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  1. Pixie Pips

    Maintaining discipline and being patient while trading, especially during volatile market conditions is not for the faint-hearted, but they will certainly determine the fate of your trading account.
  2. Pixie Pips

    Before you start Forex trading you should have proper knowledge about Forex trading, without knowledge very heard to survive in the Forex market. If you are new in the Forex market.
  3. Pixie Pips

    You will never be a successful trader if you continue to live in a state of denial. First of all make sure you are not trading under stress. When stressed out you can’t see clearly, you become rigid and unable to see alternative views.
  4. Pixie Pips

    The lack of a proper trading plan which includes precise rules for entering and exiting a trade will most certainly guarantee failure over the long term. Beginners usually suffer from the same common ailments.
  5. Pixie Pips

    Sometimes we are right, sometimes we are wrong. At times we make money, at times we lose. If you risk too much on a trade and it goes against you, easiest way to wipe out your trading account.
  6. Pixie Pips

    Risk is the corner store of trading. Trading is all about managing risk. There is no fixed amount of money you can lose in a trade. An acceptable risk depends upon the size of your trading account.
  7. Pixie Pips

    You may trade like on a real account just remembering that all these money are not real. Demo is used for testing new strategies and learning before going live. So, you should do the same things you are going to do live.
  8. Pixie Pips

    The terminal has to become your companion instead of being an unknown environment. You have to understand what all the features mean, how they work. You should know how the price moves and why does it do it.
  9. Pixie Pips

    It is important to pay attention to how you react to the ups and downs in the market. Some traders experience a rush when they have a successful trade and this rush can cause to take larger risks.
  10. Pixie Pips

    All Forex traders at some point of time or the other experience a losing trade. It can either be a small loss or a massive loss. Many traders get discouraged once they incur a loss and give up trading.
  11. Pixie Pips

    There are numerous websites that offer Forex trading. In order to start trading, you have to open and finance an account for the first time with your chosen website.
  12. Pixie Pips

    As a beginner trader, you would like to take the opportunity to earn a lot of money and, of course, start a career in a Forex trader.
  13. Pixie Pips

    There is always lots of advice to be given on how to trade, what to trade and when trade. Yet ultimately it is the trader whose money it is, and will be the sole recipient of profits and losses.
  14. Pixie Pips

    Traders often begin with a simple strategy, and see a small return. They then assume that if they continue to tweak their system, taking into account a few more variables, that they will increase their returns.
  15. Pixie Pips

    The major currencies frequently display high price swings. If trades are placed wisely, high volatility assists in enormous profit making opportunities.