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  1. Trituy

    I'll also mention that the security deposit can be very useful in order to temporary maintain trades when you get drawdowns. And if you don't top up your account in two days, the bonus will be cancelled and you'll also lose the profit you got with the help of this bonus. But if you deposit money, you keep all the profit.
  2. Trituy

    Before investing in forex, you need to remember that don't put all your eggs in one basket. Forex trading is one of the riskiest businesses of all time. You always need to have a plan B in life. What will you do if the trading businesses doesn't prove fruitful.
  3. Forex trading should not be your only source of income as forex trading is a very complicated and risky business. You will suffer a lot of losses in it. There is a famous saying for a reason that you should never put all your eggs in one basket. How will you support your family if forex trading doesn't work out for you?
  4. Trituy

    It is never easy to cope with losses. Losses hurts a person's ego and tries to tear apart his confidence. You need to be ready for it. If you are facing constant losses, then you should take some time off trading and maybe go a vacation. It never hurts to blow off some heat.
  5. One of the best things about investers of the forex market is that they are brave. They are not like others. They are willing to take the risks by implementing their knowledge. Another good aspect of the investers is that they learn from their mistakes and don't leave the market so easily.
  6. Trituy

    I think that you should go for the long term approach. Long-term investing strategy has given me more success than short-term. The forum should also conduct polls from time to time to find out which trading strategy gives the best results. How many of you are in this campaign?
  7. Trituy

    I know that majority of the people struggle to answer this question. I will advise people to not let the losses affect their egos. Learn from the mistakes and move on. If you are facing constant losses, then you should take some time off it. Maybe go on a vacation. What do you think?
  8. Trituy

    What are you guys arguing about? No fees are needed for options as the broker profits from the difference between the successful trades of its traders and the unsuccessful ones :) Although besides options, Olymp offers margin trading on forex, too, and on the forex platform Olymp profits from the fees.
  9. Trituy

    If you can't handle losses in life, then you should have some self-assessment. As a person becomes old and mature, he comes to terms with life. He becomes sensible and cool-minded. With experience and maturity, you will be able to live and cope with them. This is the trend of life.
  10. Trituy

    If the thought of losing money will always be continuously bothering you during the trading process, then you wouldn't be able to succeed much in the market. You need to take calculated risks in forex trading for expecting any major profits. Remember, luck favours the brave.
  11. Trituy

    Forex optimum has a bonus for the first deposit on the standard account. If you deposit 100% or more, you get a 50% bonus. It can increase the profitability pretty significantly. Of course it won't be simply added to your real deposit. You'll need to fulfill it. I think you get 3$ per lot. But it's not bad at all I think.
  12. Trituy

    Losses are not easy to handle in this place. Losses challenge the ego of a person. You should never be discouragedor dishearted by them. Take them as learning curves for a professional trader. If you are finding constant losses in forex, then you should take some time off forex trading.
  13. Trituy

    Freelancing is an excellent way to make your livelihood. You don't answer to nobody. You earn as much as you work. There is no chance of being hustled. There are many freelancing websites like freelancer.com, upwork, fiverr, etc. You just need to get a grip on a specific skill-set.
  14. Trituy

    I have seen many traders becoming discouraged by the losses and failures. Don't be one of them. You will face losses as with success. If you have invested a lot of time in understanding about forex, then quit because of losses. Just keep on trading and you will see your luck changing.
  15. Trituy

    You can make profits by investing some term but you should go for long-term investment. I always try to go for this strategy. I have studied and analyzed the trading life of successful traders and majority of them have preferred long-term trading over short-term.
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