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  1. Yes, the price of bitcoin is currently growing and further predicted even more, but I still do not risk investing a large amount in bitcoin.
  2. Yes, it’s nice to work with ecos but it all depends on the course. Unfortunately, you cannot be 100% sure of the growth of bitcoin.
  3. You can buy gold at pawnshops only for the purpose of earning in the future by selling this metal. buying gifts in such places is not acceptable, especially jewelry that carries the energy of the previous owner.
  4. A decrease in earnining in btc does not mean that this will greatly affect profitability, because many people predict a significant increase bitcoin exchange rate.
  5. If we talk about what will happen in the future, then I would definitely recommend investing in cryptocurrency. If you need fast money for quarantine period then of course cloud mining is not quite suitable for this.
  6. Basically, my attention is focused, of course, on cryptocurrencies, and specifically on their mining, I try to earn on my hobby.
  7. We comply with the mask regime, and do not leave the house without unnecessary needs. No more precautions will save you from the coronovirus.
  8. In any case, it is nice when you do not need to spend part of the profit on a service charge every day. It seems to be more appropriate to buy more power, but if you calculate the cost of the service charge, then part of the money earned goes specifically to pay fot it.
  9. At the moment I have several contracts, but it is most profitable now to buy contracts without a service charge. For example 720 days 5 TH / s.
  10. Now, bitcoin has been slightly adjusted and the price has decreased, however, I have not lost anything since I change coins only when I am satisfied with the rate in order to get the maximum profit.. By the way, I can’t say anything bad about the company itself, because I received all the payments without any problems.
  11. If you regard trade as a business and not as a hobby, then you can achieve quite decent results and income that will be enough for your prosperous life.
  12. Mining is an excellent passive income which is not very expensive at the same time. For example, I am engaged in mining from my computer, it is clear that the profit is not very large, but as for passive earnings it is quite normal.
  13. I also did not have any problems with withdrawing funds. I have several contracts in this company. Now, profitability in all cloud mining companies has fallen. Although the recent rise in bitcoin has greatly improved the situation.
  14. Young traders need to read this post rwally carefully. New traders think that forex is a easy way to make money. They are far-fetched from reality. They need to have a reality check and see how difficult it is to make consistent money in forex market. If you are looking for short-cuts, then look somewhere else.
  15. I was only speaking about things that I tested myself. Register and you'll start trading properly, too. You can use a demo account in the begining. And you'll see yourself.
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