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  1. Trituy

    If you can't handle losses in life, then you should have some self-assessment. As a person becomes old and mature, he comes to terms with life. He becomes sensible and cool-minded. With experience and maturity, you will be able to live and cope with them. This is the trend of life.
  2. Trituy

    If the thought of losing money will always be continuously bothering you during the trading process, then you wouldn't be able to succeed much in the market. You need to take calculated risks in forex trading for expecting any major profits. Remember, luck favours the brave.
  3. Trituy


    Forex optimum has a bonus for the first deposit on the standard account. If you deposit 100% or more, you get a 50% bonus. It can increase the profitability pretty significantly. Of course it won't be simply added to your real deposit. You'll need to fulfill it. I think you get 3$ per lot. But it's not bad at all I think.
  4. Trituy

    Losses are not easy to handle in this place. Losses challenge the ego of a person. You should never be discouragedor dishearted by them. Take them as learning curves for a professional trader. If you are finding constant losses in forex, then you should take some time off forex trading.
  5. Trituy

    Freelancing is an excellent way to make your livelihood. You don't answer to nobody. You earn as much as you work. There is no chance of being hustled. There are many freelancing websites like freelancer.com, upwork, fiverr, etc. You just need to get a grip on a specific skill-set.
  6. Trituy

    I have seen many traders becoming discouraged by the losses and failures. Don't be one of them. You will face losses as with success. If you have invested a lot of time in understanding about forex, then quit because of losses. Just keep on trading and you will see your luck changing.
  7. Trituy

    You can make profits by investing some term but you should go for long-term investment. I always try to go for this strategy. I have studied and analyzed the trading life of successful traders and majority of them have preferred long-term trading over short-term.
  8. Trituy

    Patience is utmost necessary for surviving in the forex market. You can't expect to be successful without it. This is one of the biggest attributes you need. I know some people are aggressive in nature but they need to try to change for their chance of succeeding in life and forex trading.
  9. Trituy

    I believe the most difficult step in forex trading is the waiting period. Waiting kills the man inside. You never know how the market is going to trend. Either its in your favour or against you. You need to have a lot of pariencd for it which is lacking in this generation.
  10. Trituy

    Handling your losses is not an easy thing. It hurts your ego a lot. You can do two things after facing losses. Either run away and cry or face them head on. That decision solely depends upon you. Remember that nobody will support you financially except your family.
  11. Trituy

    This has been a topsy-turvy year for Btitcoin. I don't think that it will reach that milestone. I hope that i am wrong but it doesn't seem achieveable. Many people are trying their luck in other cryptocurrencies as the value of Bitcoin is out of their reach. What do you think guys?
  12. Trituy

    Who knows anything about nettradex terminal? I've read that the functionality of this terminal is on equal terms with metatrader 4, and in some cases it is even stronger. Is it true or did someone just blurt it out?
  13. I wish somebody had told me that you should save some money and invest in saving bonds when i was eighteen. People say that you can live happily without money but money is a necessity in life. Economic freedom is an excellent thing to live with. I hope that you will gain it in your life.
  14. Trituy


    This service is actually practised by a lot of people and it becomes more and more popular, especially among newbies or people, who don't have enough money for trading. There's almost no risk here. And you get profit mostly all the time. Of course, unless the broker doesn't trick you. With optimum, everything is clear and transparent.
  15. Trituy

    You should have to do some research if you wants to remove your confusion. Without investigation you can't be able to take a right decision. You should also have to take some help from experts and professional traders. They will definitely helps you in making a right decision.