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  1. Scalping is a widley used trading strategy in market Becuase of giving profit in short time and it takes only a few minutes to see profit in your account. But it is not an esay trick for every trader.
  2. Yeah, every trader has their own reason for trading with their broker and that is the reason why they are working with them. But no one is promoting like you is doing here.
  3. To choose a broker, a trade should look for so many things in which first will be the security of your investment and regularity with your capital.
  4. Demo trading is always a good way to start learning about Forex and try your luck free in a market without any real investment. But being serious with demo work is always important to be part of this real business.
  5. Nothing in this world is easy for anyone, we have to struggle to achieve the success of our work. Without any hard work, we can not survive this world.
  6. That might happen, a broker is earning from any commissions but how to trust any broker who is providing such facility. Why someone is going to leave his such high earning for others??
  7. Testing every broker with a small investment is not a good idea from my side, how much time you are going to waste with a broker just for testing the loyalty of broker.
  8. The loss is part of every business and job. We can not avoid them but we can minimize them with our skills of working, our experience make us more clear about our work and that way we can manage loss too.
  9. The broker with low spreads is good for scalper but there are many scammers too in a market which are scamming while providing such low spreads.
  10. Zero Spread is best for scalper because that way they can trade more and earn more pips for their trading. But not every broker provides 0 spread and which are providing are not regular with a market.
  11. There are so many definitions of Forex or Money exchange work. I think there are so many posts about it, so you can find out more about them.
  12. Making money is never going to be easy in any work or business. We have to work hard for a goal of life. Same happen in Forex, it is a risky business and none can be 100% profitable here.
  13. To change a life, we need skills and knowledge of our work. Forex trading is not only the options for earning in the world. We can make money with any business, all we need is hard work and skills for the work.
  14. That is a good way to find the right broker for our investment work. But there are so many brokers and finding one for your work is going to be difficult for you.
  15. Having reliable and regular broker is important for traders because that way they can trade without any fear. But looking for only spreads and offers of broker is not good for any trader.

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