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  1. Well well well... The site doesn't look very reliable to be honest, so I'll dare to suppose that you can't make much money in this project, although I could be wrong.
  2. Try using the service or site of comparing prices, oftentimes there you can find all kinds of goods for good prices.
  3. As far as I understood Ninja Trading is much better than the regular Meta Trader, only in the article I never found the main advantages of this platform.
  4. In my view you got something mixed up about the link, afterall when following the link in takes me to a page with jewellery on it, not the broker's site.
  5. I think prices on flowers are too high. Although if you sell flowers with delivery, then the price will be more or less reasonable. Do you have delivery?
  6. Right now there are many services and sites on the internet that identify how reliable one project or another is, so you can use one of them.
  7. Well, how do you like the broker in general, as I understand you haven't been trading with it for a long time, how's your first impression?
  8. I agree with you, that's exactly why I started a demo account and test how the terminal works as well as the functionality, so far there's been nothing to pick at.
  9. So far I'm just checking it out and finding out, trying to understand wether or not this broker has any pitfalls, other things will be clear in the long run.
  10. I don't trade, although I know this company first hand, I often go on their site to read their economic statistics, reviews, sit on their technical blog, etc. Anyways, I'm collecting ideas so to speak, since they've got some pretty bright guys working in the analytics department.
  11. Well, it's a pity, but I was really busy ... And what is the best instrument to trade now could you give me a clue?
  12. Tell me guys what about the commission on withdrawing money, does this broker have them?
  13. So, how is your business of correcting small moments going? Have you already achieved some results?
  14. How goes your trading? As I haven't been trading for recent months due to my busyness.
  15. On the internet there are lots of sites right now that help figure out where to invest