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  1. This summer I am working hard to earn some money online for my family. My LR No: U1957890
  2. I am not the Admin EarnGroups is a high-end investment program, formed as a result of years of research in the investment field. Our company is the product of long time research in the financial market. Our experts have been analyzing the fluctuations and the varying trends in the financial market, and have spotted out the best ways, strategies, and tactics, to provide our clients with the highest returns for their investments. As such, we have come out with two different investment plans for our existing and prospective clients. The plans we have to offer are guaranteed to return you the promised profit at the end of the respective plan terms. EarnGroups http://earngroups.com/?ref=earninglab' rel="external nofollow"> is a well-established company, having real traders, real money flow, and real profit building techniques. Our performance as an investment program has been of high quality throughout our existence, and we have established the same by being in operation for more than 400 days. EarnGroups also has a high end customer support personnel, to assist you better in case you have any queries. Our customer support representatives will be more than glad to help you if you need any assistance with investment related queries. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time of the day, as our support team will be online for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our features Dedicated Server DDOS Protection 24/7/365 Support Over 400 Days Online 256-bit Valid SSL Unique Design Professional Team Join Now :rolleyes:
  3. thnx for the correction in title skylady
  4. 4% to 5.5% every Multiple plans, 4% Referral Commission,AlertPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, FlaxPay and Credit-cards. I am not the Admin GulfReserve is an online investment program that offers ROI from 4% and upto 5.5% every day. Being a part of GulfReserve lets you invest in oil industry of almost all GULF and its surrounding countries. Despite of unstable political circumstances in some of these countries, OIL industry is still on its usual stable path but this stability denotes constant surge and decline in price and global demand of different varities of OIL and that is where we turn a trade in absolute profit for our investors. GulfReserve has following Investment plans: Minimum $1 USD. Maximum $500 USD. 0.17% Hourly Rate. 120% Maximum Earning. 30 Business Days. Minimum $501 USD. Maximum $2500 USD. 0.19% Hourly Rate. 135% Maximum Earning. 30 Business Days. Minimum $2501 USD. Maximum $5000 USD. 0.21% Hourly Rate. 150% Maximum Earning. 30 Business Days. https://www.gulfrese...?ref=wealth2011 :thumbup1: Incorrectly posted Title & Description, corrected... Please read the instructions for posting a Topic... Thank you, skylady
  5. Here is the mail I received from my upline: "Hello fellow VertUX members... I have had a few mails from people asking if VertUX pays. The answer is yes it does, this admin is very trusted and has always paid me within 24 hours of request. I have been in programs by this admin over the last 2 years and he has never failed to pay. If you are not yet upgraded here then do so, whats $5? Its nothing really. In just 11 days since i upgraded for $5 i have been paid $265. Now isnt that worth $5? Id say so. If you are not upgraded then you cant earn anything. My advice, get upgraded and be a part of this. Here are my payment proofs copied from my alertpay.. Payment proof.. Payment Details * Date: June 17, 2011 2:58:30 PM * Amount Sent: $60.00 USD * Sender Name: VERTUX * Sender Email: XXXXXXXXXX * Reference Number: D9A15-9E35F-XXXXX * Message: VertUX ACCOUNT WITHDRAWAL - Please dont forget to leave us some positive feedback in MeetPoint - Thank You. * Date: June 19, 2011 5:39:05 AM * Amount Sent: $85.00 USD * Sender Name: VERTUX * Sender Email: XXXXXXXXXX * Reference Number: 5DB81-AB7D1-XXXXX * Message: VertUX ACCOUNT WITHDRAWAL - Please dont forget to leave us some positive feedback in MeetPoint - Thank You. * Date: June 23, 2011 2:49:09 AM * Amount Sent: $50.00 USD * Sender Name: VERTUX * Sender Email: XXXXXXXXXX * Reference Number: 9184A-17E11-XXXXX * Message: VertUX ACCOUNT WITHDRAWAL - Please dont forget to leave us some positive feedback in MeetPoint - Thank You. * Date: June 28, 2011 4:44:20 AM * Amount Sent: $70.00 USD * Sender Name: VERTUX * Sender Email: XXXXXXXXXX * Reference Number: A4973-4BF84-XXXXX * Message: VertUX ACCOUNT WITHDRAWAL - Please dont forget to leave us some positive feedback in MeetPoint - Thank You. Any questions then just ask. Mike"
  6. I am Not Admin If your the least bit interested in our affiliate program, you will click the register now link at the bottom of this page and two of our members will earn 10¢ each, even if you decide not to join. If you do decide to join us in our efforts, both you and the member that directly introduced you to our program will earn 10¢ for every visitor you send us that also clicks the register now link found at the bottom of this page. We supply everything needed for you to get started, website tools and training so that you can start building a real income today. Remember Traffic Bound is much more than an affiliate program, it's a complete step by step, training course, designed to transform even it's lest experienced students into internet marketing experts and professionally trained business owners. If you would like more details on the complete Traffic Bound training course, please use the Home link in the navigation bar. We Now Offer Weekly Payouts Very Low $10 minimum The best part about our affiliate program is, it's all done using nothing but free traffic exchanges, social network sites and many other techniques that will provide you with millions of potential visitors. This is an amazingly unique opportunity that will allow anyone that puts forth the effort to literally write their own paychecks. See the chart below for example earnings and income potential. If You Work You Make