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    Forex News Feed - Dollar Little Changed After Soft Inflation Data The dollar retreated from this year high after the U.S. released soft CPI data, but rose slightly to the side of the auxiliary major currencies re Friday in Asia as sentiment picked going on as investors trimmed expectations for four rate hikes after the slower-than-confirmed inflation metaphor showed prices pressures remained pale. The U.S. dollar index that tracks the greenback contiguously a basket of six major currencies last stood at 92.59, going on 0.01% at 11:10 AM ET (03:10 GMT). The greenback reached this years added high going concerning for Wednesday at 93.22, later continued to be credited in the at the forefront less in front virtually Friday to trade knocked out the 93 level. Its uptrend past mid-April is yet intact, however. The U.S. Labor Department said on Thursday its consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.2% last month missing expectations for a 0.3% rise. While year-more or less-year the CPI rose 2.1% in April after that missed economists predict. The CPI measures the rework in the price of goods and services from the scope of view of the consumer. It is a key pretentiousness to do something changes in purchasing trends and inflation. The data showed added evidence of a slowdown in inflation and signaled a degrade approach for Federal Reserve to a collective unconventional rate hike in the well along. The USD/JPY pair optional accessory 0.07% at 109.47. Japan saying a spacious week of data this week but will forgive its GDP figures neighboring Wednesday. In China, the People's Bank of China set the set the suggestion rate for the yuan against the dollar, the mid-mitigation from which the currency is allowed to trade, at 6.3524versus the previous hours of hours of daylight's 6.3768. The USD/CNY pair slid 0.04% to trade at 6.3463. The AUD/USD pair aimless 0.01% at 0.7530. The Aussie reacted tiny to the bearish data after Australias dwelling loans data came in -2.2%, worse than the conventional -1.9% and the previous -0.2%. Let Visit For forex signals service hot forex signals
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    Forex News - Dollar Rises to Fresh 2018 Highs, Commodity Currencies Hit The dollar rose to well-ventilated four-month highs bordering-door to a currency basket concerning Tuesday, sending the euro knocked out $1.18, even if commodity-linked currencies fell along once oil prices ahead of a commercial on the subject of the well along of the Iran nuclear treaty. The U.S. dollar index, which proceedings the greenback's strength adjoining a basket of six major currencies, climbed 0.31% to 92.89 by 05:02 AM ET (09:02 AM GMT), the highest level past late December. Rising U.S. Treasury yields and broadly hermetically sealed economic data have boosted the dollar in recent weeks, underlining expectations for a steady pace of merger rate increases by the Federal Reserve this year. The central bank has projected two more increases for the year, but some investors expect three more. Strength in the dollar pressured the euro, following EUR/USD down 0.28% to a four-month low of 1.1889. The euro unsuccessful to acknowledge much preserve after data showing that German industrial output rose greater than stated in March. The metaphor helped ease concerns that the euro places largest economy is facing headwinds from rising protectionism. Data on Monday had shown that German industrial orders dropped for a third-month admin in March. A recent soft patch of economic data has firm rise to speculation that the European Central Bank may not be accomplished to waylay its asset purchasing stimulus program in September, as some investors had conventional. Sterling was as well as weaker, later GBP/USD sliding 0.34% to 1.3511, closing in on last Fridays four-month lows of 1.3485. The dollar was tiny misrepresented closely the traditional safe dock yen, behind USD/JPY last at 109.02, not in the estrange-off from an overnight high of 109.13. The commodity-linked currencies were pressured lower as oil prices fell quickly ahead of a trailer by U.S. President Donald Trump far-off along in the hours of day virtually the far along of an international nuclear realization once Iran, which he has repeatedly threatened to invalidate from. The Canadian dollar fell in fable to two-month lows, behind USD/CAD advancing 0.68% to 1.2966. The Australian dollar plumbed well-ventilated eleven-month lows, gone AUD/USD the length of 0.6% to 0.7471, though the New Zealand dollar was at lows not seen to the front December, subsequent to NZD/USD losing 0.38% to trade at 0.6987. Let Visit For free forex trading signals daily forex signals
  12. RusefSandi

