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  1. In general, there is no need to take such messages about "scam" seriously as the person wrote above. One should listen to the opinion of majority:if everybody is satisfied and only one person says that everything is bad then I guess it has its reason.
  2. Personally, I don't understand these kinds of statements.If you want to prove or show something to others, but it
  3. Yes, many brokers offer swap free accounts and it is a good initiative by the brokers to attract the users towards themselves. I think competition among the brokers is in favor of the traders and small investors. Am I right folks?
  4. It is easy for newbie traders to get excited and overtrade forex. This overtrading will always hurt them. The decisions made by emotions will always provide fruitless results. Trade within a limit and not overdo things.
  5. Forex trading is such an adverse place. You can lose everything in a blink of an eye. I believe majority of the young traders lose because of their inexperienceness. But these losses will help them grow in their trading life. Do you agree with me?
  6. Buying gold from a pawn shop is an excellent choice if you are familiar with real gold. Pawn shops really have a variety of classic and precious gold designs. They really are mesmerizing. I myself have bought a gold chain from one shop.
  7. Bitcoin is the first digital currency which was launched in 2009. Currently, its price is about $7600. Bitcoin are awarded as a result of a process called mining. Blockchain technology is the driving force behind cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.
  8. This is a serious accusation. Can you somehow prove your words or it's just your assumption that you put forward by looking at the name and website of the broker, where you didn't like something.
  9. I haven't actually been interested in this, since I trade almost always during the day, but I know that it's possible to open an Islamic account without swaps on TenkoFX. You need to contact the manager and present a document that you practice Islam to do this. It's problematic, but maybe they let you open it without documents. Try to open it this way, but confirm this information in any case In order to be sure that they'll make funds withdrawals
  10. Ripple is the best altcoin to invest in. I have good amount of investments in it as it is giving the best competition to the king of crypto world "BTC". If you are willing to invest in Altcoins then ripple is the best and wise choice. Are you going to invest in it?
  11. It is the first and foremost trick of the scam brokers to catch the attention of the people who have interest in the forex trading by offering them fake bonuses. I want to advise you guys to stay away from these fake people as your money is important for yourself. Stay safe, stay profitable!
  12. Ethereum is really a great crypto to invest in. It is on the stage where you can buy it as its price will go up soon. If you are intending to invest in the Altcoins then ethereum is a good choice after ripple as ripple has gained huge attraction in the recent time. Thanks!
  13. I think trading is becoming easier with the passage of time due to its automation and advancement in the technology. Now, trading robots do what you were doing previously with complete satisfaction. These robots grab the opportunities at the right moments.
  14. If you are a trader then you need guts to deal with the pressure and stress. You need to believe and hope for the best as it is an highly testing market which will play with your psychology. Do you have the psychological strength to deal with uncomfortable moments?
  15. Bicoin is the leader of the house in the crypto market. The way Bitcoin is getting regulations on the market and everyone is talking about it is quite amazing to gain profits through the investment in this gorgeous cryptocurrency. I believe in the bright future of BTC.