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  1. Good to see such brokers for traders but it is your choice of broker, i have mine one and i am happy with my broker to trade in market.
  2. you may earn any numbers of money, all depends on how you trade with market and what is your strategy. Money has no connection with your earning, you can start work with 10$ also and make it bigger but it takes time that is the difference.
  3. We need to understand the market behavior to get idea so that we can become professional. Professional traders are those, who are knowledgeable and having idea about how market is moving.
  4. Forex is interesting because the volume of money involved with it. We all know that we can earn any number of amount with our knowledge and skills in this business.
  5. I think none trader is going to be in hurry when choosing a broker as he knows market has so many scammers. As i am trader, i always go for research about broker and then choose one for my investment.
  6. Scalping is very common in traders because it is a short way profit, with its own risk. But it also needs to have experience and free spreads so that trader can have more profit with it.
  7. We can develop our self for being successful in this business but for that we need time and proper learning from market while we are trading. Without hard work, it is not possible for any one to be successful in any business.
  8. Forex and broker are two important for each other. Without broker you can not trade with Forex. And without Forex what broker is going to do... So both are having there own importance for each other.
  9. There are so many things which are important in Forex while you are just new to here. You need to learn from very basic to advance to achieve the success with Forex.
  10. Success in Forex takes time and there is no easy route for it. The ideal route is, learning and expanding your knowledge with Forex market. There is no holly grail system in Forex which can make you rich in one day, so work hard what you want to achieve in Forex.
  11. So many suggestion for leverage but i will say learn well so that you can understand what kind of leverage is good and choose one according to your knowledge of Forex.
  12. No matters how many pairs are there in any broker we are not going to trade with every pair. Traders always going to trade with their particular broker only because they can not analysis more then one pair at single time.
  13. Spreads should be consider when you are choosing broker for trading but also look for regular and secure broker with positive review on different website so that you can trust him for your secure investment.
  14. The trader, who is having excellence command on his skills and analysis, can gave you accurate result from market can be called as professional trader as he has developed his skills with time and gain knowledge with market.
  15. I dont know which leverage can be handle by which trader but if you are skilled and know how to work with leverage then no matter what number it has. You can make money with it.