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  1. Thanks for quoting me for your suggestion but I still believe that only yourself and your skills can help for earning money here. No broker or no indicators are going to make money free for you.
  2. There is no easy way to find any true verification of any review on a broker. So I think We have to struggle for a broker.
  3. You can not handle the market in part time work, that way you can lose in a market and your job should also be in stressed condition because of loss. Learn the trading and try to be a full day trader.
  4. To be a trader, you need to have knowledge of trade market and how you are going to deal with the market. Nothing can help you if you can not help yourself. Be confident, and work hard for what you really want in life.
  5. I don't think that anyone is going to share his/her strategy here with anyone because everyone to keep their earning secret so that they don't share with others. They have work for this so they do not want to share their hard work with others.
  6. Scalping is a very popular strategy in a market and everyone is wondering that how to work with it. Because it takes time to learn it and gain knowledge about it. It is not an easy way to learn the scalping.
  7. I think no one should recommend any broker to anyone because of many reasons that your broker might not be good for others, their strategy and work is different than yours.
  8. To manage everything in trading life is not easy for everyone, that is why if you want to be a trader then give your 100% on this work only, do not work as a part time.
  9. I think finding the wrong broker is not a bad luck but it is due to lack of knowledge and experience. If you have learned the basic you will never face the issue of bad luck and all...
  10. Demo trading is always a plus point to learn the market and understand the real fact of trading with demo money. But being serious with this work is also important.
  11. Those calendars are provided by any brokers, you can check all the market update on any broker's website so for that, you do not need to buy or have any app for it.
  12. That is very true buying fake reviews is now a trend for few brokers. There are some brokers who don't need any review like this.
  13. Right, Loss is also an imortant point of our trading. We have to understand that if we fail somewhere we should learn from that mistake and try to recover the point so that we can earn a profit.
  14. Right, do not trust on any one for any suggestion of broker or any robot. No one is going to give you free profitable tips here. It is always hidden profit of their in any suggestion.
  15. We should never forget about our loss in the market. Focusing only on Profit is not the right way to trade in a market. You have to prepare your trade to minimize the risk of loss.