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  1. Did you know that we have a Gay Dating Smartlink? This is a niche vertical where you can earn great money. This Smartlink shows excellent performance with traffic from the Scandinavian countries, Western Europe, Australia, the USA and Canada. Basically: Where the rainbow flag flies your money will multiply. Want to test it? Contact your AM to set up your link and to receive more details about the characteristics of this vertical.
  2. Now that half of Berlin is poly, is it any wonder our Dating vertical is on fire? Send a mix of traffic from social networks or doorways, and choose our SmartLink. Germany will give free love and explosive profits. Dating TOP20: Austria $82.4 Switzerland $77.3 New Zealand $69.3 Australia $67.7 Germany $60.6 Finland $60.2 Denmark $58.3 Sweden $54.7 Norway $52.6 Belgium $45 Canada $42.7 United Kingdom $41 USA $40.7 France $39.4 Italy $38 Spain $36.9 Netherlands $33.1 Israel $29.6 Georgia $27 Russia $25.2
  3. Make your own moon landing this week with our Binary/Crypto Smartlink. Your Russian traffic is guaranteed to touch down, or test the Baltics with promising results from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Binary/Crypto TOP20: Finland $133.8Switzerland $67.6Sweden $41.3Italy $38Germany $37.4South Africa $32.6Lithuania $31.7Estonia $31.2Russia $22.1United Kingdom $21.8Latvia $21.5Ireland $20.8Chile $20.5Kazakhstan $19.7Portugal $19.3Belgium $18.9Austria $16.8Belarus $16.2Australia $15Canada $13.3
  4. We've launched a new Smartlink: Casual Dating! What is it? It's our ever-requested mainstream dating now without nudity. Why is it so hot? Application! Now when you're buying traffic from push networks you no longer need to create 18+ bounce pages. Most importantly, now you can easily beat the approval process in ad networks where 18+ content is prohibited, and safely post on social media. Contact your affiliate manager to get started with this new opportunity. One test and you'll know.
  5. JAPAN: $19.1 Your wallet will be bigger than Majin Buu when you fuse your mixed Japanese traffic with our Global Mainstream Smartlink. Right now, Japan offers a great opportunity to test the generation of doorways in a local language. TOP 20: Switzerland $30.8 Belgium $24.1 Australia $23.5 Austria $20.1 Japan $19.1 Germany $18.4 Finland $17.2 New Zealand $16.7 Canada $15.8 Norway $13.6 USA $11.3 Singapore $11.3 Denmark $11.2 Sweden $10.8 France $10.6 South Africa $10.1 Croatia $9.5 Italy $9.2 Netherlands $9.1 Spain $8.1
  6. BRAZIL: $22.8 If you haven't worked with Tier 3 traffic before, now is a great time to start. This weekend Brazil is showing great results. We also recommend paying special attention to Mexico, India and Malaysia. TOP 20: Australia $75.6New Zealand $73.2Switzerland $71Austria $62.1Finland $60.3Sweden $51.7Denmark $50.6Norway $49.8Germany $42.7United Kingdom $41.5USA $38.2Belgium $38Canada $37.4France $31.1Italy $27.4Spain $25.7Brazil $22.8Georgia $22Russia $21.4Mexico $18.7
  7. SWITZERLAND: $69.7 Safer than a bank. On point like your watch. Tastier than chocolate. You need our Swiss offers! Try your email traffic with our Binary/Crypto Smartlink and check for yourself! TOP 20: Switzerland $69.7Austria $52.4Italy $36.6Sweden $28.1United Kingdom $25.4Germany $24.3Netherlands $22.6Latvia $21.7Russia $21.4Spain $19.5Estonia $19Moldova $18.3Portugal $18.1South Africa $17.3Kazakhstan $16Peru $15.8Canada $15.7Philippines $14.5Nigeria $13.8Turkey $11.6
  8. NEW ZEALAND: $19.2 Send your traffic to the Los Pollos Mainstream Smartlink. With our Smartlink there is no need to attract strictly targeted visitors. You can send traffic from any source: doorways, push notifications, sites, misstype domains, ad-networks, and even social networks. With our unique algorithm and global Smartlinks, you can monetize the traffic of any subject, including even adult traffic. TOP 20: Switzerland $32.4Belgium $23.3Australia $19.8New Zealand $19.2Korea $18.5Austria $18Norway $17.7Saudi Arabia $17.4Canada $17.1Denmark $16.6Sweden $16.1Italy $13.7Netherlands $13.6Finland $13.5South Africa $13France $12.9Rwanda $12.6Germany $12.4USA $11.3Japan $11.1