Money! It's As Simple As That! We know that 10¢ doesn't sound like much but it's actually more than you may be imagining right now. The real power starts when the visitors that earned you those small 10¢ payments began to also join and participate in the Traffic Bound program, also earning both of you 10¢ each for every visitor they produce. We Might Repeat Ourselves A Few Times But It's Very Important That You Fully Understand The Power That Our System Holds! If you send the traffic many of your visitors will join because this is a very unique, attractive and profitable opportunity. What do you think is going to happen when 10, 20, 30 or even 100 of your visitors decide to join? The Traffic Bound affiliate program was created to compliment Traffic Bounds training course in a way that allows potential and existing internet marketers to actually see proof that their dream of earning a great income working from home is in fact very much achievable. With our tools, training, guidance and Billions of dollars being spent and earned online every single day, we are 100% positive that we can coach just about anyone into easily building a profitable online business. Work At Your Own Pace! As you should already know, Traffic Bound is an internet marketing training course. 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(page opens new window) Every time someone visits this page from your personal URL and clicks the register now link below it's considered a conversion it earns you 10¢ and it also earns the member that introduced you to us 10¢. Don't underestimate that number because if any of those visitors actually join our program and participate you also earn 10¢ for every one of their visitors that click the register now link. You can track the progress of everything in real-time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you know exactly what your earning at all times. While our affiliate program is currently one of the most powerful and unique programs available, please remember that Traffic Bound is much more than an affiliate program, it's a complete step by step, training course, designed to transform even it's lest experienced students into internet marketing experts and professionally trained business owners. Why Is This System Is So Powerful? If you haven't already figured out the answer to the above question, I'm going to do you a Hugh favor by explaining it to you. First of all your getting paid 10¢ cents for every visit that you produce. Second, your also getting paid 10¢ for every visitor produced by those that actually decide to join Traffic Bound and participate in the affiliate program. The income potential of our affiliate program is truly amazing and easy to build. Can you imagine having 10,20,50, or even 100's of people sending thousands of visitors to their Traffic Bound webpages, all earning you 10¢ for each and every one of them? On top of it all, your getting paid even if your visitors don't decide to join. This means that your advertising efforts are never waisted! Are you truly grasping the potential here, you could actually stop advertising and still get paid from the work of others as long as they continue to produce visitors. Most of our members will continue working for you because it's easy and free to produce the type of traffic needed to make the program a success. Again, the type of traffic that we teach and recommend for our affiliate program is free, very easy to produce and converts visitors into members very well because they all (including you and me) have one common desire and Traffic Bound flawlessly caters to that desire. Analyze This Very Modest Income Potential Lets say that due to a very tight and busy schedule your only able to produce 1,000 visitors per month (that's less than 34 per day). Lets also assume that all of the visitors who join under you are also only able to produce 1,000 visitors per month each due to their tight and busy schedules. With a very modest conversion rate of 1% you would earn: $100 from the visitors that you personally produced. and 10 new members working under you, all also earning you $100 per month each from the visitors that they produced. That's a totally of $1,100, $1,000 of that was earned for you by other members and you will receive it each and ever month as long as the members under you continue to send the traffic, even if you decided to stop advertising. If you happen to do the same numbers next month that's another 10 members working for you. You now have a total of 20 members working and earning you $2,000 worth of monthly residual income on complete auto pilot. Remember this is all due to sending less than 34 visitors per day. What do you think would happen if you and a few of those members sent 100, 200, or even 300 visitors per day? We intentionally made the example visitors per month and conversion rates very low, just to prove our point. Take a few seconds to analyze the income table below, this table is also based on each new member producing a very low 1,000 visitors per month converting at only 1%. Item Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Visits You Produced 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 Personal Earnings $100 $100 $100 $100 Total Members Joined Under You 10 20 30 40 Visits Produced By Your Members 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 Your Members Are Earning You $1,000 $2,000 $3,000 $4,000 Your Monthly Earnings $1,100 $2,100 $3,100 $4,100 These are very modest numbers but even so, you earned $1,000 for your first month and after only four months your new members would be earning you a ongoing $4,100 per month income, all due to less than 34 clicks per day. Do you think you can produce more traffic than the above example? Do you think others that join will produce more traffic than the above example? The more traffic you produce the more money you make and the quicker your member base will grow and continue to boost your monthly income. The earning potential of Traffic Bound's affiliate program is more than powerful enough to build and maintain a very comfortable lifestyle for any average size family but we encourage our members not to stop there. While the fast track earning system is designed to be a sustainable, residual income stream, it was also designed to only be the start of your online success. Register Now :rolleyes: Incorrectly posted Title & Description, corrected... Please read the instructions for posting a Topic... Thank you, skylady
