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  1. I recommend newbies read this article carefully. You can avoid unnecessary money losses.
  2. Thank you for a really interesting and useful article!
  3. Trading robots and strategies can't provide 100% true forecast or profit guarantee. Any forecast or analytics is just an assumption and not a revelation.
  4. Why would you give him 9 out of 10? Why not 10? What is the broker lacking in your opinion?
  5. At first I traded with this broker on MT4 terminal, later tried nettradex and decided to completely switch from MT4 to nettradex since this terminal is more functional. The broker has good conditions, fixed spread, but slightly expands on the news. Withdraws the money.
  6. But in a closed chat it's bad too cause you're cut off from everyone else. It turns out that those who chat there will gradually leave and others won't replace them and the chat will die.
  7. I think in an open forum others get mixed in and discuss completely different questions which don't go along with the main theme and there's confusion.
  8. THat's right! I don't have a problem with that, I'm all for bringing everything together in the melting pot and preparing something good. It's just a great idea! I like it.
  9. I used to think of you as a kind hearted person, but now I see you're much slier than you are kind! You do kind deeds hoping that it will come back to you )))
  10. Those who laugh about new developments are just doing that as a protective reaction. If you have something useful, you can make money off of it. Somebody might not have anything to offer and in order not to show it, he switches the attention to the disadvantages of your developments, so that the attention was on you, and the one who laughs will most likely be the one who ends up using your developments.
  11. Are you selfish? Will you share your tool, if I ask? How long have you been trading with ifc markets?
  12. Not bad, I wish you good luch) By the way, they process claims pretty quickly, I usually receive my payment within a couple hours.
  13. I will probably agree with that as well) And how are you doing with synthetics, have you already withdrawn money?
  14. I’m having a little loss right now, but I think I’ll close the deal with profit.
  15. Looks like a very hot topic) I agree about the main advantage, what about the rest of them?)

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