  9. Hola amigos! The chefs at Los Pollos are coming to Barcelona for Affiliate World Europe, and we are hungry to meet you! Satisfy your craving for conversions by dropping by our booth C-52 from July 8th-9th, or make it personal with a private meeting at a convenient time for you. Please get in touch: hola@lospollos.com
  10. GERMANY: $44.8 Make bank in German speaking countries with Los Pollos! Germany, Austria and Switzerland continue to burn up like napalm on our dating vertical. TOP 20: Australia $74.2Switzerland $70.8Denmark $66.4Austria $62.1Norway $53.8Sweden $45.9Germany $44.8New Zealand $44Iceland $43.9Finland $43.6Canada $42.7United Kingdom $41.4USA $37.9Belgium $34.4France $29Netherlands $25.1Spain $22.4Italy $20Russia $19.5Brazil $18.9 On the horizon, we are currently testing a new smartlink in private mode for trusted affiliates: Casual Dating. This vertical is especially interesting to affiliates who draw from sources where adult content is prohibited. For example, you’ll no longer need to pad with intermediate LPs for push network traffic sources, permitting you to maximize your conversions and minimize your fall-off. Now you can pass moderation with a direct link, no confusing padding pages. Want to give it a try? Request the link from your AM.
  11. FINLAND: $240.4 Don't finish your earning strategy without trying our Finnish Binary Smartlink. TOP 20: Finland $240.4Norway $103.7Sweden $80Switzerland $68.6Germany $55.1Italy $50.8Austria $47.5Kazakhstan $43.2Russia $41.9United Kingdom $38.1Estonia $36.2Belarus $35.5Latvia $32.7Poland $31.1Lithuania $29.1Chile $23.1Canada $18.2Denmark $17.4South Africa $16USA $12.3
  12. BELGIUM: $30.5 Make Los Pollos your main squeeze with our Mainstream Smartlink, we recommend targeting Belgium this week for maximum performance. TOP 20: Switzerland $44.1 Luxembourg $32.5 Belgium $30.5 Norway $23.2 Denmark $22.2 New Zealand $20.4 Australia $19 Canada $18.4 Finland $18 USA $15.6 Netherlands $13.1 Austria $13 Germany $12.6 Sweden $11.3 Italy $10.9 Estonia $10.7 France $10.7 United Kingdom $10.5 Slovenia $9.7 UAE $9.4
  13. GERMANY: $42.8 Do you have German dating traffic? Even if it's vegan, tattooed and living in a Kreuzberg apartment with 5 roommates, send it to our Dating Smartlink - we'll make a success out of it. TOP 20: Switzerland $72.4 Austria $69.2 Australia $68.9 Norway $61.3 Finland $54.1 Denmark $46.4 Sweden $44.8 Germany $42.8 New Zealand $42 United Kingdom $39.5 Canada $39.1 USA $38.7 France $36.2 Italy $30 Spain $26.2 Israel $23.5 Puerto Rico $22 Slovenia $21.7 Greece $20.9 Russia $20.2
  14. SWITZERLAND: $100.6 Hey guys, looks like our trip to the moon is back on. Now boarding at LosPollos, try our Crypto Smartlink, your ticket is waiting. TOP 20: Switzerland $100.6 Sweden $80.6 Australia $44.8 Austria $39.6 Germany $35.8 Netherlands $34.5 Italy $28.9 United Kingdom $26.4 Poland $25.1 Russia $21.7 Latvia $20.3 Canada $19.2 Spain $17.4 USA $16.6 South Africa $14.3 Bolivia $11.9 Chile $11.5 Kazakhstan $10.3 Peru $9.5 Turkey $8.7
  15. USA: $19.3 There's so much drama in the US internet sphere this week, are you capitalising? Try our sister Smartlink for your mainstream traffic. TOP 20: Switzerland $36.5 Norway $27.9 Luxembourg $26.3 Denmark $25 Canada $21.7 Australia $20.9 USA $19.3 Belgium $18.6 New Zealand $17 Netherlands $16 Finland $15.9 South Africa $13.8 Italy $12.8 United Kingdom $12.4 France $12.3 Singapore $12.1 Japan $11.5 UAE $11.3 Sweden $10.7 Austria $10.6
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