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  1. Possibly so, but it's these points specifically that are discussed often times on forums among traders, that hard brokers. I don't think I've seen such points on optimum.
  2. You're outright praising this broker. It seems suspicious. I've never met a broker who is absolutely happy with their broker.
  3. For example BO can be a good but risky way to make money online.
  4. it's very interesting and useful information thank you.
  5. I think that here everything depends on the level of the trader and on the size of his deposit. I think it's logical to ask the question how much profit per day does the trader make?)
  6. Well, I just saw traders writing that their broker denies deals that last less than a minute, or something like that, don't exactly remember what happened, but many profitable deals were denied.
  7. Have you been trading for a long time? I also like binary options, but I can't seem to find a decent broker.
  8. A few days ago I made a withdrawal, I want to inform you that the request was quickly processed. I got a robot for work, which the broker allows to do, not one of the robot's deals was denied.
  9. I haven't heard that hypnosis can cure depression, but I think a good trip to some warm places will create a much better effect)
  10. In my mind, the wave of hype for this game has already passed, it's good I didn't give in to the overall craziness and start playing this game)
  11. have you ever traded or is this your first broker?
  12. Anyway, I did ask the question strangely. I meant, what do you want - forex or options, are you going to trade on the news or not, and also, do you want to deposit large sums or not... But if you've already made a choice, there's nothing to discuss. Forex optimum is a good broker in any case.
  13. Hi, which brokers are you considering and what goals do you have in trading? Afterall, in order to recommend something, it's important to know what to expect from trading and how you want to trade.
  14. I got it. There is a slight delay on the news here and a spread expansion, but it's bearable. No worries about that.
  15. Do you have any doubts about the broker? What are they? I didn't notice anything that would make me doubtful.