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  1. I also did not have any problems with withdrawing funds. I have several contracts in this company. Now, profitability in all cloud mining companies has fallen. Although the recent rise in bitcoin has greatly improved the situation.
  2. Fernd

    Young traders need to read this post rwally carefully. New traders think that forex is a easy way to make money. They are far-fetched from reality. They need to have a reality check and see how difficult it is to make consistent money in forex market. If you are looking for short-cuts, then look somewhere else.
  3. Fernd

    I was only speaking about things that I tested myself. Register and you'll start trading properly, too. You can use a demo account in the begining. And you'll see yourself.
  4. I always believe that man needs to be confidant to a certain limit. Over-confidence kills a man. Many traders think they will become the Einstein of forex. They invest all their resources and in the end, they always comes against failure.
  5. Fernd

    There're all the necessary cryptocurrencies with the highest proficiency and proved safety. I don't know anyone who trades many different ones simultaneously. There's also a cashback bonus, for cryptocurrency, too. If you've drained more than 400$, you can get 200$ back. I don't know what you want from the broker, but in my opinion the most important thing is how the money's withdrawn. With optimum, I didn't have any problems with withdrawls. And the verification process was fast.
  6. Fernd

    I think chinese foods are the moat loved ones all around the world. You will find chinese restaurants everywhere in the world. I am a huge lover of Chicken Chow Mein and Russian Salad and these are my regular items in the lunch. What is your favorite food folks?
  7. Fernd

    I like to listen hip hop and rap. My favorite musician is Eminem. He is the undispuuted king of all rappers. His best song has got to be 'Lose Yourself'. It is great feat for him to survive in a black dominated industry.
  8. Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The country is known for its greenery as you will see suburbs all around and the cows grazing the grass. The beaches make more attractive and you would love to stay here for a long time. Thank you!
  9. I am a freelancer and cryptocurrency enthusiast. I am twenty four hours on my computer. You can say that computer has become my partner. It has really disturbed my sleep pattern. How many hours do you use your computer?
  10. Fernd

    Bitcoin is the best coin since its start and it is a wonderful invention of this century so far which has gathered attention of huge investors. Bitcoin is the king of the crypto world as far as I know. I have a great addiction of cryptocurrencies and I have good amount of coins in my wallet. Good luck!
  11. Fernd

    I think cryptos are back on track since past month as bitcoin showed a good progress towards the positivity along with ethereum. It is really a strong build up for the second half of the year 2018. Am I right?
  12. Fernd

    I would like to thank the internet for creating so many jobs for the unemployed and employed people as well. You can be an online trader, a freelancer, a Youtuber, and a Facebook ad poster, a blogger, a web designer, and many more to provide services to the other people from your home at a handsome price.
  13. Fernd

    On mtrading I actually use all the assets, but I prefer cryptocurrency. In the current situation with bitcoin going crazy, it's actually a good source of profit. And the broker doesn't let you down. Spreads are quite tolerable, and some assets have a 1:1000 leverage. It's actually reasonable to trade cryptocurrency using CFD instruments. When it drops, you don't risk losing much.
  14. Fernd

    In order to learn how to trade, you need to start with a demo account first. Then, when it starts to bring something, you can go to a micro account, and then to a full account.
  15. Fernd

    Bonuses should be treated with extreme caution, because the conditions for working them out are very strict, and as long as the trader does not work out bonuses he can not withdraw the profit.
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