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  1. right, we should really be cautious in some sites like this. proof is really important before joining :)
  2. Great story, it made me laugh :)
  3. You have a point, joining forums will help you build backlinks on your site and may increase your traffic. But do make sure that you leave useful thoughts or else you'll be named as a spammer and may lead to deleting your post by the administrators or worst getting banned in the forum. :)
  4. I have blogs on blogger.com About: -How to gain financial wisdom, it's a good blog. I keep it updated. -About weight loss -About movies -Chemistry (but I don't keep it much updated nowadays, maybe because I got different priority now)
  5. Hi Robin! Yes, if you want to earn online without any investments, you can try PTC. But just be cautious because there are PTC sites that are only scam and they don't pay you at all. You can also start blogging and make money using adsense.
  6. Hi! journey! You really have a nice post. Thanks for sharing and I definitely agree with you. Choosing to earn online is really an investment of your time, and really requires patience and hardwork. Most of the internet marketers I've known really spend their efforts and time to really be in the position they are now. Most of them waited almost 2years long before their efforts has been paid. But they never gave up. And now, everything has been passive. Right now, I'm in process of learning how to be a great internet marketer, and I'm hoping that one day, I can say that I'm already one of the best :) It's always good to be positive always! More success to all of us!
  7. It is a scam! I never get paid when I tried to cash out. It's a waste of time.
  8. Usually I am in front of the computer almost or at least 12hours a day :)
  9. Submitting your articles to article directories and posting links to forums and social networking sites help you increase your traffic. You can also ping your website.
  10. exchange

    Margarine and butter are both high in fat, so you should use them in moderation. The major factor affecting blood cholesterol is how much saturated fat and trans fat is in the food. Limit your food that contains saturated and trans fat to help you lower you LDL or bad cholesterol. When selecting margarine, it's best to choose the one that has "0 grams trans fat" in the Nutritional Facts Label.