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  1. Not bad offer, really, I will 100% bookmark it. I haven't launch my website yet, I am planning to create an adult website dedicated to this category https://thetopcams.com/tag/gay-chat/ , I know gay webcams are very popular among both men and women.
  2. Can't say I am a fan or something, but gambling games are rather relaxing and fun. I usually decide how big is my budget for one session, and try not to spend more. Last time I even won 800$ at Victorious Slot Online - Mr Bet .
  3. Thanks for your offer, I've been searching for realiable online games accepting Bitcoins for ages! I also found this list bitcoin casino sites , seems to be rather trustworthy and secure. I will definitely check your source, too.
  4. Wow thanks for having shared this! I am currently looking for opportunities where to spend my Bitcoins, here is what I found best bitcoin gambling websites - another excellent list of gambling sites which accept cryptocurrency. I think sooner or later Bitcoins will outplace usual currency and even dollars.
  5. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general become more and more popular every day, so that there is nothing surprising in the fact that top gambling sites offer to play on bitcoins. Just choose reliable sources please! Here is Best Poker Sites Review . Good luck!
  6. What is the mechanism of brain aging, is it always goes with brain dysfunction?
  7. The payment isn't huge but I guess there will be lots of visitors eager to click on such a content. I personally love videos from this list more https://thetopcams.com/ , but who knows, may be some guys prefer photo clicking. Tastes differ.
  8. 1. Translating/Copywriting 2. Codding/Programming 3. Selling goods 4. Playing online games ( I personally love scruffy duck slot )
  9. Thanks for the offer! Never suspected Tumblr could be a source for adult content. I think people in search of porn would rather go to special free sources, to something like https://www.webcamchamps.com/ or even PornHub. Anyways I wish you good luck in your business!
  10. RDS bar as a Google extension is not bad, it is free and very easy to manipulate. I am on to launch a WP blog from a template , too, and I think I will use RDS bar as I used to do before. Good luck!
  11. Well I am not an expert but I am going to create a website with one of these themes https://www.templatemonster.com/blog/15-best-fast-loading-wordpress-themes-seo-2017/ , if you look attentively, you'll see that they are SEO friendly and perfect for WordPress. Good luck!
  12. I am currently looking for a decent web hosting provider, very important for me. I want to promote my beauty salon, I already defined with template ( one from templatemonster.com/blog/best-salon-website-templates/ ), but when it comes to hosting I just can't chose among hundreds of offers.
  13. Very good website, really, I am interested in this theme very much. Here is another website with Powerpoint templates , but yours is not worse. As for the SEO, it demands huge budget to reach first Google page, honestly.
  14. Thanks for the excellent offer! Cloud hosting is extremely popular nowadays, it is definitely the latest hosting technology. How about special templates and web builders? I want to try this one ( wanna launch online store ), would be grateful for some recommendations.
  15. I would also add social networks, nowadays they're veeery influential and have strong potential. I want to create a website from a Real Estate template which I will mostly promote via Facebook and Instagram.
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