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  1. You can assume anything... Many people think that the earth is flat and expect others to prove the opposite. I don't want to prove to anyone, because to teach a fool, only to spoil, so this idea lives and the number of its supporters is growing ... Nobody needs to prove whether the broker is honest or not. But can you think yourself? Would it have lasted 10 years and kept a good name if it allowed itself all sorts of lewdness?
  2. I find that ETH is very promising crypto. It is good for portfolio diversification as there is high market capitalization, good liquidity and not so high correlation with BTC
  3. Oh, are you waiting for a screenshot? Here you are. As for the point of working with "unknown" brokers... All brokers regulated by Cysec and similar regulators have a significantly higher entry threshold and large commissions. This is their most serious drawback. At the same time, Yadix is extremely democratic. This is evidenced by the absence of minimum distances to SL and TP or pending orders. This greatly simplifies trading, as a result, making a profit.
  4. The delay in order execution depends on your provider. Roughly speaking, the more communication nodes between you and the broker, the longer the signal will take. The geographic location is not very important, because it does not reflect the real picture. The number of logical communication nodes is important. I have a real account on Yadix. Delays on a real account are 12-50 ms on average. This is small and does not affect the pen trade. For automated trading, VPS is better, there the delay is even less. I withdraw money once a month, receive it on the day of registration.
  5. You wrote everything correctly. You won’t know if it's worth trying or not until you try. However, I have a suspicion that you are not writing about your main motive. Why don't you say that you are looking for support from the outside, so that someone will push you further =) If trading doesn’t go, this will give you an excuse to blame not yourself, but someone else.
  6. Yes, the price of bitcoin is currently growing and further predicted even more, but I still do not risk investing a large amount in bitcoin.
  7. You can buy gold at pawnshops only for the purpose of earning in the future by selling this metal. buying gifts in such places is not acceptable, especially jewelry that carries the energy of the previous owner.
  8. Basically, my attention is focused, of course, on cryptocurrencies, and specifically on their mining, I try to earn on my hobby.
  9. We comply with the mask regime, and do not leave the house without unnecessary needs. No more precautions will save you from the coronovirus.
  10. If you regard trade as a business and not as a hobby, then you can achieve quite decent results and income that will be enough for your prosperous life.
  11. Mining is an excellent passive income which is not very expensive at the same time. For example, I am engaged in mining from my computer, it is clear that the profit is not very large, but as for passive earnings it is quite normal.
  12. Young traders need to read this post rwally carefully. New traders think that forex is a easy way to make money. They are far-fetched from reality. They need to have a reality check and see how difficult it is to make consistent money in forex market. If you are looking for short-cuts, then look somewhere else.
  13. I think cryptos are back on track since past month as bitcoin showed a good progress towards the positivity along with ethereum. It is really a strong build up for the second half of the year 2018. Am I right?
  14. In order to learn how to trade, you need to start with a demo account first. Then, when it starts to bring something, you can go to a micro account, and then to a full account.
  15. The search for a good and reliable broker is a quite difficult task, as there are many offers on the market, but it is difficult to choose a worthy company. First of all you need to pay attention to the reviews of real traders.

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