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  1. Yeah, but it is not necessary, that if it is beneficial for you, it will be for each and every trader. Thus we need to find the one which is appropriate for us to trade.
  2. Money Management is the key to become successful, and along with it you also need to learn about the risk management manage your risks very well.
  3. The risk is going to be in any business, but Forex Trading is the most risky one and if you wanna survive you need to learn proper risk management skills.
  4. There are lots of brokers online, if you wanna become successful, in Forex Trading. You need to find a good broker for you and for that you need lots of research.
  5. That's quite a nice article you have shared it here, thanks, it will help lots of traders to learn the importance of positive mentality and attitude.
  6. Yeah, we need to take Demo in such a way that we are dealing with the Real Account and we are losing real money and only then we could learn with Demo Trading.
  7. Yeah, we can make lots of money in Forex, but we need to have lots of patience and practice, without proper practice, we cannot become successful.
  8. Yeah, they both are important along with the various types of analysis that are required to get a proper idea regarding the Forex Market.
  9. Yeah, with every loss, it comes negativity, but we need to stay calm and improve our trades from time to time.
  10. That totally depends on the market situations and the pairs you choose to trade, as the Forex Market is very unpredictable, we cannot say anything.
  11. Professional traders are merely those who makes more profits then the loss they incur. This way they earn everytime when they do Forex Trading.
  12. Yeah, we need to be very much positive and we need to keep calm, in times of losses, else we might end up losing every penny of our investments.
  13. Yeah, we cannot avoid the loss, and hence we need to make more and more profit, and for that we need lots and lots of practice.
  14. Yeah, Risk management is one of the important skill that we need to obtain, if we wanna become successful trader.
  15. Forex Trading is the best way to make some good money online, though it is not an easy way, as you need to have lots of knowledge and experience and skills.