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  1. Oh, sure, you're right. It's just that I've tested a new strategy on a demo account and there were no risk-free trades. I'm sorry.
  2. It's not enough just to want to make money. You should have some start-up money and an idea that will bring profit. Plus, you should be able to work really hard.
  3. I also know some bloggers whose articles and videos are actually interesting. But the topics shouldn't be boring and banal. Plus, they should be able to spark the interest and write/speak well. Not everybody can do that.
  4. Today, social networks and blogs is the easiest way to tell the world about youself, your business. You can make people recognize you and make money out of it.
  5. Well, and one other thing. It'd be great if risk-free trades were available on standard accounts and ony for vip clinets.
  6. You should set stop loss. Once you see price skyrocket or plunge, you'll understand why. Even if you sit in front of your computer, you won't have any idea what just happened.
  7. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have some kind of block in their heads that prevents them from being successful. They are not ready for it mentally. I still don't understand how to get rid of it, any ideas?
  8. I don't think demo accounts are designed only for newbies. Despite the fact that I've been trading forex for a while, I still have a demo account. I test new startegies on it or even open deals I don't have the guts to open on a real account.
  9. As for the things I don't like, they are mostly my own cavils and not the broker's flaws. For example, I don't really like the site color scheme.
  10. I've never said I was absolutely happy. I've just outlined a couple of aspects which this broker is actually good at. Olymp trade is not a perfectcompany or anything. But I can work with it and put up with minor flaws.
  11. I've been trading for over 6 months. I can say it's a pretty good company with a good trading platform, excellent execution and honest money withdrawal.
  12. I agree with you that the broker isn't bad, in terms of automatic money withdrawal, I don't really care, because I don't withdraw money so often, and besides I don't mind waiting.
  13. There is a bullish trend developing on USD/CAD pair.
  14. I can see two scenarios here – the basic (1) and alternative (2).
  15. I think that the USD/JPY asset would renew its maximum/minimum.