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  1. Yeah, the traders could possibly only learn through Demo if they have utter seriousness in it. You need to take it very seriously if you wanna survive for long int Forex Market.
  2. Forex Trading is quite a risky way to make money, but we cannot debate about another way to make money without the involvement of risks. And is too much money yielding too.
  3. Basically I don't prefer to trade with any broker, I would like to learn about the Manual Trading, that would be a nice way to save myself from endless scams.
  4. Brokers are the integral part of the Forex Trading, but some of them are also your worst nightmare, thus you need to be very careful while selecting them, or else you may lose a lot in Forex Market.
  5. Yeah, you need to learn how to siphon the losses into the experience that you are needed to be obtain to make some good money online.
  6. Loss is inevitable in Forex, and no trader could totally eradicate it, you need to accept that truth, if you ever wanna survive in the Forex Trading.
  7. Demo would be a nice way to learn about the Forex Trading, and if you wanna use that knowledge and experience and skills to become successful in Forex, you should be very serious in it.
  8. Knowledge and experience and skills are needed for the survival in the Forex Trading, you need to understand that if you wanna become successful in the Forex Trading, you need to have lots and lots of practice and achieve the required skills and knowledge.
  9. Of course Forex is one of the most risky market of the world and we should never consider it as an easy task to deal in with it. But if we get use to it and gain appropriate knowledge regarding it, we could earn good in it.
  10. Forex Trading is the best way to make some good money online, but it is not at all an easy way to do so, you need to have lots and lots of knowledge and experience and skills for that.
  11. There are lots and lots of brokers online, which makes it quite difficult for us to find the one which would be beneficial for us.
  12. Yeah, Patience and Discipline are the key to become a successful trader, without it, we cannot achieve success in it.
  13. Good for you, but that wouldn't suppose to be good for everyone, you need to understand that if you wanna become successful, you need to have lots and lots of research to do that.