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  1. I can back it up, this is a good company and you can trade with them. I've been working with them for about six months now. I've never had any problems, they pay money and don't mess with my trading. That's all that I need.
  2. Right now, I can’t see the entrance for opening a deal on the asset, so I’ll wait until the price reaches one of the levels, and then I’ll make a decision.
  3. I suppose that the price will turn after reaching the 87.55 level.
  4. I doubt you'll get a good piece of advice here, there aren't so many oil moguls among us) my tip to you - google it!
  5. I'm prone to thinking that success on forex is connected more with skill instead of luck, although one can't be without the other.
  6. Anything connected with finances is connected first of all with risks, but as we know, who doesn't risk, doesn't gain anything. Although the risk has to be justified and based on common sense.
  7. Ads, that's all it is. There's no profit behind those posts. You want to earn money on forex - study the market and control your funds yourself.
  8. Even based on these three indicators it's hard to understand what sum you'll be able to make per month, it varies. You can make 100 bucks, 30, or you can turn 2000 into 1000)
  9. I think for gold a more reliable form of investing is gold ignots in a bank cell. It's reliable and profitable.
  10. I don't know what other people mean by "successful forex trading". For me it is nothing but the money I make.
  11. In general, the article is interesting and useful. Now I only need to digest the information and put the recommendations into practice.
  12. So I checked out this link and I didn't see any rating. Anyway, I don't trust ratings, you can buy anything in this day and age.
  13. In my view, the broker's got enough of everything, the only thing is, they could make the withdrawal automatic, so that it would happen in 5 minutes, then I would give all 10 stars.
  14. There is a bearish trend developing on USD/JPY pair.
  15. I think that EUR/AUD asset will go up.