is a source of income for private investors. Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs with financing sources, help them receive stable income, and ensure financial support for their business. EBC LIMITED unite the efforts of both sides, helping investors to receive the desired passive income and businessmen to obtain financing to realize their dreams. Currently EBC LIMITED offers the best low risk investment options that are available for everyone. INVESTMENT PLANS: EBC - D15 2.15% daily for 15 days, Principal Back Minimum: $10; Maximum: $100000 EBC - D25 2.45% daily for 25 days, Principal Back Minimum: $500; Maximum: $100000 EBC - D35 2.95% daily for 35 days, Principal Back Minimum: $1000; Maximum: $100000 EBC - A3 105% after 3 days, Principal Include Minimum: $10; Maximum: $10000 EBC - A7 115% after 15 days, Principal Include Minimum: $100; Maximum: $50000 V.I.P BEST 150% after 5 days, Principal Include Minimum: $10000; Maximum: $50000 V.I.P FAST 220% after 15 days; Principal Include Minimum: $5000; Maximum: $100000 V.I.P LONG 310% after 30 days, Principal Include Minimum: $1000; Maximum: $100000 PRO A45 550% after 45 days, Principal Include Minimum: $100; Maximum: $100000 Link: Our deposit:
  11. Paying Hello, Khue! On your wallet 175SNGJqAf2Gw2FuQeUrvDtzHbtUyz4iwM Bitcoin withdrawn 0.0038 BTC (batch: CWBC0H226JP41NWVH5NCSXCJFP) To see the details of this operation go link
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  13. Paying: On your wallet 175SNGJqAf2Gw2FuQeUrvDtzHbtUyz4iwM Bitcoin withdrawn 0.0027 BTC (batch: CWBC5PBLPRUY5ER9VQYGBSSSDG)To see the details of this operation go link
  14. Name: Robot Cash - investment game where you can earn real money! Require: Link: Lounch date: 7.12.2016 Payment: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney Rules: 1. Hire the robots, they will obtain ⚡️ the energy! 2. Energy will be collected, absorb it! 3. Sell ⚡️ the energy and earn 💎. 4. Exchange 💎 for real money or hire more robots to raise income. Daily bonus:You can obtain the bonus every 24 hours. Bonus will be payed by GEM to available balance. Bonus will be generated randomly from 10 to 100 gems. To claim your daily bonus, click the Bonus button on your menu. Minimum payout is 0.001 BTC (1000 gems). Referal bonus: Invite your friends and get 50 💎 as a bonus and 30% from every balance replenishment by invited person. You income has no limits! Even few people can raise your income to 100 000 💎. Game currency rate: 1 000 💎 = 0.001 BTC Link:

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