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  1. You're just too young for this, believe me! Wait at least till yours 21, please. I am sure plastic surgery is appropriate for older women who want to preserve their beauty, someone like this celeb .
  2. Thanks for the excellent offer! Cloud hosting is extremely popular nowadays, it is definitely the latest hosting technology. How about special templates and web builders? I want to try this one ( wanna launch online store ), would be grateful for some recommendations.
  3. Thanks for sharing this! Another useful source for Magento users here , check top quality web templates,really very good deals.
  4. I would also add social networks, nowadays they're veeery influential and have strong potential. I want to create a website from a Real Estate template which I will mostly promote via Facebook and Instagram.
  5. Best advices! I decided to add kinda social network to my already existing WordPress blog, just waiting for BuddyPress templates . I think first paid posts + guest posting are the most efficient.
  6. Thanks for the great advices, I always forget to use the first method, I never encourage my readers .. I want to try to add BuddyPress to my WP blog to make visitors to communicate with each other, I think this might become effective.
  7. So many offers here, wow. I want to create +1 WordPress site ( using BuddyPress theme when it is released ) and want to try alternative hosting provider. I used GoDaddy for my previous project. but I don't mind checking another company.
  8. Very good themes, really. I want to wait till new BuddyPress templates will be released by Templatemonster, I even subscribed to to be the first to check it, these new products promise to be very cool.
  9. Have the same question. I can't code, hope to launch an online store from a scratch ( just subscribed to X-Cart templates ), and would like to learn some tips. There are so many tutorials in the web, I am almost lost among them :)
  10. Have just the same question. I am thinking over launching an online store from a scratch, think I'll wait till templates from Tempaltemonster are available here ( I just consider this provider the best on the market ).
  11. Still can't define between shared and cloud hosting :) I am on to launch a website from a Drupal scratch , but when it comes to a hosting provider, there are so many options, omg.. I will look through your offer, for sure!
  12. I heard many positive reviews about shared hosting. I already chose a theme I will use, but still can't define with the hosting provider - I hesitate between VPS, dedicated, cloud and shared hosting.
  13. Thanks for sharing the book! I'd like to post a link to an excellent review on top-100 motivating books, here it is . The books are very interesting and inspiring, I though they might be helpful for someone.
  14. Here is an excellent free ebook about website creating, promoting and monetizing, check . Rather decent product.
  15. Really awesome and very stylish themes, thanks for having shared this. Here is another reliable Wordpress themes provider, check . I got my website created with a template from here, the result is just stunning. Design always matters when it comes to a serious website for business.

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