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  1. There are so many brokers in market but finding right broker for our trading, we should use our mind and think for self so that we can focus on our work criteria.
  2. Every business is having their own loss criteria, and every person who is doing his business is well known with the loss attached to their work. None can avoid the risk but they can minimize with proper planning.
  3. Traders always select a broker who is good according to their standards of trading. Most trader dont trust on others as they are experienced and knows well the market.
  4. That is the very common trick of scam broker, you can do nothing now because now you dont have any proof of your work. I will suggest that post your inquiries with fpa might be they can help you.
  5. None broker i have seen in market providing support in trading success. I will chose broker who is safe for my money and i can work free with him with my strategy so that i can earn money.
  6. I will not suggest any one to chose broker quick because one should take time to find right broker until he find the one, according him is good and he can feel comfortable with trading.
  7. Loss can be reason to be negative on mind, but if this happen then we should take a break and then move to trading again with a fresh mind so that we can have positive waves in mind.
  8. I have seen so many brokers in market but i have not traded with every one so can not tell that these brokers are good or not but i will say that depending on others reviews is not good idea, trade should use brain and find one which is good according to their knowledge.
  9. Every trader want to be positive in this market but loss change so many things. Not every every one can survive the risk associated with trading and that is why they left.
  10. To earn money in market, we need strategy and our hard work, that only can earn us money. No broker is going to make money for you so choose one which can be safe for your money.
  11. I dont think that any broker is best for any strategy, our mind make analysis and create trade which gives us profit. There is no connection between your work and broker.
  12. Why one need suggestion for broker, dont you have mind which can think about what is good for you and what is beneficial for your work. Taking others choice for your work, what does that means??
  13. Losses are always going to be there no matter what happen we can not avoid them 100% but we can learn strategy to minimize the loss as per our analysis and trade.
  14. Risk management is very important tool when you are going to trade in Forex. Managing risk with money is always good habit to minimize loss cost per trade, that is not easy but you can learn it.
  15. Every one wants to change their life with earning lots of money and that is possible in forex but for that time and experience is needed so you have to give time for learning the experience of market.