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  1. Paying:Date: 2017-03-28Amount: 0.001009 BTCStatus:
  2. Paying: On your wallet 175SNGJqAf2Gw2FuQeUrvDtzHbtUyz4iwM Bitcoin withdrawn 0.0027 BTC (batch: CWBC5PBLPRUY5ER9VQYGBSSSDG)To see the details of this operation go link
  3. Name: Robot Cash - investment game where you can earn real money! Require: Link: Lounch date: 7.12.2016 Payment: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney Rules: 1. Hire the robots, they will obtain ⚡️ the energy! 2. Energy will be collected, absorb it! 3. Sell ⚡️ the energy and earn 💎. 4. Exchange 💎 for real money or hire more robots to raise income. Daily bonus:You can obtain the bonus every 24 hours. Bonus will be payed by GEM to available balance. Bonus will be generated randomly from 10 to 100 gems. To claim your daily bonus, click the Bonus button on your menu. Minimum payout is 0.001 BTC (1000 gems). Referal bonus: Invite your friends and get 50 💎 as a bonus and 30% from every balance replenishment by invited person. You income has no limits! Even few people can raise your income to 100 000 💎. Game currency rate: 1 000 💎 = 0.001 BTC Link:
  4. Hello, Khue!You will accrued 0.001 BTC Bitcoin from deposit #85To see the details of this operation go linkBest Regards, Orscorp Industries teamThank admin
  5. Paying:Hello, Khue!On your wallet U12435646 PerfectMoney withdrawn 2 USD (batch: 169923792)To see the details of this operation go linkBest Regards, Orscorp Industries team
  6. Paying:Received Payment 15.75 USD from account U13395899 to account U1246466. Batch: 1698465540. Memo: API Payment. Invoice 15198, khueThank admin!
  7. Good Project Top 1 invested (
  8. Start 17/03/2017 About Us ORSCORP Industries PVT LTD is financial service provider company, which manages its own working capital and investors’ funds, places these assets on various industries, as well as on the world's leading stock exchanges, Commodities, Forex and securities markets. The present stage of trading operations development requires entirely new ways and methods of this business type implementation in order to have a real possibility of a competitive and efficient work and earn money on Forex. The use of digital technologies and trading algorithms enable our traders to operate ahead of the curve and to make more accurate and extensive predictions. The rate of quotations change and the time for making decisions on the conclusion of a certain transaction are steadily declining, sometimes reaching several seconds. In order to avoid the money loss because of hasty decisions, or to save working capital from dubious investing according to the deals concluded under pressure of short-term solutions, we use the services of professional Forex-traders and analysts. Because no one, even a perfect algorithm cannot replace the experience and human intuition. We are fast, swift, proactive. Investment Plan * Interest is accured daily at the floting rate in range from 2% to 6% per day from Monday to Friday. * Invest with Orscorp Indusries and get up to 180% profit with quick daily payouts, using our automatic investment program. * The Automatic funds managment system ensures accurate and instant accural of interest on your deposit every 24 hours from the time of package purchage. * Booster - With our unique Booster feature you can increase the maximum possible daily payment up to 9%. * RIB- 20% balance of your total profit will be transfered to RIB (Reinvestment Balance ) Link: Ref back: Click here
  9. Claim 600 satoshi every 30 minutes!Withdraw anytimeEven if you have enough bitcoin to withdraw, most faucet will limit your withdrawal once per week at a fixed time. We allow you to withdraw anytime you want. Minimum withdrawal amount to use manual withdrawal is 50,000 sat. Do not worry about the transaction fee, we cover it for you.Automated withdrawalIf you have difficulty to reach minimum withdrawal amount for manual withdrawal, your balance will be send on weekly automated withdrawal (every Sunday). Payment threshold for the automated withdrawal is only 10,000 sat.