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  1. Indicators are always considered as best tools for trading for getting the right entry and exit of trade. That is true that using only a few indicators can also make a good strategy for trading work.
  2. Agree, who are matured enough to take a decision and ready to handle the difficult situation of the market with managed behavior and attitude of a trader.
  3. Nothing is difficult in life if you try then you can make it out. But what is important that you have to try at least. Without any hard work, you can not be successful.
  4. The main reason is one can not handle two works at the same time. If one is having a full day job and working as a part time trader then he can not focus on both works because of the stress and work load of 2 different task.
  5. Education is always an important factor of our life. Without knowledge and skills, you can not survive any business or work in this world. Same is true for Forex.
  6. Tre but for that trade needs skills to trade in a small account because handling the risk with small money is not any easy way for anyone.
  7. No doubt that scalping is so popular trick to trade in a market but for that, we need to have skills and knowledge so that we can trade correctly and earn a profit. A broker is not going to help you for your profit.
  8. Forex is legit if you work with it in a proper analytical way otherwise working as a gambler and doing any guess trade is not going to help. For that, we do not need specific broker you can work with your mind, not a broker.
  9. Demo practice a very helpful guide to anyone who is serious about the trading work in this market. Without a mature attitude of working, one can not survive the risk of this business.
  10. There is no connection to a broker and your success. To be successful in this market, you will need knowledge and skills of trading. The broker is not going to trade instead of you and earn you the profit.
  11. True mate, bonus offers are a trap to get new traders and then forget them and also the offer. The offers are always having hidden condition to use them and which are never shown in the marketing ads of the broker.
  12. Scalping is well-known strategy among so many traders of a market. But it needs skills and knowledge of market movement in short time, otherwise, there is no broker who can save your money if you do not know how to handle your own trade.
  13. If you have learned well the market then there will be no issue of investment money and trading management. Because while you learn, you will practice on a demo and understand how to invest money and how much should you afford.
  14. That is true we should have a good exit plan to save our capital but it is not possible for every trader as we are greedy to wait that market may be a move in our way so that we will get a profitable trade, the myth of every trader.
  15. Every broker is providing tons of pairs with the trading platform. So it does not matter for any trader the number of pairs it provided. The trader is going to work with the single pair only.

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