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  1. I've never said I was absolutely happy. I've just outlined a couple of aspects which this broker is actually good at. Olymp trade is not a perfectcompany or anything. But I can work with it and put up with minor flaws.
  2. I've been trading for over 6 months. I can say it's a pretty good company with a good trading platform, excellent execution and honest money withdrawal.
  3. I agree with you that the broker isn't bad, in terms of automatic money withdrawal, I don't really care, because I don't withdraw money so often, and besides I don't mind waiting.
  4. There is a bullish trend developing on USD/CAD pair.
  5. I can see two scenarios here – the basic (1) and alternative (2).
  6. I think that the USD/JPY asset would renew its maximum/minimum.
  7. Well, the asset moves as I’ve predicted. I think that I can earn even more on ! Definitely, the show must go on =)
  8. There is a bearish trend developing on USD/CAD pair.
  9. USDCAD-The price moves to support level. When 1.2885 mark will be passed, I’m gonna buy.
  10. I'm also thinking about getting real. But for now I will use regular tools with my real account, and will test my PCI on demo.
  11. The price went not as I expected, but nothing bad happened because the stop order had been triggered. This transaction didn’t harm me much.
  12. Of course it does. Any broker has real traders, especially a broker, who's been around for 10 years )))
  13. The idea is simple – lower the trading risk.
  14. Currently I’m in profit, but I’ve just opened that deal, so everything might change.
  15. Still thinking, but I’ll probably choose ifcmarkets because they have PCI geworko available. Currently I’m trying to trade on Demo.