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  1. Hi guys, people have been talking about how to invest in bitcoin and get nice profits. I will share my experience with you and I will give you advice on how to avoid the mistake many people have been committing, and just how easy it is to make money online. First of all you must have an account on https://www.coinbase.com Now purchase BTCs (minimum 20$ - Ideal $100+) *Here you will be purchasing BTCs at a low 4/5% rate Then you must go to xCoins and create an account *IMPORTANT here many people had the mistake of registering as borrower and not lender so you must register as INVESTOR using that link: https://xcoins.io/investors Then it will ask you for a promotional code, you can use this or leave it blank: 3e4yva Then you must go to MY WALLET and copy the link of your wallet, then you go to CoinBase and send your BTCs to your xCoin Wallet. After your transaction is confirmed ( it takes like 20 minutes) you go to LEND put 20$+ and start lending. After few minutes or 1 hour your BTCs will be 'sold' and you would have made the value of bitcoin + 15% or so. Start small, and scale. Its easy profit. When you've got up to $10k, its faster. Just keep re-investing.
  2. Hi guys, This is my method to get money easy and fast i started with 30$ then i made 200$ from it good investisement right ? then scale things up now i am at 2000$+ of earnings. Video explanation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=912NHMc8a4o Here's the method it's about roulette based on 2 simple rules You only bet on black or red : You start betting 1$ to Black. ( the roulette turn then it stop ) if you win : Good,now bet 1$ to the other color (Red) if you lose : Double your bet at the same color (Black) until you win then switch to the other color (red). then repeat the same process if you win at (Red) switch to Black but if you lose double bet on (Red) until you win. You can check the casino i am using the method at : Here ( go to table games>Roulette – European) Payment Proof :
  3. My Paying Ads is similar to Trafficmonsoon. The only main difference is that on My Paying Ads revenue share ad packs are less expensive. Let's get started: First of all you have to join My Paying Ads by Clicking Here After Setting up your account, follow the 18 simple steps below to get started on the right track. Login to you account 1 – Fill out the form and captcha code. 2 – View Login Ad if available when logging into the site. 3 – Click Continue to MyPayingAds.com Button Set Up Banner Ad 4 – Click Purchase Ad Pack 5 – Scroll Down, Then Click Set Up New Banner 6 – Fill in the required information a – Choose Size of banner from drop down menu b – Write a name for your banner. (This is for your reference only) c – Banner Url: This is an image url from a banner, usually found in the promotional section of another product, service or program you are promoting. (Usually ends with the extensions; .jpg .gif .png) Once successful the banner image usually show up. d – Destination URL: This is where you would like the person to go when clicked. It can be the url of a blog, website, affiliate link or referral link. e – Click “Add New”. Once successful you will see the confirmation in green; “Banner has been added successfully” Your First Ad Pack Purchase 7 – Click Purchase Ad Pack Menu Tab. 8 – Click Buy Ad Pack, next to the banner, for which you wish to purchase clicks. Then choose the plan you’d like to Purchase from. 9 – Fill in the required information f – Choose Payment Method: If you are completely new, then chances are you are making the purchase directly from the processor of your choice. In this case choose processor. Otherwise choose the appropriate balance in which you have available funds. g – Choose Payment Processor: Select the appropriate Payment Processor from the drop down menu. h – Enter the number of Ad Pack you would like to purchase for that banner. i – Review the “invoice”: Ensure this purchase is within your budget. j – Check to agree to the terms and conditions of MyPayingAds. If you have not read this as yet, please do so now. Click here to view MyPayingAds.com’s Terms And Conditions. k – Click Pay Now. For purchase made directly from a processor, you will be redirected to the processor payment gate to complete the transaction. If the purchase is made using available balance, then you will receive your “Successful Purchase” confirmation message and email. Set Up Your Website in The Traffic Exchange NB: As part of your Ad Pack Purchase you also received some Traffic Exchange credits. Now let’s make use of them. 10 – Click Advertisement Menu Tab. 11 – Click Credit Statement Menu Tab. NB: You will see a number of Website Credits. This is what’s use to promote your website in the Traffic Exchange. 12 – Click Assign. 13 – Click Add New. 14 – Fill in the required information l – Allocate Credits: The amount of credits you wish to use from your available credits. m – Title: Write a name to use as reference. n – Site URL: This is the address of the site or offer you would like to promote. It can be a blog, affiliate link, landing page link, etc. o – Display area can remain as “All Countries” for this first website. p – Click Update. NB: Once successful you will receive the following message. However, if the website creates coding that takes it out of the viewing frame or if there is work going on in the background by the technical team, you may receive the following message. No need to panic. You can try another browser or wait a few minutes and try again. Surfing your 10 ads 15 – Click Start Surfing 16 – Wait For The time to count down 17 – Click on the identical image as the one on the left. 18 – Exiting the Traffic Exchange: After view the 10 ads click on Back To Account to return to your overview page. NB: You can continue view ads to build up surf credits that you can use to promote your website. You earn 1 credit for every 2 website you surf. Also remember, you reset the surf timer each time you view 10 ads. Payment proof : That’s all there is to it. If you have any questions feel free to ask here or in pm