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  1. Im using Magento for my website but have no idea about SEO for it. Anyone can suggest me some SEO tips just for Magento store?
  2. Hi everyone, I have a closed friend who start an online business 1 year ago, and now his business profit margin is nearly $3k a month. It's not so big number but ok for common life. I can ask him about experience to manage an online business like that, should I do this?
  3. Guest post on high authority site is the good way to have a good backlinks. However, sometime you need to pay for the Link
  4. The benefit of using social bookmarking site is: Indexing Sites Faster : Humans bookmark sites launched by their friends or colleagues before a search engine bot can find them. Deeper Indexing : Many pages bookmarked are deep into sites and sometimes not as easily linked to by others, found via bad or nonexistent site navigation or linked to from external pages. Measuring Quality : Essentially if more users bookmark a page, the more quality and relevance that site has. A site with multiple bookmarks across multiple bookmarking services by multiple users is much more of an authority than a site with only several bookmarks by the same user. External Meta Data : Users who bookmark sites tag them with keywords and descriptions which add an honest and unbiased definition which is created by the public and not the owner of the site. Co Citation : Social bookmarking sites tend to categorize sites and pages based upon the tags used by humans to describe the site; therefore search algorithms can classify these sites with their peers. Number of Votes : Similar to the number of bookmarks, the more votes a page receives on Digg or Reddit, the more useful that information usually is. If the same page receives multiple votes across multiple social news voting sites, the higher quality the site. Categorization : Like Co Citation, categorization can help define the subject of a site, therefore better helping the engine address searcher intent.
  5. If you create unique content and drive traffic for them, they are at high quality the same with common domain
  6. Hello, My nam is Sansa, currently I'm working in a web development company in the USA. Hope that I can learn more from our forum. Cheer