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  1. You need to know that you will find many loses along the destination of success. Those losses will challenge your character and make you quit the trading life. You don't need to lose hope as success will eventually find your way if you are determined. Just keep on trading.
  2. Olymp offers trading with zero spreads. I don't know how long it's going to be this way, but so far my trading is good. At first I was surprised myself, but then I quickly felt the difference. Now I feel very well. I trade currency pairs, everything is going fine so far. I regularly withdraw profit, now I'm thinking of increasing the deposit.
  3. The main thing for me is that the broker should withdraw funds without problems, and the rest are just details. ifcmarkets is not included among those, who don’t want to withdraw funds. This means that you can safely trade here. And if someone starts to check, double-check something ... that's masochism.
  4. Does anyone know about TenkoFX broker? I visited their website, first impressions are fine. But every broker writes well about itself. Does anybody know how it is in reality?
  5. The world's favorite food has be to be undoubtedly pizza. It is the undisputed king of all the foods. Who doesn't like a slice of pizza? I hope nobody will disagree with me. If you have a better choice, then i am waiting in the comments section.
  6. Knowledge is the key to success on the Forex market. You must have all the updates and news about the currency pair you are trading in. So, you must have reliable sources as well for gaining such news. A tough and longterm job, the Forex business is. Am I right folks?
  7. You can check all of this on their website. Register and try trading on a demo account, you'll see it all yourself. And then you'll decide. You need your personal impression to choose. I'll answer: minimal deposit is 10$, minimal bet is 1$.
  8. Broker is the most important aspect of the Forex trading. You need to select the broker with good market reputation as there are people who will surely try to eat your money in a flash by giving you some silly suggessions. You have to consult the experience traders before selecting a broker.
  9. Look at the site, there is all the relevant information, from those news that I liked - it's bitcoin futures, a very cool topic, transactions conducted through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, so the reliability is at a very high level.
  10. I just want to say that topgoldforum is a good place to make strong relations with other people as the people are quite loving and caring. I will surely get their help whenever I would need. I also want to wish you all best of luck for your future prospects. Thank you!
  11. Everyone loves to earn money as I am. I am earning good from online resources. I am a good writer, a part-time trader, and a crypto investor as well. I am really satisfied with what I am doing right now. Are you people staisfied with your life achievements?
  12. Wouldn't it be easier to get a bank account? I think it's safer and you'll get profit anyways...
  13. Well, yes, each has own preferences, I treat the the news trading with caution. First, it is not particularly strong in the fundamental analysis, and in the second, there are not so many important news that could radically shift the market, or I simply do not know how to use economic statistics correctly)
  14. Hmm, that's interesting. I'll read about that when have some free time. I probably won't invest anything, it's just for the sake of self-development. Here are the first successful money withdrawals, btw.
  15. I just entered the platform without any problems, everything works, so don't waste your time panicking, write to the technical support if you had a real problem, make a couple of screenshots for proof.
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