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  1. In this fast moving age, people do not care what they are eating. Obesity has become a serious issue in the developed countries. The best food are those that are not processes. The natural ones like raw meat, fish, eggs, yogurt, oats, milk.
  2. I once had quite a successful trading with indices and shares on esplanade. After the US Fed Chair's report they started to grow and the analysts' forecast came true. The trading was finished with the DOW index's growth (24 out of 30) and the shares have grown. Apple's had a 2,5% growth. Generally, I'm satisfied with this broker. I'm pretty satisfied with the trading terms it offers.
  3. The broker is not a new one and not of those with problems, everything that it offers is quite reliable in order not to worry about the security. The broker has already worried about this)))
  4. Forex market is highly challenging market which has a direct contact with your emotions. You will surely feel frustrated if you will lose on the regular basis but you have to stay patient for the upcoming huge success. The market is full of opportunities!
  5. I began to study cryptocurrency with this broker. I haven't actually trade with crypt before. I've decided to trade on a demo for now and the first results aren't very impressive. Things are not quite well with the forecast. However, these assets have huge potential. I've already been trading with a few brokers and it's time to look for more crypto-exchanges
  6. You need a lot of otivation, inspiration, and guidance all the time on the forex marrket. So, you need to make connections with the experienced traders via different forums and live sessions as well. There consultancy will help you a lot to know about the market more quickly.
  7. It's a very interesting and vivid review. I never Goa in my dreams or plans, but now after reading your reviews I really want to travel there.
  8. I really like tattoo art, especially when girls have a beautiful ornament on their bodies. I personally have many tattoes and I think of getting three more.
  9. Moving from one place to another is actually painful for me, although I'd like to move to Corsica when I get old, it's an ideal place for me, both now and in the future.
  10. There's a bunch of ways to make money on the Internet. I've tried many of them and realised that it's not my piece of cake. I just can't spend a lot of time in fron of the computer, I'm an active person and I need people.
  11. In my opinion, instagram is a very powerful platform for making money. You can profit from anything, e.g. advertising, your own online-shop, promotion of other profiles, etc.
  12. You need to believe in your strategy and if you have the best strategy among the others then you can get success on every platform. You need to work as hard as possible. There is a much sweet reward for the hardword in the form of good money on the Forex market. Are you ready for eating it?
  13. The main aim of any trader is to earn money from this market as much as possible. There is a big fight between the buyer and sellers on the market. You need to be among the one who tend to move the market in th direction of your concern. It is possible only if you have the market knowmledge and observation skills.
  14. As long as the cryptocurrency remain anonymous, and some of them are made that way, to give it's owner full anonymity, it will be used for illegal purposes. But I can say, that even bitcoin, which is not fully anonymous, can be used for money laundering. You get bitcoin on one wallet, exchange it for another anonymous cryptocurrency, then transfer it to a different wallet, and so on, if needed. Yeah, you lose something on exchange, but the bitcoin cannot be tracked down anymore. There are special services that do this in one go.
  15. We have to finish a long study to do something, usually. But to do this a person must have a developed logic. If someone understands how the forex works from the get go and how to make profit, then he doesn't need to study for that long.