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  1. Hype investments attracted me when I was not experienced and just started making money online. I have to say that hype projects are not so bad, I really managed to earn money on them, not always, but in most cases.
  2. Sometimes faith alone is not enough, I would like some kind of confidence in the future, and that my investments will be profitable.
  3. I really like gastro tours, I like to try the traditional cuisine of different nations and countries. Most of all I like Italian cuisine, but the most delicious is the food your mother or wife prepares.
  4. And how is the currency mined in the conditions of global quarantine? Is it worth investing at this stage? Because now everyone is looking for remote work and many are interested in mining, as this is a passive income.
  5. Small and medium-sized businesses will suffer the most because they have no cash reserves for the period of crisis. How to protect myself from bankruptcy, I do not know.
  6. There is nothing wrong with online dating. I met my wife 5 years ago, and now we live together.
  7. I like Binance, I have been working with this platform for quite some time and I am happy with everything. At least I know that they will not throw me here.
  8. I'll also mention that the security deposit can be very useful in order to temporary maintain trades when you get drawdowns. And if you don't top up your account in two days, the bonus will be cancelled and you'll also lose the profit you got with the help of this bonus. But if you deposit money, you keep all the profit.
  9. What are you guys arguing about? No fees are needed for options as the broker profits from the difference between the successful trades of its traders and the unsuccessful ones :) Although besides options, Olymp offers margin trading on forex, too, and on the forex platform Olymp profits from the fees.
  10. Forex optimum has a bonus for the first deposit on the standard account. If you deposit 100% or more, you get a 50% bonus. It can increase the profitability pretty significantly. Of course it won't be simply added to your real deposit. You'll need to fulfill it. I think you get 3$ per lot. But it's not bad at all I think.
  11. This service is actually practised by a lot of people and it becomes more and more popular, especially among newbies or people, who don't have enough money for trading. There's almost no risk here. And you get profit mostly all the time. Of course, unless the broker doesn't trick you. With optimum, everything is clear and transparent.
  12. Generally, it's true. You just need to understand that a lot of things depend on the trader, whose deals are copied. And of course, you need to take into account the fact that a part of the profit will be taken as a compensation. The compensation percent is of course discussed in advance.
  13. To make your business successfull you have to struggle hard. Start your career from a small amount investment in a related field. Your staff and other formalities must be standrized in a proper way. Skillfull and experienced person can makes good policies about successful career.
  14. Cryptocurrency is the most amazing of the current century and it gained a huge reputation on the international money markets due to its huge attraction power. It is said that crypto business idea is much viable than the Apple inc. business idea. Believe in your wallet traders!
  15. I trade on olymp, it has more than 60 currency pairs. The profitability of some pairs reaches more than 80%. I mostly use technical analysis and forecast information. You can find all this on olymp. I don't know what else you could need for a normal trading, besides fast money withdrawals. And olymp withdraws money quickly.
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