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  1. I think Forex is a 100% authentic business with its own vlaues, history, and ethics. I am a Forex trader and proud for what I have achieved so far. You people can also become a trader if you have the market knowledge and money management plan! Thank you!
  2. Forex trading is not an easy job to do as it requires a lot of knowledge, practice, and shear devotion in order to get success here. Do you have these characteristics? If yes, then you can enter the market with an impact!
  3. I actually agree. It's an ordinary broker, but no one actually expects miracles from it. The important thing is that the conditions are suitable and the analytics is good. I think their analysis is trustworthy.
  4. I think money has the huge influence on the life of a person as it is a way to stay happy in the current world. It is really difficult to earn money if you do not have the proper goals and hardworking approach. I am living a comfortable life only because I am satisfied with my progress as a trader. Are you satisfied with your progress?
  5. You have to eat fresh food in order to stay healthy. The refrigerated food affects badly on health and people do not care about it on most of occasions. Moreover, the fast foods and soft drinks also have a bad impact on the health. Natural food specially vegetables are best fo health. Stay healthy!
  6. That's right... I wish I had got this financial advice when I was 18 (( But it's never too late to study, so I'll consider these words and will use them.
  7. Cryptocurrecy is already getting involved into our everyday life. some countries are gradually integrating cryptocurrency and sort out the mechanisms of its work
  8. Ethereum is really a good coin for newcomers, since it's quite volatile and at the same time it has quite a low cost in comparion with a bitcoin, for example.
  9. Now it is definitely the time when you need to be actively interested in crypto-currencies, study them and earn on it. Since cryptocurrency is very valotile tools, they give a lot of good opportunities to earn.
  10. it seems that after a long downward correction bitcoin finally started growing. It is probably that very growth everyone have been waiting for, and the coin will repeat its maximum value.
  11. Scalping is not a simple strategy, but with the right approach, scalping can bring a good profit. But this strategy requires perseverance and high concentration.
  12. I trade on MTrading, but I can't give any advice. Everyone has their own opinion on this matter. Just some info: there are two account types – m.premium, m.platinum – with $100 and $1,000 deposits; the spreads are average by market; the platform is comfortable; the analytics is great.
  13. Perhaps they just don't have the information that could help them in trading. For that they need to analyze the market in different ways, and also know how to trade.
  14. I notice that more and more different traders appear on Forex. It's cause by the fact, that the internet has now spread to the new places.
  15. Yes, it's all isn't so simple. You need to check everything fast, do a thousand of different analyses so you don't lose money when trading. You can simply achieve all of that, you need to learn how to do it.