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  1. Bonjour mon amie! While French are learning the language of love, this week with our Dating Smartlink you will be learning the language of profit. Dating TOP20: Switzerland $92.9Australia $83.6Germany $70.3New Zealand $69.7Norway $66.8France $64.6USA $61.2Finland $56.3Austria $54.8Sweden $49.3Denmark $44.9United Kingdom $40.2Canada $38.1Portugal $35.3Netherlands $34.2Belgium $33Ireland $30.5Czech Republic $29.4Israel $26.7Cyprus $25.8
  2. With your US traffic and the Los Pollos Mainstream Smartlink, you'll be racking up more dead presidents than Mt. Rushmore. Register to promote - just contact your AM today! Mainstream TOP20: Luxembourg $29.1New Zealand $26.5Ireland $25.3Norway $24.5Switzerland $23.9Malaysia $22.6Hong Kong $21.9USA $21.8Hungary $20.7Qatar $19.5Israel $18.9Germany $17.7Sweden $16.3Austria $15.1United Kingdom $14.8Finland $14.5Netherlands $13.4Belgium $13.3France $11Czech Republic $10.6
  3. Here's the pot o' gold you've been looking for! This week, the LosPollos Casual Dating Smartlink for Ireland will take you straight to the end of the rainbow. Casual Dating TOP20: Norway $71.4Denmark $60.2Australia $53.6Germany $48.9Sweden $44.7Switzerland $42.1Ireland $39.2Belgium $37.6USA $35.4Poland $32.6Canada $29.1United Kingdom $28.4Russia $27.8Greece $25.8Austria $24.7Israel $24.6New Zealand $22.9Czech Republic $21.3Netherlands $20.3France $19.8
  4. This week, you'll be taken by strong conversion rates for dating traffic, with Germany delivering particularly fast results. Let us engineer the perfect match for your German traffic with our Dating Smartlink. Dating TOP20: Norway $80.5New Zealand $78.3Germany $74.8Switzerland $71Australia $68.2Sweden $65.7Denmark $61.5France $57.4Austria $53.8USA $48.6Finland $44.7Israel $42.8United Kingdom $39.9Spain $37.6Canada $34.6Netherlands $32.2Czech Republic $29.8Poland $28.3Italy $25.6Japan $24.2
  5. This week the Mainstream Smartlink sounds even better than the Beatles hits! It's not known to many that Instagram traffic also has a great conversion rate with our Mainstream vertical, especially with women. Classic and simple creatives such as “win the iPhone” continue to show great results. Mainstream TOP20: USA $29.9Norway $28.1Israel $25.3Switzerland $24.6United Kingdom $23.5Germany $22.3Canada $20.8Finland $19.7France $18.8Ireland $17.4Australia $16Austria $15.5Estonia $14.1Belgium $13.9UAE $13.7Qatar $12.8Bahrain $12.4New Zealand $12Netherlands $11.3South Africa $10.2
  6. We have launched a new prospective vertical: Cams! This Smartlink works with all GEOs and devices. It also automatically selects webcam themed offers with the best EPC. Payouts are processed using a PPL+PPS model. Can’t wait to get to work? Reach out to your Account Manager to set up your Smartlink now!
  7. Many people who visit Sweden are stunned by the beauty of both the landscape and the people. With a modern society full of beautiful people, is it any wonder hookup culture is huge in Sweden? Take advantage of the last gasp of Swedish summer romance with our Casual Dating Smartlink. Casual Dating TOP20: Germany $74.2Norway $64.5Austria $63.6Switzerland $59.8Australia $56.7Sweden $54.5Denmark $51.3Finland $45USA $39.7United Kingdom $36.4Canada $30.1Belgium $29.7Netherlands $24.1Israel $23.5Luxembourg $23.2France $22.8Italy $21.6Poland $21.2Russia $20.6Czech Republic $19.8
  8. Americans might have slowed down on their parties, but they have not slowed down their appetites for online dating. This week our Dating Smartlink will make your US traffic feel hotter than the Miami heat! Dating TOP20: Austria $82.6Germany $81Switzerland $78.5Norway $74.3Australia $71.1New Zealand $68.9Sweden $61.9Finland $57.8Denmark $53.4USA $48.4United Kingdom $44.5Belgium $40.8Canada $37.2France $34.1Ireland $32.7Netherlands $30.6Italy $29.6Israel $28.5Czech Republic $26.7Turkey $25.8 Additionally, you can now test a new vertical – Cams in a private mode.
