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  1. Markian

    It is always nice to have such alerts, so I appreciate your efforts. I have not understand well is this for already defined currency pairs or for all available currencies, and is it user defined indicators and support – resistance levels?
  2. Financial advice that I am giving today to people who are 18+ is that asset creates more assets while liabilites dont, if they don’t have quality financial knowledge and education. Financial markets are very good place to increase your assets, following well established strategies
  3. Markian

    Forex is a great. It can really make significant impact on your life. Not only it can provide some additional income, but also it can provide a support for a living and give you a complete freedom in life to be your own boss
  4. This is excellent question, but very tricky to answer. The answer is yes and no. In case of a financial crisis in one developed country, it is expected to see spill over effects on all other developed countries, due to globalisation. However, other smaller countries might have leg effect...
  5. Markian

    Google Sitelinks are little sub-listings that appear under the first result in the search result. Usually when searching for brand You must have come across to them on number of occasions.The purpose of Sitelinks is to help users navigate around your website. A user searching for “Blogging Wizard” might not necessarily want to see the homepage.
  6. Quick responses really help the people to build the trust. With the successful turn out of bitcoin different digital currencies were now believed to be more trusted. These platforms should open their offices in different cities to make the physical appearance of the virtual currency. A common man will have a firm belief on that currency if that currency has a physical office too. Hope this suggestion will work you to increase the number of users.
  7. Markian

    Demo account trading is of the best ways to get maximum experience and exposure of forex trading. The entire platform is entirely free and anyone can use the platform. We should be grateful for this and get maximum benefit for this purpose. So, give demo trading a shot.
  8. Markian

    Freelancing is one of the best way to earn money. The best thing about freelancing is that you earn as much as you work. You are your own boss and don't depend upon anyone. I will advise you to acquire a specific talent and find clients through freelancing sites like fiverr, freelancer.com, upwork, etc.
  9. Markian

    Bitcoin is one of the biggest miracles of the world. I don't think that any cryptocurrency can match upto Bitcoin. Anything can happen in Bitcoin but i don't think that it will reach the $50k value. This has been a very poor year for the Bitcoin market. What do you think?
  10. Markian

    Fear of losing money is common in every type of trader. It is hard to see something go away which you have earned with hard-work. Different people have different lige circumstances. You can't expect everyone to take risks in life and invest in such a complicated place.
  11. Markian

    Freelancing is an excellent way to earn a livelihood. The best thing about frelancing is that you are your own boss. You don't answer or report to anybody. You earn as much as you put your effort in it. You can also take some time off from it without having any consequences.
  12. Markian

    A man's character is tested most when he faces hardships in life. You can't expect to hide away from the losses. There is no way out. The best thibg is to accept the mistakes and learn from them. Never, and i mean never, lose hope. Remember that time doesn't remains constant.
  13. The social media is best for business. You can do advertisement on social media. You must have to post videos related to your products. These videos helps peoples in understanding what the product really is and how it works. Because in picture they can see only shape of products not purpose.
  14. Markian

    Every businessmen should have to change himself according to the needs of present time. Social media is a new and best way to do business if you wants that everybody knows about your products and services. You can make advertisement on social media. You can also engage more peoples on a social media.
  15. Email and social media both are good but the best one is social media having Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Imo and many more. Social media is a best way to engage more peoples daily. You can also do advertisement about your product on social media.
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