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  1. Buying gold from a pawn shop is an excellent choice if you are familiar with real gold. Pawn shops really have a variety of classic and precious gold designs. They really are mesmerizing. I myself have bought a gold chain from one shop.
  2. Ethereum is really a great crypto to invest in. It is on the stage where you can buy it as its price will go up soon. If you are intending to invest in the Altcoins then ethereum is a good choice after ripple as ripple has gained huge attraction in the recent time. Thanks!
  3. Bicoin is the leader of the house in the crypto market. The way Bitcoin is getting regulations on the market and everyone is talking about it is quite amazing to gain profits through the investment in this gorgeous cryptocurrency. I believe in the bright future of BTC.
  4. The brokerage platforms are working hard to make trading easy with the passage of time. Mobile trading is the best mean of trading from where you want to trade. You can keep an eye on the market from anywhere. So, it is a great helping hand. Thank you so much!
  5. Ripple is the second best cryptocurrency for me. I have good amount of investments in it as it is giving the best competition to the king of crypto world "BTC". If you are willing to invest in Altcoins then ripple is the best and wise choice. Thanks!
  6. My main area of interest in topgoldforum is to make money online. There is nothing better in the world than making money in sitting in your living room. You don't have to go outside and hassle with people. I also advise people to come to this field of livelihood.
  7. Hello.I have been following topgoldforum.com for quite a while now. I have been interested in forex trading for more than two years. I hope i will become an excellent trader with the help of this forum.
  8. Risk management is the primary and necessary requirement of the trading as the market is highly and highly risky and unpredictable in nature where a single mistake can ruin your career. Risk management is a protective tool in this regard!
  9. If you will ask the question about broker selection from any trader, his answer will be a broker who provides tight spreads. Spread plays a key role in the trading as it is the initial loss which every trader has to overcome before making profit all the times.
  10. I have a strong feeling about the future currency and I think crypto is the future of the money. The way whole world is transforming into digital form is a clear clue towards the leading ability of the crypto currencies in the near future. What do you think folks?
  11. It is a very difficult question to answer. People have different taste buds and like different types of food. Some like spicy food, some like sour things. But i believe everyone likes pasta. It has to be the undisputed food choice.
  12. In this fast moving age, people do not care what they are eating. Obesity has become a serious issue in the developed countries. The best food are those that are not processes. The natural ones like raw meat, fish, eggs, yogurt, oats, milk.
  13. Forex market is highly challenging market which has a direct contact with your emotions. You will surely feel frustrated if you will lose on the regular basis but you have to stay patient for the upcoming huge success. The market is full of opportunities!
  14. The main aim of any trader is to earn money from this market as much as possible. There is a big fight between the buyer and sellers on the market. You need to be among the one who tend to move the market in th direction of your concern. It is possible only if you have the market knowmledge and observation skills.
  15. As long as the cryptocurrency remain anonymous, and some of them are made that way, to give it's owner full anonymity, it will be used for illegal purposes. But I can say, that even bitcoin, which is not fully anonymous, can be used for money laundering. You get bitcoin on one wallet, exchange it for another anonymous cryptocurrency, then transfer it to a different wallet, and so on, if needed. Yeah, you lose something on exchange, but the bitcoin cannot be tracked down anymore. There are special services that do this in one go.

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