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  1. The result is good of course but I know I can do better. I didn't change a thing, just took a strategy from forex and started trading. There were some moments when I realized why the trade failed. And this can be easily fxed, I even know how.
  2. All in all, I got 70/30 when I traded the standard ones rather than the minute options. You were right after all, the strategy works but I need to alter it a bit.
  3. Of course you can make money in forex. But it's not as easy as it might seem.
  4. So how much does a really simple hype site cost?
  5. You've got my interest and I'll check it out. I have my vacation next month so I'll have some free time. Maybe I'll make the strategy more suiatble for binary options.
  6. Not all forex strategies can be applied to binary options?
  7. Out of the last movies I've seen, I actually liked Hacksaw Ridge. Some might say that it's for religious bigots. But I think, above all things, it's about how heroic a person can be.
  8. Yeah, I know that it's an endless argument. Just like windows and linux, for example.
  9. I took a quick a look at the discussion about what's better, forex or binary options. It is sooo lengthy and, still, they couldn't decide)
  10. I think the majority of people start trading mainly to improve their financial situation. That's why I came here. I tried to think of forex as my job at the beginning. I don't take it less seriously now but I think of it as my hobby cause I "fell in love" with trading.
  11. Forex is definetely not a game. Many people treat it like a game and lose a lot of money as a result. You should think of forex as work, then you'll have good chance to succeed.
  12. I've never been interested in bitcoin. But it seems like it's high time I was)
  13. So the main reason I'm here is to learn something new. Plus, I can talk with other traders)
  14. Well, why strange, it's just that everyone tries to protect themselves from scammers and puts all kinds of points to the rules that should help the broker with that.