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  1. No doubt demo accounts help us for learning the trading and strategy but working on real money is a different feeling.
  2. Learning the market and how to analysis is really important for traders. It is not a one day process, it will continue until you left the trading.
  3. The Cryptocurrency market is an infant, Forex is terrible twos. Learn both markets. Both are volatile, manipulated, etc.
  4. Forex is undoubtedly a high-risk market. As the risk is high, so is the potential for Forex profit. The most important question you should ask yourself is whether you have the appetite for risk.
  5. There are no perfect strategies coming to forex market it's a 5 trillion $ global foreign exchange market. It is according to the person-specific but before coming to a conclusion don't forget to do backtesting
  6. Trading is an art of practice, many traders depend on technical analysis for there future price prediction.
  7. As for the difference between gambling in a casino and trading, there is not much considering the fact that the odds are stack against you in both cases. The difference lies in the approach. If you calculate your risks and shift the odds of winning in your favor, you can win on average in both endeavors.
  8. You can discuss this on their live chat options and clear your doubt about this point.
  9. There is no best broker to be selected by us. You can find numbers of brokers in the market but to find the right one you have to use your own mind.
  10. Each trader should pay sufficient attention to spread management. Maximum performance can only be achieved when a maximum quantity of market conditions is taken into account.
  11. There are hundreds of forex broking sites, each with its own unique features and audiences. Choosing one is your choice and understanding.
  12. Forex market is mainly known for its volatility but the volatility of market changes every time depending on the market condition.
  13. Everybody that I know that stayed with Forex did become successful. There are lots of ways to be successful in forex trading breakthrough and become successful.
  14. There are hundreds of forex broking sites, each with its own unique features and audiences. To find one is not easy but also not difficult at the same time.
  15. A strategy on a demo account may work fine but will crash and burn on a real money account. We used to try out trades on a demo account first but once switched to a real money account the results were always different and usually failed very quickly.