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  1. For starters you should open an account with the broker with a good reputation and there are may traders, as a rule well-known brokers value their name and won't try to openly rip off traders.
  2. In order to become a trader it's enough to just open an account and start trading. But in order to get profit, that's harder, you have to spend time and learn. That's the whole secret to being a successful trader.
  3. I personally am more interested in the most volatile pairs, using them one is able to make the most money.
  4. The most non-losing option is currency pairs, especially major. I always trade them, the volatility is high, which means that you can earn well, and since the spread is fixed, you don't need to worry about its expansion.
  5. You've been asking about olymp trade so actively, do you really want to open an account here?
  6. Does it matter?) I trade in both places. Depends on my mood. I love BO more =).
  7. I'll agree that such an account is very different from the real one. And as a result when you switch to a real one you get really disappointed and you end up draining your deposit.
  8. I liked trading here. Spread is not too large here, which is definitely a good thing. Plus, why look for something new when everything is fine here. The mian thing is that the broker withdraws money without a hitch.
  9. I don't quite understand the point of your programm. You succeed in giving back lost cash?
  10. In my view, options are more comfortable for newbies, or there's the option of making a "quick buck". But on forex things are more complicated with that.
  11. Right now the pair is in a descending trend, but I'm expecting the opposite movement at the 161,8 level.
  12. I'm new here. I've recently got an account but I've already withdrawn money.
  13. For me it's some sort of a shut-off. I used it a couple of times when I made a mistake with option direction when buying it.
  14. If you're good at risk management and market analysis, then the number of trades won't affect the total risks.
  15. It's hard to imagine the world without youtube vlogs. How did we live without them? If I'm being serious, it's a nice way to make money and express yourself.