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  1. Scalping is considered to be a popular trading method which is being utilized by many traders. Not all brokers are going to allow you to scalping on their platforms.
  2. I think it depends on the Market trend and the skills to analyze it. I would be trying out and I am still a beguinner.
  3. Very Nice Article, lets' gain and share knowlegde in here so that we could help each and every one of them, without paying for courses.
  4. This post is helpful for both begginers and professional traders. Keep sharing such valuable insights with us in here.
  5. Yes, there's no shortcut to success, you need to go through tremendous hard work and practice to achieve desirable results
  6. Forex Trading is very much risky and if you are looking forward to obtain success in it, you need to practice a lot.
  7. Without Learning you couldn't achieve success in the Forex Trading. Learning in Forex is the continuous process and you cannot earn without learning.
  8. Yes, Risks are there in the real market and hence Demo Trading is risk free and hence you cannot get the proper overview real Forex Market.
  9. It is believed that 1:100 to 1:200 is considered to be the best forex leverage ratio. Leverage of 1:100 would be meaning that with $500 in the account, the trader would have $50,000 of credit funds offered by the broker to open trades. So 1:100 leverage is considered to be the best leverage to be utilized in forex trading.
  10. Demo Trading is a part of learning about the structure of the Forex Trading. Thus people shouldn't totally rely on the results as they are not trading with real money.
  11. Yes, we should first practice with small investments and later as and when you gain confidence, you could raise your investments earn more.
  12. The only way to recover the loss would be by earning more money. You need to focus on your losses and later on you need to find out the reason why you lose and refrain from repeating it.
  13. Demo Trading is the best way to learn about the structure of the forex market, but if you wish to learn about the real market, you should invest small chunks in the Forex Market and learn about the real market.
  14. If you consider yourself as an extraordinarily qualified currency investor, forex trades would be able to make you a millionaire. It could, but, you need to be a massive hill to significant losses as well as future misery. In general, this trading entails the study, commitment, awareness, and effort.
  15. Demo Trading is the best way to practice structure, but to earn really, you will need constinuos learning, with small investments.
  16. You can only survive in the Forex Market, if you have learned certain skills and it requires constant learning.
  17. I prefer to gain practical knowledge and not the theoritical ones, I trade with small investments to learn abotu the Market trends.
  18. Lossess are considered to be the stair case to success. You need to learn a lot from it, this experience could be utilized for making more money in future.
  19. To become successful in Forex, you must go through rigorous training and also learn all the aspects of the Forex Market.
  20. Forex is the place where risks are turned into rewards, but only if the trader posseses proper knowledge and skills.
  21. Risk management is very much helpful in slashing down losses. It could be also helpful for protecting the traders' accounts from losing all of its money. The risk would be occuring when traders suffer losses. If the risk could be managed, traders would be able to open themselves up to making money in the market.
  22. Yes, you could trade anywhere and any time and you could earn a lot by doing so. All you need to do is to have proper knowledge regarding the Forex Market and you should also know that which currency pair is favourable to trade at that particular moment.
  23. The best strategy for Forex Trading is to keep changing it. We can never make profit in two diverse situations with the same strategy. So, you need to learn more strategies and try it out on the Forex Market.
  24. Demo is imperative for the beginners and if you wish to make more money in Forex, you should start by investing small amounts in the marker after Demo.
  25. Learning in Forex Trading is a never ending process. It never stops and those who stops learning couldn't survive in the Forex for a long time.

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