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  1. Gambling isn't allowed in Saudi Arabia, but winning is! Pick a winner yourself with the Los Pollos Mainstream Smartlink. Mainstream TOP20: Switzerland $29.7Finland $22.5Japan $21.1Norway $17.7Austria $17.2Belgium $16.2USA $14.7Germany $13.7Luxembourg $13.6New Zealand $13.0Slovakia $13.0Denmark $12.7Sweden $12.3Canada $11.5United Arab Emirates $10.9Hong Kong $10.9Netherlands $10.4Ireland $9.8Czech Republic $9.6Saudi Arabia $8.5
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  3. They say one night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster. Meet us there Dec 4 and 5 for Affiliate World Asia. Get in touch to schedule your meeting today.
  4. Want to make more money with LosPollos? Then you need to try our Mainstream Smartlink! We’ve carefully selected (and developed) offers with thoughtful prelanders, strategically positioned to ensure traffic from any source can be monetized effectively. Our affiliate partners achieve excellent results with doorway pages, backlinks, misstype domains, push traffic, adnetwork traffic, social traffic and even just ordinary sites. You can send any mix of traffic in any volume; our system will do it all for you. If you’re interested, ask your affiliate manager for access to the Mainstream Smartlink today.
  5. Now listen to me very carefully: if you use our Mainstream Smartlink, be sure to target Austria this week. If you haven't tried Mainstream in this timeline yet, you'll be back for this CR. Make contact with your AM to start your mission. Mainstream TOP20: Luxembourg $49.7 Switzerland $47.6 Uganda $29.2 USA $27.7 UAE $25.6 Japan $24.7 Austria $24.3 Belgium $21.7 New Zealand $20.3 Slovenia $19.4 Germany $18.4 Czech Republic $17.7 Sweden $17.4 Finland $17.1 Canada $16.6 Netherlands $16.4 Norway $15.8 Korea $15.6 Ireland $15.6 France $14.3
  6. 55% of Italian men admit to cheating on their partners at least once in their life. So it’s no wonder that our Dating Smartlink is performing so well in Italy. We’re not saying anything, but you may also want to target Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Portugal. Oops. Dating TOP20: Switzerland $86.2Norway $80.9Australia $74Finland $72.2Austria $70Sweden $63.7Denmark $54.6New Zealand $51.3Germany $47.6United Kingdom $45.2France $44USA $41.8Canada $37.7Belgium $36.4Italy $32.4Hungary $28.3Spain $27.2Czech Republic $26.4Poland $26Portugal $25.8
  7. Denmark my words, our Crypto Smartlink is the Frikadellen best destination for your traffic. Got Danish mail or SEO traffic? Our optimized Smartlink converts it easily to cash - no assembly required, SWEDEN. Crypto TOP20: Switzerland $65 Finland $52.8 Latvia $33.9 Sweden $32.7 South Africa $29.9 Denmark $25.8 Germany $25.5 Italy $23.4 Great Britain $22 Singapore $21.4 Canada $20.1 Russia $19.6 Austria $17.9 Australia $17.8 Czech Republic $17.4 Lithuania $17.1 Belgium $16.1 Peru $15.3 Turkey $13.6
  8. We want you to push it good with the newest addition to the party at LosPollos: the Push Smartlink! Get up on this CTR with your targeted dating traffic or adult traffic for the best results. Now push it!
  9. A good catch is waiting for everyone who works with Russian traffic and CIS this week. Thanks to the optimization of our Dating Smartlink, your opportunities to convert are even higher. We recommend taking advantage of this opportunity today. Dating TOP20: Switzerland $87.4Norway $82.8New Zealand $80.1Australia $74.8Austria $73.7Finland $69.2Denmark $58.4Sweden $53.9Germany $46.8Belgium $43.5Canada $42.7Great Britain $40.1US $38.5France $36.6Spain $31.7Italy $29.7Netherlands $28.8Czech Republic $28.3Russia $25.8Hungary $23.5
  10. There's nothing more beautiful than Canadian nature, except maybe our Crypto conversions. This week Canada shows excellent result for SEO and email traffic. Crypto TOP20: Finland $67.7Latvia $53.5Denmark $32.5Spain $30.7South Africa $29.9Singapore $29.7Australia $27.4Canada $23.3Italy $21.5Russia $20.9Iceland $19.7Germany $19.4Ukraine $18.6Peru $18.1Switzerland $17.8Belgium $16.3Austria $16.2Belarus $14.0Sweden $13.6Kazakhstan $12.3
  11. MAC KIEV 2019 will take place on October 8 and our team will be there. To arrange a meeting, please write to us at: hola@lospollos.com
  12. This week Hong Kong is showing the most promising results with our Mainstream Smartlink. This vertical can be exploited from any source: doorway pages, push email, websites, mis-type domains, and back traffic are among the top strategies. Our prelanders are optimized to monetize any type of traffic. Mainstream TOP20: Switzerland $80.6Luxembourg $36.9Hong Kong $34.3United Arab Emirates $25.6Japan $23.9Austria $20.7Canada $20.7USA $20.5Slovakia $19.6Czech Republic $19.4Netherlands $18.1South Africa $17.6Qatar $16.9Italy $16.8Germany $16.7Australia $15.8Korea $14.4Latvia $14.2Ireland $13.9Chile $13.8 Additionally, we are now testing push-subscription monetization for trusted affiliates. If you have targeted dating traffic this is the solution for you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the numbers. It’s one of the best destinations for traffic in the industry right now. Ready to try it? Get in touch with your manager and get access today 😉
  13. Fall is upon us, are you ready to fall in love? We recommend targeting Italy with our Dating Smartlink. You're sure to love the conversions. Dating TOP20: New Zealand $80.2Austria $75.3Australia $74.8Switzerland $72Sweden $60.4Norway $59.3Finland $56.2Germany $55.8Denmark $53Canada $48.5Great Britain $44.2Belgium $43.1USA $40.7Italy $36.6France $35.2Czech Republic $31.4Spain $30.2Netherlands $29.3Israel $27South Africa $26.8
  14. South Africa: Platinum, gold and now Crypto! Send your South African traffic to our Crypto Smartlink and blast off with Los Pollos! Crypto TOP20: Finland $45.3 Austria $42.8 Germany $39.8 South Africa $39.4 Portugal $39 Singapore $38.8 Latvia $36.5 Denmark $34.6 Peru $32.6 Australia $32 Switzerland $25.1 Italy $23.8 United Kingdom $22.3 Russia $21.6 Lithuania $21.1 Spain $20.4 Netherlands $18 Belgium $23.3 Belarus $14.8 Sweden $13.5
  15. We don't have a boiled potato and Guinness Smartlink yet, but we do have pretty much everything else. Send your Irish traffic to our Mainstream Smartlink this week and be your own lucky charm. Mainstream TOP20: Switzerland $72.7Luxembourg $62.6Korea $58.4Hong Kong $56.5Austria $31.7Finland $31.6Ireland $24.8Belgium $23.7Qatar $23.6France $22.3Slovakia $21.9Georgia $19.9Czech Republic $19.4USA $18.5Denmark $18.3Japan $18.2Canada $17.8Australia $17.8Sweden $17.3Saudi Arabia $17.1
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