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  1. Success in Forex is not easy, to be successful in forex then we need to have trading skills and also psychology either. Due to the skill and trading psychology either then we can manage capital well so that profits can we get
  2. I prefer forex as forex is a very profitable business. We will benefit in this business. With little capital then we can trade well if we could have the skills and mental well
  3. Forex is a business that has a very high risk, with the forex risk is high then for us to succeed in this business then we need to have a good preparation when trading so that we can properly manage trading capital to make profits in forex
  4. if we want success in binary option then we have to be successful in forex beforehand. Success in forex is not easy, to be successful in forex then we should be able to have a good trading skills and managing emotions well
  5. control your emotions is very important in forex. If we can control the emotions well then we can get the maximum results when trading. To control the emotions well then we can trade using small capital first
  6. Forex gives me a lot of things, as we know that forex is a very profitable business. With the market being open for 24 hours then we can make money in forex anytime
  7. The tips are very helpful for a trader is to always put the sl and tp when trading. So our account we'll be safe. Trading by always putting the sl and tp obliged to protect our account of the greater risk
  8. Knowledge is very important in forex trading. By joining the forex forum our knowledge will increase. so that we can manage capital well if our knowledge will increase
  9. bonus especially no deposit bonus useful for traders, therefore we need to take advantage of a bonus with good cause with the bonus then we can feel trading real account without capital. So that we can learn in a real account
  10. Become a profitable trader then we need a good trading skills. we can use demo accounts to improve trading skills were good so we will be a successful trader
  11. Forex is a very profitable business than any other business. Therefore, if we want to start this business then we must have good skills so that we can manage this business very well
  12. Bonus is very profitable if we could utilize bonus well. With the bonus then our chances will be greater. For that, we must use the bonus properly and maximum
  13. Forex is a business that has a very big advantage. for that, much like with forex. To start trading, then we can start by using small capital first. And with time open for 24 hours, so then much like forex
  14. To survive in forex then we need to minimize the risk properly. By always have a good risk management so we can secure our account of the risk of loss. For that, we need to always put sl and tp as part of good risk management
  15. skills must always be increased well for the progress of our trading. By constantly improving trading skills properly it will make us survive in forex so that we can be successful in forex