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  1. I took a quick a look at the discussion about what's better, forex or binary options. It is sooo lengthy and, still, they couldn't decide)
  2. I think the majority of people start trading mainly to improve their financial situation. That's why I came here. I tried to think of forex as my job at the beginning. I don't take it less seriously now but I think of it as my hobby cause I "fell in love" with trading.
  3. Forex is definetely not a game. Many people treat it like a game and lose a lot of money as a result. You should think of forex as work, then you'll have good chance to succeed.
  4. I've never been interested in bitcoin. But it seems like it's high time I was)
  5. So the main reason I'm here is to learn something new. Plus, I can talk with other traders)
  6. Well, why strange, it's just that everyone tries to protect themselves from scammers and puts all kinds of points to the rules that should help the broker with that.
  7. I wonder how effective this course is and what its price is, perhaps some of the forumers have visited it?
  8. In order to answer the question correctly, I need more information about you and your plans, where you are and what sum you're counting on....
  9. I came to learn something new and teach someone something)
  10. I've seen several of those brokers, who want there to be forex and options, but of all the brokers I know , I only have a real account here. I think you yourself know that you chose the right broker.
  11. I too have become acquanted with this game indirectly. I heard about it somewhere, didn't pay attention.
  12. I don't believe it. At the very least there's advertising working here in order to invite people to join the affiliate program. I don't advise to follow the link.
  13. Quotes are normal, profit doesn't get cancelled and is always withdrawn. But you'll see that soon for yourself.
  14. Yes, exactly. That's what I wanted to say. People are afraid of the unknown. There's nothing surprising about that, that someone decided to insure themselves.
  15. All newcomers have their doubts, even if he didn't see anything so bad. It's just a cautiounary matter. It's like walking into a dark place where you can't see anything that could harm you but you still enter with caution.