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  1. Hello. Forex trading is an upcoming and growing business in Europe. Everyday hundreds of young generation are trying to learn about forex and how it works. I hope i will become a beneficial member of this forum.
  2. I think chinese foods are the moat loved ones all around the world. You will find chinese restaurants everywhere in the world. I am a huge lover of Chicken Chow Mein and Russian Salad and these are my regular items in the lunch. Indian foods are also getting attention of the world.
  3. You have to eat fresh food in order to stay healthy. The refrigerated food affects badly on health and people do not care about it on most of occasions. Moreover, the fast foods and soft drinks also have a bad impact on the health. Natural food specially vegetables are best fo health. Stay healthy!
  4. That's right... I wish I had got this financial advice when I was 18 (( But it's never too late to study, so I'll consider these words and will use them.
  5. Cryptocurrecy is already getting involved into our everyday life. some countries are gradually integrating cryptocurrency and sort out the mechanisms of its work
  6. Ethereum is really a good coin for newcomers, since it's quite volatile and at the same time it has quite a low cost in comparion with a bitcoin, for example.
  7. Scalping is not a simple strategy, but with the right approach, scalping can bring a good profit. But this strategy requires perseverance and high concentration.
  8. Everything might be natural. Probably, oatmeal or other cereals, as well as boiled or grilled chicken or fish. But you should know the limit for every kind of food.
  9. It seems to me it's a kind of chicken or fish or fastfood of some sort. I prefer well-cooked meat and I believe many people do.
  10. Unfortunately, time doesn't make us younger and it results in the way our brains function. Diseases of this kind are likely to occur. That's why it's better to be attentive to your health.
  11. Yes, forex trading involves constant training. There appear new brokers that offer new assets, new platforms and strategies. It's impossible to make good money if you don't develop all the time.
  12. The best bonuses are those that can be withdrawn afterwards and that don't forge trading in the future. But regularly these are not favorable conditions, and a lot of people understand this too late. This happens because they haven't read the conditions
  13. Some people describe the situation here in such a way that a freshman will think that you can put stops only with a certain (advertised) broker. But in fact, this is a common thing when trading with any broker.
  14. Are you sure about that? Standard accounts have risk-free trades?
  15. So those are your predilections that might be absolutely of no importance for others. For example, I couldn't care less about their site color scheme…

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