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  1. Pixie Pips

    Forex is something which has no end for learning. Everyday for a trader is new learning day and he keeps learning from his every trade that he made and analysis which he make.
  2. Pixie Pips

    Risk is something which is never going to be avoided in any work or business. In Forex, risk is always high and we have to manage it any how that we can make good amount profit.
  3. Pixie Pips

    Spreads play a significant factor in profitable forex trading. When we compare the average spread to the average daily movement, many interesting issues arise. First, some pairs are more advantageous to trade than others.
  4. Pixie Pips

    Scalping in the forex market involves trading currencies based on a set of real-time analyses. The purpose of scalping is to make a profit by buying or selling currencies, holding the position for a very short time, and closing it for a small profit.
  5. Pixie Pips

    The new comers should always focus on learning so that they should focus on their knowledge and developing skills. Broker can be choose easily as there is big market of it.
  6. Pixie Pips

    Every trader either he is new or experienced both are having their own way of thinking for investment in Forex so we can suggest the broker but at the end they have skills so he is going to work according to his level.
  7. Pixie Pips

    To be part of this business, broker is something which is always there for you, from start you have to have a broker. But it does not means that you are always going to find the best one.
  8. Pixie Pips

    That us true, without learning there is no place for us as we really want to be profitable. If you want trade the real market then you have to understand that nothing easy, you have to survive.
  9. Pixie Pips

    For every scalper it is important to have lowest spreads so that he can make more profit in short time. Not every broker provides low spread for every currency pair of the market.
  10. Pixie Pips

    Every trader want to have lowest spread as that way he can make more money with it. For scalper it can be more helpful as he had to trade very quickly so the profit and loss both are going to be bigger.
  11. Pixie Pips

    To find a broker for a specific strategy is like searching for something in the world. There are many brokers who are allowing scalping for many reasons. But why to search specific trick related broker.
  12. Pixie Pips

    That is really right, without your learning about anything, there is no way to imagine a good life that is easy and healthy. We all should understand that to be good at something we need knowledge and skills.
  13. Pixie Pips

    Scalping is the trick which many brokers are allowing and many traders are using it without any any issue, For specific trick we should not find a broker but we should look for the legal terms of the broker.
  14. Pixie Pips

    It is difficult to rate any broker but why should I and what is the need to rate any broker of the market. I have not tries and testes every broker in the market so I do not think that it will be a good idea.
  15. Pixie Pips

    100% true, learning anything will help you for your life. You should always start any work with learning of its basic that way you can improve your skills for that particular work.
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