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  1. Still can't define between shared and cloud hosting :) I am on to launch a website from a Drupal scratch , but when it comes to a hosting provider, there are so many options, omg.. I will look through your offer, for sure!
  2. I heard many positive reviews about shared hosting. I already chose a theme I will use, but still can't define with the hosting provider - I hesitate between VPS, dedicated, cloud and shared hosting.
  3. Thanks for sharing the book! I'd like to post a link to an excellent review on top-100 motivating books, here it is . The books are very interesting and inspiring, I though they might be helpful for someone.
  4. Here is an excellent free ebook about website creating, promoting and monetizing, check . Rather decent product.
  5. Really awesome and very stylish themes, thanks for having shared this. Here is another reliable Wordpress themes provider, check . I got my website created with a template from here, the result is just stunning. Design always matters when it comes to a serious website for business.
  6. Excellent tips, as usual! I am just going to create my website, have to choose an appropriate domain name ( currently reading ), but I already think about how to monetize it.
  7. Like it , really :) I launched my website with Wordpress themes , too ( from ), I think your site has a great potential, a lot of people need quality themes now. You just need a good promo campaign.
  8. Thanks for sharing ! Seems like not bad offer, gonna check it. I created my first website using Wordpress themes ( I bought at ), never regreted about using paid web creating tools, the result is just amazing.
  9. You can order backlinks using special services