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  1. Pixie Pips

    Right none can say who is going to be successful in this market. A broker is platform which is providing you a way of trading he is not going to help you for your trading or profit.
  2. Pixie Pips

    Copying work of someone is not going to improve your trading at any cost. Instead you should study the market and develop skills for trading so that you can make your own trade without any help.
  3. Pixie Pips

    Success with scalping is not easy, because handling the trade within a few seconds for profit is not as easy as we think. Nothing come so easy for anyone in the market.
  4. Pixie Pips

    Leverage can be beneficial but when is the point. Using it at right time is the important factor. Saying that it is useful does not help anyone. You have to understand the basic.
  5. Pixie Pips

    Many traders are using demo for many reasons and it is useful tool for many ones in this market. If one is new to market then he must try demo first to gain knowledge about the market.
  6. Pixie Pips

    I think every broker who is in this market is legal with some kind of information that they shows on their websites. But do it specifies that they can not scams because they are legal.
  7. Pixie Pips

    All the newbies in this market, first have to gain knowledge of the market and the Forex so that they can have clear idea of what kind of working area in the market and how they are going to handle it.
  8. Pixie Pips

    To trade in this market we have to have skills for profitability. Without the strategy none can survive the market so developing such skills we need to gain knowledge of the market.
  9. Pixie Pips

    There are many newbies who are misguided by Social websites that they can have more money with real money but dont show the real risk of the market.
  10. Pixie Pips

    Right, babypips is big name for learning Forex and trading concepts. It is easy and always updated and having a good Forum too.
  11. Pixie Pips

    If a newbie start Forex then he must start with learning, as time pass he will get knowledge, he will understand how he is going to find the right broker for his trading.
  12. Pixie Pips

    No one in this market can ensure of having success not even yourself. So learn and keep developing skills for better trading and profit in Forex.
  13. Pixie Pips

    There are many brokers websites which can be helpful to clear many doubts. Many brokers are showing their legal certificate from Government so trust them for your money security.
  14. Pixie Pips

    If a newbie really want to make money from Forex then he must start learning from the very begin. To understand that how you are going to survive this market.
  15. Pixie Pips

    To start learning Forex, every newbie must have knowledge of Forex, So for that you can start with babay pips website or there are many free website providing learning material.
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