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  1. Knowledge is very important. With the knowledge that we can make a profit in the forex. therefore, we must continue to improve the knowledge of good trading with join in the forex forum. There we can mutually discuss with fellow traders
  2. I prefer forex as forex is a very profitable business. We will benefit in this business. With little capital then we can trade well if we could have the skills and mental well
  3. bonus especially no deposit bonus useful for traders, therefore we need to take advantage of a bonus with good cause with the bonus then we can feel trading real account without capital. So that we can learn in a real account
  4. Become a profitable trader then we need a good trading skills. we can use demo accounts to improve trading skills were good so we will be a successful trader
  5. Forex is a very profitable business than any other business. Therefore, if we want to start this business then we must have good skills so that we can manage this business very well
  6. Bonus is very profitable if we could utilize bonus well. With the bonus then our chances will be greater. For that, we must use the bonus properly and maximum
  7. To survive in forex then we need to minimize the risk properly. By always have a good risk management so we can secure our account of the risk of loss. For that, we need to always put sl and tp as part of good risk management
  8. skills must always be increased well for the progress of our trading. By constantly improving trading skills properly it will make us survive in forex so that we can be successful in forex
  9. Forex is a business that has a lot of advantages, so many people who are interested to join in forex. To start trading then we could try to trade using small capital first. Or by using no deposit bonus
  10. Forex is a business of buying and selling currencies. This business is quite profitable. Many of the advantages we can get from forex such as have likuaditas high, the market is open up to 24 hours, never go bankrupt, etc. For that, I chose forex
  11. Bonus have very profitable for traders with a bonus because it will make us to trade with better. Therefore, we need to utilize a good bonus with bonus because it will make us get greater opportunities
  12. To survive in forex then we need to be able to continue to learn and practice well. By utilizing a demo account and follow the demo contest of forexmart then we can learn and practice the so our skill will increase
  13. be grateful trader will allow us to avoid greed trading. In this business, greed is something we must avoid if we want to succeed in forex. Because greed will only bring harm to our trading
  14. Knowledge is very important in this business, that is why we need to continue to improve the knowledge of trading. With the knowledge then we could make a profit in this business well, then of why we need to continue to improve the knowledge of trading well
  15. Trading forex is a business that is really very profitable, therefore, we need to be well prepared when trading so that we can do this business well. We can start from a demo account and following the demo contest to further enhance the skill so well that our skills will increase

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