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  1. Anyway, I did ask the question strangely. I meant, what do you want - forex or options, are you going to trade on the news or not, and also, do you want to deposit large sums or not... But if you've already made a choice, there's nothing to discuss. Forex optimum is a good broker in any case.
  2. Hi, which brokers are you considering and what goals do you have in trading? Afterall, in order to recommend something, it's important to know what to expect from trading and how you want to trade.
  3. I got it. There is a slight delay on the news here and a spread expansion, but it's bearable. No worries about that.
  4. Do you have any doubts about the broker? What are they? I didn't notice anything that would make me doubtful.
  5. I tried trading on my mobile phone, but I didn't really like it, I need a larger phone, or a laptop, my screen is small, and a large phone is uncomfortable to carry.
  6. Sorry, but no, I don't need any helpers with this. Besides, it wasn't developed by me. I only played a part in the finetuning of the strategy, basically the strategy just needs to be tuned in in a few places.
  7. It actually wasn't hard for me. In terms of trading, I need strategies. Test one out. I'll be testing on a cent account, a standard account can rest for now)
  8. Thanks for the offer. I'll write my email address to you in a private message, we'll take it from there.
  9. Great article, big thanks to the author. But no new discoveries for me, unfortunately, bitcoin is on top, as usual.
  10. Although binary options is not something that is low risk, but forex also carries in itself large risks, so here everything depends on the correctly chosen strategy.
  11. Anyway, it's not a problem. If it helps you, then I don't assisting you in that.
  12. I don't like to talk much. yes, I've seen many accounts, where there were dozens of thousands of posts. I just can't imagine how much time they spend on forums. I don't have the time to be here that much.
  13. Ordered a withdrawal and as always got it fast. Closed a deal I had had since last year. Worked out well, too. If I had known, would've set a larger volume.
  14. Screenshots are not a problem, but why would you need them? Do you want to open a trading account with this broker or just take a look at how much money other people are making?)
  15. For six months I've been trading with this broker, and to my surprise I had not found it's thread on this forum, so I'm creating it myself in order to discuss it's services and the latest news, as well as problems, if they might come up. As my opinion goes, I think the broker is very balanced in terms of trade conditions as well as order execution.

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