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  1. There are good freelance sites like upwork, fiverr, gigbucks, seoclerks where you can get good content writers to help you out. they parade top seo experts and sellers with lots of positive reviews and are highly recommended.
  2. Focus more on creating back-links on user profiles on high authority sites like CNN, Microsoft, blogger, amazon, vimeo, mozilla etc as well as forum sites where you can create backlinks too in form of signature and anchor text. Also submit your link to high social bookmarking sites like tumblr, folked, stumbleupon etc
  3. I have tried methods like posting to Facebook groups and pages but recorded low turnout of visitors without conversions, i have also created Facebook groups and pages but that will take so much time before you get a reasonable number of members and likes, so what i did was to made use of facebook paid ads and it worked well for me, i got lots of traffic and even conversions, you can even get targeted traffic as per your niche and country. TRY IT OUT!!!
  4. Your main focus should be on your web content and its keywords optimization which constitute ON-PAGE SEO. make sure you keep your content fresh at all times by updating it with the latest info, news etc and include your optimized keywords in them in form of anchor text. Also in your topics and headlines, make sure they contain your main keywords too. Go for keywords that are lowly competitive in nature. Once all these are settled, you can go for on-page SEO which involves link building, search engine and article submission etc. Doing SEO require a level of expertise to rank your website high, so i suggest through this site from the attached banner. i have tried them myself and it has helped rank my website high.
  5. Thanks so much newbie for that. i never knew one can get all these benefits from it,. now i will go invest in social bookmarking to send more link juice to my site, but can anyone recommend any good software that i can get to achieve my aim, i dont intend to create massive social bookmarking links but to target high authority ones?
  6. Nice topic on social bookmarking but i will like to ask a question that has being bothering me. i see services where one say he can offer to submit your websites to over 2000 social bookmarking sites and i ask myself : Is social bookmarking sites that much, upto 2000 and is it safe to post to there? i just don't want to create unnecessarily low quality backlinks to avoid downgrading my website?
  7. Just as what others have said above, make use of Google search engine to fish out lots of links surely contains the lists of webmaster forum sites. i did that myself just recently and got good amount of them.
  8. I cannot really read what you are offering because you put your texts in yellow and white color which blends with the color of the text spce, please use another color like black or deep blue so that they are very clear to read
  9. Thanks for this tutorial for i have really learnt a lot form it but to add something to it, One msut not burge the subscribers' inbox with too many mails as they may get fraustrated and unsubscirbe form the list. The sending must be done about once or highest, twice a week to avoid yourmails looking like spam
  10. it is very simple ,.all you need do is On-page SEO which is purely local. All you need do is content marketing. make sure you update your web contents regularly by updating it with the latest news, tutorials, info etc about what you are offering. Go for keywords that are lowly competitive and place them very well in your articles but not too much to avoid keyword stuffing. include your main keyword in your headlines and topics. you can get a wordpress plugin called yoast SEO to hep you out on this.