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  1. Probably, that one person has lost money or this is a mistake, but accusations fall on the broker. Perhaps, even some signals were used during the trade and the money was lost.
  2. Pokemon game is favourite game. Ash is my favourite hero in this game. Picachu is also my favourite pokemon as it is favourite of Ash. Ash and pichachu are best friends also. They help each other at the time when they need each other. I hope you will love this game when you play this game.
  3. Video marketing is the best way of advertisement now a. You can tell others about the functions of your products by making a video about how to use it and for which purpose. This will help peoples to understand the functions of that product. You should be realistic every time.
  4. It seems to me that many brokers will soon switch to newer terminals and offer their own variants.Therefore, I have nothing against switching to new platforms.
  5. official

    Generally, it's true. You just need to understand that a lot of things depend on the trader, whose deals are copied. And of course, you need to take into account the fact that a part of the profit will be taken as a compensation. The compensation percent is of course discussed in advance.
  6. To make your business successfull you have to struggle hard. Start your career from a small amount investment in a related field. Your staff and other formalities must be standrized in a proper way. Skillfull and experienced person can makes good policies about successful career.
  7. Education is compulsory for everyone in every field. Without education no one can perform any operation. In every aspect of life education plays important role. Whether it is business or any other field. For using you need computer and internet with basic education.
  8. You can make your Facebook page for your business. You can also invite your friends to like your page and also ask your friends to tell their friends about this page. The other way is you can promote your page by sending some amount to the Facebook then they will do the promotion of your page.
  9. I advise young traders to check whether they are strong enough to cope with the pressure of forex trading. They need to have a self-assessment about their skills and mental level. You need to have nerves of steel to trade forex on a long term basis.
  10. I would like to recommend you to know as much as possible along with practicing this knowledge on the demo account as well before entering the market with live money. Live account is different from the demo account, so you need to start with micro account!
  11. Cryptocurrency is the most amazing of the current century and it gained a huge reputation on the international money markets due to its huge attraction power. It is said that crypto business idea is much viable than the Apple inc. business idea. Believe in your wallet traders!
  12. Demo trading account is only used to gain personal experience. It helps in producing technical skills and also polish your abilities to some extent. It easy to open this account and need no amount to be deposited in that account. It is totally virtual investment. Everybody must use this account.
  13. Everyone uses YouTube for watching videos. Students uses YouTube for learning purpose, businessmen uses YouTube for increasing their business. You can post your videos related to your products on YouTube by making a channel on YouTube.
  14. I trade on olymp, it has more than 60 currency pairs. The profitability of some pairs reaches more than 80%. I mostly use technical analysis and forecast information. You can find all this on olymp. I don't know what else you could need for a normal trading, besides fast money withdrawals. And olymp withdraws money quickly.
  15. I still believe Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency to invest in. I know that Bitcoin is facing a small crisis and its value is going down. But you can ask any crypto-expert that this is normal for Bitcoin. You don't believe them, just see the trends over the nine years.