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  1. Pixie Pips

    For every scalper it is important to have lowest spreads so that he can make more profit in short time. Not every broker provides low spread for every currency pair of the market.
  2. Pixie Pips

    Every trader want to have lowest spread as that way he can make more money with it. For scalper it can be more helpful as he had to trade very quickly so the profit and loss both are going to be bigger.
  3. Pixie Pips

    To find a broker for a specific strategy is like searching for something in the world. There are many brokers who are allowing scalping for many reasons. But why to search specific trick related broker.
  4. Pixie Pips

    That is really right, without your learning about anything, there is no way to imagine a good life that is easy and healthy. We all should understand that to be good at something we need knowledge and skills.
  5. Pixie Pips

    Scalping is the trick which many brokers are allowing and many traders are using it without any any issue, For specific trick we should not find a broker but we should look for the legal terms of the broker.
  6. Pixie Pips

    It is difficult to rate any broker but why should I and what is the need to rate any broker of the market. I have not tries and testes every broker in the market so I do not think that it will be a good idea.
  7. Pixie Pips

    100% true, learning anything will help you for your life. You should always start any work with learning of its basic that way you can improve your skills for that particular work.
  8. Pixie Pips

    Both accounts are having their own pros and cons. But we should learn with demo account because trading real account directly is not safe for your investment as you have no idea of the market.
  9. Pixie Pips

    To be profitable in Forex we should get a proper analysis and trading method that can help us for our trading purpose. None broker is going to trade in behalf of us.
  10. Pixie Pips

    To get maximum result we should focus on Our trading style and working plan for the Forex. The broker will help us for our trading platform not for our benefits.
  11. Pixie Pips

    We all know that how the Leverage can be beneficial for our trading. But using it correctly is also important because it can also destroy our account.
  12. Pixie Pips

    Right, we must see the regularity and legal information of the broker first because we want a secure trading then we can choose for other things that we need for our trading.
  13. Pixie Pips

    Maintaining a trading journal may be a helpful idea for those who are really want to manage it for their future calculation that how they make profits and face loss.
  14. Pixie Pips

    Right, there are many traders who are actually using demo accounts for many reason. Learning is the first reason for traders to have demo accounts and practice it.
  15. Pixie Pips

    Be yourself and create your own strategy that can work for you and can produce some profits with you. Copying someone strategy or signals will work today but it si not going to gain your knowledge and skills about Forex.
  16. Pixie Pips

    Demo accounts can be very useful if we really work hard with them but we have to have serious nature so that we can learn the Forex and when we start real trading then we do not face issue.
  17. Pixie Pips

    Right, free demo account can help a trader for learning the market and the movements that can be with it. You can face the real market with demo money for learning purpose.
  18. Pixie Pips

    It is true that for scalper they have to have lowest spreads for their trading work but spreads also can help the normal trader too because that way traders are also going to gain few extra pips.
  19. Pixie Pips

    Newbies are always in search of good money and they think that Forex can change their life within few days but the reality is different. To earn a single trade in this market is risky.
  20. Pixie Pips

    Being successful is second thing in Forex, first we have to survive the market. Other wise we are going to loss every trade. Forex is all about learning and getting knowledge from it for future.
  21. Pixie Pips

    To make money in Forex, trader needs to have strategy and plan that can work for him during trading. Learning is the only way to you can develop skills for trading.
  22. Pixie Pips

    Forex is good place to make money if and only if you have skills for trading this risky market. Without knowledge and skills you can not survive the market risky condition.
  23. Pixie Pips

    When we start learning, we also learn that how we are going to find the right broker for our trading that can help us for our trading only.
  24. Pixie Pips

    I will say that every trader who is here in this market is for earning money only, because none is having time for just wasting on something. Living a good life we need money and that is why we work.
  25. Pixie Pips

    Right none can say who is going to be successful in this market. A broker is platform which is providing you a way of trading he is not going to help you for your trading or profit.
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