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  1. I'm trying to trade on their mobile versions of the terminal, but so far all of this is taking place on a demo account. Haven't opened a real account yet.
  2. Well, if it's a good trading strategy, then share it, we'll help you test it out. Why not?
  3. Heh, that's lucky, posted a screen and got a refer scalper! I wish I had that!)
  4. It's true that success on forex depends entirely on time spent learning, perfecting the trading strategy, morally preparing yourself for trading. If a person's learned all the aspects of trade, has prepared a good strategy for himself, has tested it, then success will definately come.
  5. You could try beginning with a demo account, but I don't think you should limit yourself to it. Most brokers have cent accounts, I'd recommend switching to them, deposit a small sum and feel real trading, afterall a demo account is only a simulation of trading and it creats an illusion of safety in future trading with real money.
  6. It's important to work off your trading strategy on a demo, and then confidently switch to a real deposit. Atleast this way there's gonna be more confidence, since you've tested your strategy and seen that it works. It's also very important to keep to the money management rules, they often save the deposit.
  7. I think that the EUR/AUD asset would renew its minimum.
  8. I can see an excellent entrance to the USD/CAD market after reaching the 1.4500 level. The price will go down.
  9. Forex is not profitable for all. I have an acquantance who often drains his deposits. although he trades on the cent account. he says forex is like a hobby, and he doesn't mind spending a couple dozen dollars on a hobby.
  10. Does anyone here trade MT4? Asking out of pure curiosity. Cause everybody says MT4 is a cool terminal, but judging by the comments, I can assume that many refuse it and go with another broker.
  11. I think the best way to be in profit regularly is to carry on more or less consertative trade. As it was said above, you have to keep your emotions under control and not let them influence the quality of your trading, and especially don't let emotions cause losses.
  12. Why should we do that in a closed forum? What's bad with doing it in an open forum?
  13. What's the problem? Each person does something, hoping to get something out of it. I've always said, nothing happens for no reason. If somebody does something, there's a reason for it.
  14. Why are those who don't want to share their developments stupid? It's their right.
  15. I doubt he would share his tool, he probably meant that he doesn't mind sharing his experience, or just to converse on the subject, share results, but probably not his tool.