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  1. Yeah and we need to gain the knowledge which is required if we wanna become successful in Forex Trading. Without Knowledge you cannot survive in Forex Trading.
  2. Risk Management and the Money Management are the keys to become successful in Forex Trading, but we need to learn a lot to become successful in Forex.
  3. Forex Trading is a quite a nice business and though it is not easy, it is a quite a nice and profit yielding business.
  4. Planning is the key to become successful in Forex Trading and we need to learn all the strategies that are required to become successful in Forex Trading.
  5. Forex Trading is a money making machine and also it is the money losing machine too. You could make unlimited money, and also you could lose unlimited of it if not paid attention while trading.
  6. Forex Trading is all about making profit and loss. It is all about making more profit than the loss we incur. There is not a single trader who haven't incurred loss.
  7. Yeah, Forex Trading is a good way to earn some good money online, you need to understand that if you wanna successful, you need to learn strategies to trade with Forex.
  8. Yeah, we need to be patient when we lose, and it is the time when we have to calm ourselves, as if we won't we will just be losing a lot.
  9. You need to do certain researches and find out, as the threads which I had read, may have been deleted, but there would be still certain threads which still could have details of this brokers.
  10. Yeah, but they skip much more important thing and then later they just end up losing their valuable income.
  11. Forex Trading is the best place to make some good money online and that too by spending some time on computer, though you need to learn a lot.
  12. I have not traded with this broker, but I have read some threads regarding the scams caused by this broker, so I think if you are planning to trade with him, you need to check that threads first.
  13. Yeah, but it is not necessary, that if it is beneficial for you, it will be for each and every trader. Thus we need to find the one which is appropriate for us to trade.
  14. Money Management is the key to become successful, and along with it you also need to learn about the risk management manage your risks very well.
  15. The risk is going to be in any business, but Forex Trading is the most risky one and if you wanna survive you need to learn proper risk management skills.