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  1. I don't quite understand what's the use of downloading several identical platforms from the same broker. ... Don't the computer or terminal lag because of it.
  2. On bonuses no one has been able to make money, and you won't get rich on it. First you have to work it off and withdraw, and only then you can praise the bonus)
  3. Dele Alli, you're right. You recommended the broker, could you show me what the private account looks like and in particular, the account history where the deposits and withdrawals are reflected? It's just that before opening an account with someone, I'd like to see if the account is comfortable or not. You can cross out the personal information on the screenshot. Thank you.
  4. What is vps and what is it for? How is it useful?
  5. There's no such thing as an ideal broker, because for every type of trading some brokers will be better and others worse. You should search for the right option looking at each case individually.
  6. I decided to use the services of one of the companies that sends trading signals, but not the one you mentioned above, a different one. I like it, I plan to continue using their services. Before that I used it two weeks for free, but now I'm using it on a payed basis.
  7. I don't have a particular preference in terms of instruments. I like to trade on majors. Today it's one set, tomorrow it might be something else.
  8. I recommend newbies read this article carefully. You can avoid unnecessary money losses.
  9. Thank you for a really interesting and useful article!
  10. Trading robots and strategies can't provide 100% true forecast or profit guarantee. Any forecast or analytics is just an assumption and not a revelation.
  11. Why would you give him 9 out of 10? Why not 10? What is the broker lacking in your opinion?
  12. At first I traded with this broker on MT4 terminal, later tried nettradex and decided to completely switch from MT4 to nettradex since this terminal is more functional. The broker has good conditions, fixed spread, but slightly expands on the news. Withdraws the money.
  13. But in a closed chat it's bad too cause you're cut off from everyone else. It turns out that those who chat there will gradually leave and others won't replace them and the chat will die.
  14. I think in an open forum others get mixed in and discuss completely different questions which don't go along with the main theme and there's confusion.