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  1. I see. Well, then I’ll trade on demo account for now and check the quality of execution and stuff. And then – you know what they say – we’ll see.
  2. It's ok, the platform is responsive, assets are enough. I tested the money withdrawal, they handled the requisition and gave me money quickly. The support also seems to be ok. All in all, I have no objections yet, then we'll see.
  3. On spreads, they really are all quite fair, I mostly trade EURGBP, so on this instrument, the spread is only 2.5 points, which is within the norm.
  4. There are really a lot of people now who want to work at home from the computer and it's not necessary the currency market. The large cryptocurrency market also appeared.
  5. This article s really congnitive for any trader. There are some unclear moments but overall, it's written logically.
  6. In general newbies should understand that the market isn't as simple as its written about or talked about. Here you'll have to find yourself in order to trade correctly.
  7. Right now of course one should listen to practically any trading strategies and tips, but afterall you should have your own head on your shoulders in order to leave all the unnecessary info behind.
  8. That's true. Even a regular person can take something away from that, not to mention traders, for whom this should become the key quesiton and education.
  9. I think there are no perfect brokers out there now. Everybody has their own advantages and drawbacks. Would you recommend this company to anyone?
  10. In terms of analytics I can't say for sure because I try to do everything myself. Although sometimes it's quite hard to put the picture of the day together... in this case I'd take a few ideas from someone else, well now I know who to take them from=)
  11. Well, it's obvious that floating spread will widen from time to time. That's why they are called "floating". But they have fixed-spread accounts, right? And how are things with the execution quality? Do they put spoke in your wheel? Any requotes?
  12. I think you should better monitor the market by yourself and choose a couple of suitable assets.
  13. What about the broker's trading conditions? Can you tell me what their eurusd spread is? And I'm also interested to know what their minimal deposit is.
  14. Money Maker, there's no such thing as too little bonuses, there's always a lot of it =) Are you happy that you got 101% bonus?! What are you going to do with it next? A bonus is a bubble. Have you made a lot with this broker? More than you deposited?
  15. I think that for FF we have a separate thread where that is discussed, and where it's going to be more appropriate to write about how much you like the broker and how much you've earned with him. Concerning xtreamforex, the name is such that it makes you wonder, but I hope the broker is normal =)