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  1. Yes, Absolutely, you can make a fortune in Forex, if you have proper amount of Demo Practice before getting involved into the Real Market.
  2. Yeah, we need to concentrate on how to make more profit than the loss incurred, if we concentrate on loss, only, then we may lose a lot in Forex.
  3. Yeah, but one can have it as a part time and do it when you have free time, and you could have a job to which you could use to regain your investments.
  4. Of course, you cannot earn without having proper knowledge and experience and thus you need to have lots and lots of practice to survive in Forex Trading.
  5. Yeah, if a trader take the Forex Trading as a Gamble, he or she would suffer a huge loss whether today or tomorrow.
  6. Broker selection is quite a crucial and a much important decision that you need to take it. If you miss a single detail, you will suffer huge loss in it.
  7. Yeah, without proper knowledge and experience and skills it would become very difficult to understand the market and also to survive in it.
  8. Yes, but it is better to learn with small investments, than to make big investments and suffer huge loss. Traders can gain skills by practicing in small capital and later could increase it.
  9. Yes, and later you don't just barge into the Market. Demo is just first step, you need to do trading with small amounts, in real account, which could help you to earn some good knowledge of the Forex Real Market.
  10. Of Course, Forex Trading is a quite reliable norms of making money, all you need is proper amount of knowledge and experience and skills which you could use in your free time to earn some good amount of money.
  11. I prefer to do it on my own. I don't like to have the headache of managing another trader's funds, instead I would like to manage my own money to earn through the Forex Market.
  12. Totally agreed, you need to have proper Demo Practice if you wanna become successful in Forex Trading. It gives you the real scenario of the Forex Market and it helps you to understand it in a better way, but you need to have seriousness while doing it.
  13. The main mistake for any trader to lose in Forex is the lack of knowledge and experience and skills, which is mainly seen in many newbies. They barge into real trading, without proper knowledge and experience and skills and face huge loss later on.
  14. There is absolute and direct connection between the broker and success if you select a broker, as it is the decision of the trader, but if you select any scamy broker, your success is going to wipe off and thus you need to have proper research and select an appropriate one.
  15. Yeah, Patience and Discipline, with proper planning is the key to become successful in Forex Trading.

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