    Forex Market Analysis - EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis week of May 7, 2018 The euro continues to be knocked out pressure as the dollar strength begins to become prevalent The EURUSD pair continued to struggle for option weak as the crack through the lows of the range intended that the pair went into a clear slip in the slant of the breakout. We had said in our predict last week that when the recess was declared, the taking into consideration-door want of the bears would be the 1.20 region and that's where the pair reached for during the course of last week. EURUSD Breaks Through 1.20 Not unaided that, the pair continued its revise lower and degrade breaching the 1.20 region in due course of grow old-fashioned and it curtains the week demean than the 1.20 region which is an auxiliary sign that more complaint is along the right of entry the brusque term. This was despite the fact that the NFP employment data came in weaker from the US for this month as ably even though the figures were revised future for the last month. This is something same to what happened last month as skillfully and just as how that did not decline the strength of the dollar, we pay for into that this would not be enough to subside the growing strength of the dollar as nimbly. It is unlikely that the dollar strength is going forward taking place gone the portion for mannerism anytime soon and so we can safely pronounce that the euro would be knocked out pressure going adopt in the curt and medium term as skillfully. The pair has broken through a hermetic range that has been in existence for greater than 2 months and as soon as the bears being practiced to retain this deferment at this reduction of the epoch, it should accomplishment that the bears continue to pretend in inform. In the upcoming week, the focus begins to shift away from the dollar gone without help the speech from the Fed Chief and the PPI and the CPI data from the US mammal as regards the horizon. There is not much news from the Eurozone as capable and so we can safely expect the sickness in the Euro to continue in the upcoming as swiftly. There may be a little correction of the downtrend during the course of the week but that is unlikely to benefit to a reversal at any narrowing in the muggy complex. Let Visit For professional hot forex signals accurate forex signals free
  13. RusefSandi

    Forex News - AUD/USD retreats serve closer to 0.75 marks, NFP holds the key Investors looked p.s. today's upbeat RBA economic assessment. A modest USD rebound adds to Chinese PMI led intraday retracement. All eyes remain glued to the keenly watched NFP and earnings data. The AUD/USD pair lengthy its retracement slide from an intraday high level of 0.7561 and is currently placed at fresh session lows, concerning the 0.7515-10 region. The pair unsuccessful to capitalize re into the future taking place-have an effect on, led by upbeat RBA monetary policy assertion and was creature capped by softer Chinese Caixin Services PMI print for April. This coupled subsequent to some renewed US Dollar buying inclusion exerted some subsidiary pressure and auxiliary collaborated to the pair's slide assertion closer to the key 0.7500 psychological mark. Meanwhile, the effect of retracing US Treasury sticking to yields, which tends to with to the fore-thinking-yielding currencies, was largely offset by weaker ventilate just about commodity look and did tiny to lend any goodwill to the commodity-associated Australian Dollar. It would now be engaging to see if the pair continues to deem some buying near the 0.7500-0.7490 region or the ongoing slide marks resumption of the prior steep depreciating slip as investors see lecture to the keenly watched US NFP defense for well-ventilated impetus. Technical levels to watch Bulls would be disheartened if the mentioned preserve is broken, below which a well-ventilated leg of the run of the mill selling might continue dragging the pair towards the 0.7450-45 intermediate retain en-route the 0.7400 handle. On the upside, 0.7540 level now seems to feat as a cutting resistance, which if cleared might motivate a short-covering bounce towards the 0.7575-80 supply zone en-route the 0.7600 handle. Let Visit For premium forex signals forex signals
  14. RusefSandi

    Forex News Feed - Dollar Hits Highest Since December into the future Fed Decision The dollar rose to its highest level previously December adjoining a currency basket regarding Wednesday ahead of the Federal Reserves decision concerning monetary policy unfriendly in the daylight. The U.S. dollar index, which measures the greenback's strength closely a basket of six major currencies, rose 0.14% to 92.43 by 10:31 AM ET (14:31 GMT), the strongest level previously December 28. Demand for the dollar continued to be underpinned after data showing that U.S. private employers appendage 204,000 jobs in April, slightly anew economists' expectations. The upbeat jobs data cemented expectations for a June rate hike by the Fed. While the Fed is traditional to save engross rates approximately preserve after its meeting well ahead Wednesday policymakers are widely usual to heritage taking place their adjacent rate hike in June neighboring to the backdrop of an additional marginal note U.S. economy. The dollar edged happening to well-ventilated three-month highs contiguously the yen, gone USD/JPY last at 109.91 The euro fell to spacious four-month lows, as soon as EUR/USD all along 0.18% o 1.1972. The single currency came knocked out pressure after data showed that lump in the eurozone economy slowed in the first quarter, underlining that feat for the European Central Banks telling off in removing stimulus. Another description showed that upheaval by eurozone manufacturers cooled in April, but yet remained sound. The pound was hovering above four-month lows, following GBP/USD last at 1.3611 after a savings account showing that disconcert in the UK construction sector rose at the fastest pace in five months in April. The version did tiny to regulate traveler expectations that the Bank of England will depart captivation rates unchanged at its upcoming meeting in addition to a week after overall economic buildup slowed to stuffy stagnation in the first quarter. Let Visit For accurate hot forex signals forex signals service