  9. This week with our Mainstream Smartlink for Israel let's hear these shekels shaking with profit. Mainstream TOP20: Ireland $29.2Switzerland $27.5New Zealand $26.3Czech Republic $24.7Japan $23.9Israel $22.6Germany $21.1UAE $20.8USA $20.3Norway $19.9Sweden $18.8Costa Rica $17.6Austria $17.1France $16Qatar $15.6Korea $14.5United Kingdom $13.7Saudi Arabia $12.8Canada $11.8Slovakia $11.5
  10. Denmark is reported to be one of the happiest countries in the world, it must be all that casual dating they do. This week our Casual Dating Smartlink for Denmark will make your traffic just as happy. Casual Dating TOP20: Switzerland $65.7Norway $55.3Germany $44.9Denmark $41.4Austria $40.3Australia $38.9Finland $36.8Sweden $35.5New Zealand $33.6Belgium $32.3Canada $30.7Estonia $28.9United Kingdom $27.9USA $27.3Netherlands $24.4Ireland $23.1Israel $22.8Poland $22France $21.6Russia $20.3
  11. Italy, the country of love, is also the country of profit! See it yourself with our smartlink. Dating TOP20: Switzerland $85.7Norway $73.4Austria $60.2New Zealand $59.3Australia $57.1Sweden $56.9Germany $54.7Finland $53.1Belgium $49.4Denmark $46.5Italy $45.4Canada $43.8Netherlands $41.2USA $40.5United Kingdom $37.6Japan $34.9Czech Republic $30.8France $27Puerto Rico $26.9Israel $25.1Taiwan $24.6
  12. British weather is known to be a rainy let down, but it is never the case with our UK traffic. This week our Mainstream Smartlink for UK will surely be pouring profit. Mainstream TOP20: Switzerland $29.7Austria $27.6Germany $25.3Ireland $23.4Italy $23.2Japan $22.4USA $19.1Malaysia $18UAE $17.9Norway $16.3Costa Rica $15.4Uganda $14.2Slovakia $14.1Netherlands $13.7Saudi Arabia $12.4France $12Israel $11.9United Kingdom $11.2Portugal $11Hong Kong $10.6
  13. Australians like to surf both the waves and the web, especially when it comes to hot dates. This week our Casual Dating Smartlink for Australia will help you catch your best wave of profit. Casual Dating TOP20: Australia $56.2Norway $55.4Switzerland $54.2New Zealand $51.1Germany $43.8Austria $42Denmark $41.7Sweden $40.8Finland $37.6United Kingdom $34.1Canada $32.5USA $28.7Netherlands $26.9France $24.7Belgium $23.5Luxembourg $23.3Israel $23Japan $22.8South Africa $20Ireland $19.3
  14. Canadian hockey season is over but their dating season is year-round. This week our Dating Smartlink for Canada will surely make your traffic score big. Dating TOP20: New Zealand $82.4Germany $76.8Switzerland $71Austria $68.8Australia $65.3Norway $64.1Sweden $56.9Finland $52.5Canada $50.2Denmark $49.4USA $46.8United Kingdom $42.9France $41Netherlands $39.6Belgium $38.7Japan $33.2Israel $29.7Ireland $24.5Estonia $24.1Taiwan $23.9
  15. Results as high as the Empire State Building, this week our Mainstream Smartlink for USA will drive your traffic to new heights. Mainstream TOP20: Norway $36.8Switzerland $31Hong Kong $28.3Japan $25.8USA $24.6Luxembourg $21.5New Zealand $20.2United Arab Emirates $18.5Germany $17.6Qatar $16.2Netherlands $15.7France $14.3Denmark $13.1Austria $12Ireland $11.4Hungary $11.3Italy $11Slovenia $10.9Canada $10.5Saudi Arabia $10.3
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