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  1. Switzerland is known for quality and so is our Casual Dating Smartlink. Contact your AM to experience Swiss quality profit! Casual Dating TOP20: Switzerland $75.9Norway $71.2Austria $62.8Australia $61New Zealand $53.1Germany $50.6Denmark $49.1Sweden $47.8Finland $41.9Canada $37.1United Kingdom $36.5Luxembourg $30.3USA $30Ireland $26.5Israel $24.2Italy $23.8Belgium $22.7Russia $21.5Netherlands $20.2Poland $19.4
  2. Everything sounds better in Italian, especially the sound of profit. Our Italian Dating Smartlink will surely make you say Mamma Mia! Dating TOP20: Switzerland $90.3Austria $87.5Norway $83.2New Zealand $79.1Australia $76.7Germany $68.9Denmark $64.8Sweden $59.6Finland $52.9Canada $48.3United Kingdom $42.2USA $36.6Italy $32.4Ireland $31.4Israel $29.7France $27.1Luxembourg $26.9Portugal $26Japan $25.7South Africa $23.2
  3. Not to be Biblical, but if water can be turned to wine, our Mainstream Smartlink for Israel will surely turn your traffic into profit! Mainstream TOP20: Luxembourg $43.8Israel $39.5Hong Kong $36.8Japan $32.6Switzerland $31.4New Zealand $27.8Norway $27.2Qatar $26.6Belgium $25.4USA $24.5Germany $23.3UAE $22.7Austria $21.2France $20.9Italy $19.8Hungary $17.8Slovenia $13.7Netherlands $10.4Ireland $9.9Saudi Arabia $8.7
  4. This week our Casual Dating Smartlink for Norway will make you feel just as victorious as Norwegian Viking. Contact your AM to a set yourself on the path to victory. Casual Dating TOP20: Switzerland $64.2Norway $59.3Austria $58.2New Zealand $57.6Australia $54.9Denmark $49Germany $42.6Finland $31.6USA $31.5Canada $30.7United Kingdom $29.8Sweden $27.6Belgium $23.2Israel $20.7France $20.3Italy $17.9Spain $16.6Netherlands $16.3South Africa $16.2Russia $15.1
  5. Just like German dates, our Dating Smartlink will keep your traffic hot. Keeping your beer cold is the only thing you will need to worry about. Dating TOP20: Switzerland $89.2 New Zealand $85.6 Austria $79.1 Australia $73.9 Norway $65.3 Germany $58.9 Denmark $52.2 Finland $47.8 Canada $43.3 United Kingdom $41.1 USA $38.5 Sweden $33.4 Belgium $31.7 France $29.3 Italy $27.5 Luxembourg $26 Spain $24.9 Netherlands $23.8 Israel $22.4 South Africa $21.5
  6. Hong Kong is one of the richest cities in the world and our Mainstream Smartlink knows how to make your traffic just as rich. Mainstream TOP20: Luxembourg $21.2Switzerland $20.3USA $19.9Hong Kong $17.4Norway $17.2Israel $16.4Canada $15.8UAE $14.6Japan $14.4Austria $13.9Germany $13.1Belgium $12.8Australia $12.1Czech Republic $11.2Korea $11.1France $10.7Finland $10.5South Africa $9.8Slovenia $9.5Hungary $8.6
  7. New Zealand may be on lockdown but with our Casual Dating Smartlink, there’s still a world of profit to explore. Casual Dating TOP20: New Zealand $50.8Australia $47.7Switzerland $46.8Austria $38.7Germany $36.3Denmark $36Norway $34Sweden $32.4Finland $31.7USA $30.2United Kingdom $29.6Canada $28.8Israel $26.7South Africa $24.6Belgium $23.3Netherlands $22.9France $22.2Ireland $20.4Italy $19.6Russia $18
  8. Here's the tea: British people are guzzling up the newest additions to our Dating Smartlink. Send us your UK traffic and capitalize on this trend today. Dating TOP20: New Zealand $86.8Switzerland $81.4Australia $77.6Austria $73.5Denmark $68.1Germany $65Norway $62.7Sweden $58.8Finland $53.4United Kingdom $48.2Canada $44.3USA $42Spain $40.9Czech Republic $37.6Netherlands $34.1France $33.5Belgium $29.2Ireland $26.4Japan $24.7Russia $21.5
  9. Canada might be cold but your traffic will stay hot with our Mainstream Smartlink. Mainstream TOP20: Switzerland $35.9USA $33.4Norway $30.9Austria $28.5Germany $26Hong Kong $25.8Canada $23.6Israel $21.2UAE $20.5French Polynesia $19.7Belgium $18.4Japan $17.5Luxembourg $14.3Finland $12Cyprus $11.7Australia $9.5Netherlands $9.4South Africa $9.1New Zealand $8.9Ireland $8.7
  10. Craving something sweet?! Switzerland is well known for its delicious specialty in singles. Try our Smartlink for your unforgettable treat in Casual Dating! Casual Dating TOP20: New Zealand $71Switzerland $68.1Sweden $65.3Norway $59.3Austria $56.9Denmark $54.8Australia $52.5Germany $50.7Finland $46.5USA $39.3United Kingdom $38.9Belgium $33Canada $32.6Ireland $25.9France $24.3Israel $21.5Hungary $20.6Russia $20.4Czech Republic $20Poland $19.8
  11. Stay inside and send traffic to our Dating Smartlink. We recommend targeting Sweden this week! Dating TOP20: Switzerland $90.2Sweden $88.4 New Zealand $81Austria $77.8Norway $74.3Denmark $69.6Australia $65.4Germany $61.2Finland $53.9United Kingdom $47.5USA $42.8Canada $37.1Belgium $35.9Luxembourg $33.6France $31.2Ireland $29.4Hungary $27.2Czech Republic $26.4Poland $26Israel $25.7
  12. It's okay to be mainstream when you're talking about our Smartlink! Target the US this week to maximize your profit. Mainstream TOP20: Switzerland $128.2 Austria $81.6 Norway $79.8 Luxembourg $65.9 UAE $65.8 Japan $ 64.8 Sweden $64.6 Finland $52.3 New Zealand $45.7 Estonia $42.2 Belgium $39.7 Qatar $37.9 Australia $35.2 Germany $31.8 Hong Kong $29.8 Iceland $29.5 Ireland $27.7 USA $26.1 Canada $25.8 France $15.2
  13. This week our Crypto eCPMs are higher than the Austrian alps. Target Austria, and ascend to the pinnacle of success yourself with our Crypto Smartlink. Crypto TOP20: Norway $54.1Austria $ 42.2Portugal $41.5Switzerland $27.5Latvia $25.1Sweden $22.3Canada $20.5Germany $20.4Malaysia $20Italy $19.5Spain $18.3Peru $18Ukraine $17.8South Africa $16.7Poland $15.5Russia $15United Kingdom $14.9Thailand $14.6Korea $14.3Mexico $12.8
  14. With a name like LosPollos of course we have to make an appearance in Portugal. Catch us at TES Feb 28th to March 2nd. Just drop us a line at hola@lospollos.com to get in touch and schedule your meeting.
  15. Our Dating conversion rates will put the mustard on your sausage. We recommend targeting Germany this week for fantastic profits! Dating TOP20: Switzerland $83.2New Zealand $78.5Austria $73.3Australia $60.8Norway $57Denmark $54.3Germany $52.8USA $51United Kingdom $49.8Canada $47.3Finland $43.4France $40.3Ireland $37.5Israel $34.8Czech Republic $31.3Belgium $30.2Luxembourg $29.2Croatia $25.9Portugal $25Japan $24.7
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