  7. Guys its in pre-launch with awesome payplan. come join and upgrade
  8. BRAND NEW. VertUX. Simple, high paying program run by proven, paying admin. ONLY $5 One Time - Dont delay! Get your top positions now and do it quick. PAY PLAN - 6 STAGE FORCED MATRIX SYSTEM Our pay plan allows you to take a single $5.00 purchase and turn it into 6 sequential payments from $5.00 to $1 Million. There are six stages or Tiers in the compensation plan, including the first Bronze Feeder tier. Each Tier is a 2X matrix, starting as a 2x2 for the bronze and finishing as a 2x7 for the sixth Palladium Tier Complete your matrix by referring new members who buy into the same stage, or from spillover from your upline, or placements from the Next-In-Line system. When complete it cycles and you earn the cycle payout. Every cycle also generates a free re-entry to the same stage and a free entry to the next stage. Every tier from 2 to 6 also pays a Referrers Cycle Bonus, the first Bronze feeder tier is excepted. MATRIX DETAILS MATRIX ENTRY COST MEMBER PAYOUT REFERRER'S BONUS RETURN BRONZE 2x2 $5.00 $5.00 - 100% SILVER 2x3 $10.00 $25.00 $5.00 250% GOLD 2x4 $40.00 $400.00 $50.00 1000% TITANIUM 2x5 $150.00 $2500.00 $150.00 1666% PLATINUM 2x6 $2 000.00 $100 000.00 $10 000.00 5000% PALLADIUM 2x7 $10 000.00 $1M $250 000.00 10000% You can start at any tier you want by buying into it directly. Or, you can enter it by cycling the previous tier. You can activate as many positions as you want at any one time, in any or all of the multiple 'Tiers' or stages. In fact, it actually benefits you to activate multiple positions in each tier owing to the way matrix placements are made. The more you have, the more efficient it becomes for you. MATRIX DYNAMICS First up, what is a matrix, what are positions and how do you get them? Lets start with the first stage or tier, Bronze, which is a 2x2 matrix. A matrix is a virtual structure where every spot or position is connected to only one above it and two directly below it. A 2x2 has one head position and two levels below it. This can be shown as one spot or position at the top which is yours. Directly underneath this are two more positions. Each of these also have their two directly below. 7 positions in total, one at the head and 6 under. As in the image below. 2x2 Matrix When your matrix is complete, ie. those first 2 levels under your top position are full, then your matrix position 'cycles.' When it cycles you are paid the cycle commission payout, directly into your back-office account, immediately in realtime. On cycle it also regenerates, so you receive another another open matrix position, for FREE back again in the same tier so you can do it all over again for no further cost. You also receive an entry into the next tier up, again for FREE, and when your downline cycles they will follow you into the next tier too. There are several matrix tiers, each requiring a higher CV Points count to activate a position, but each pays out several times higher than the one before. Bronze has just two levels below the top, and as you go up through the tiers, each time one more level is added. For example here is a filled 2x3 Silver matrix MATRIX DYNAMICS If you have a look at the image above, you will notice that although all 14 positions are filled, there are actually only 7 people in the matrix. Even 'You' - thats yourself, appear twice. This is due to how the matrix positions are placed in the overall infinity or company matrix. The rules on how they are placed have been refined now for over two years by us and they allow you to benefit from three distinct activities in your downline, Spillover Spillunder and Team Spill, with the primary aim of getting you to cycle faster here than anywhere else, as well as guaranteeing you will eventually cycle. Every matrix position you activate is numbered sequentially, eg in tier 1 they are numbered 100001, 100002, 100003 and so on. Tier 2s are numbered 200001, 200002 ... etc. These are then grouped as threes. For example 100001, 100002 and 100003. Then next group 100004, 100005, 100006. Out of every three, the FIRST position will place in your sponsors active matrix, ie. your 100001, 100004, 100007 ....etc The SECOND in every group, ie. your 100002, 100005, 100008 ....etc will place in your OWN active matrix if you have one open, or default back to your sponsors if not, helping you cycle much faster. And the THIRD in every group, ie. your 100003, 100006, 100008 ....etc will place in the Next In Line (NIL) matrix. This is the oldest uncompleted active members matrix. In other words, if you remain an active member, even if you never refer anyone, this guarantees your matrix positions will eventually cycle. Not in the next 5 minutes, but at some point you will be the Next In Line. The Next in Line is also supported by the Admin's positions. As there is no referrer for the Admin Positions, these go into the Next In Line when they regenerate. REAL-TIME SYSTEM. Our system is a real time system. All placements are made as soon as the upgrade payment is made. All commissions are also calculated and are paid instantly into your back-office account as soon as any sales activity occurs. Once you have upgraded to PAID member status and you have at least a $1.00 balance in your account, you can issue a withdrawal request from your back-office to have your account balance paid out to your AlertPay account. Requests are processed at least twice daily. You should never have to wait more than 24 hours to be paid out. Join Now http://www.vertux.co...?rid=wealth2011 Incorrectly posted Title & Description, corrected... Please read the instructions for posting a Topic... Thank you, skylady
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