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  1. Hey all, Here is a great opportunity with an estimated growth rate of 500% from May 2010 - January 2011 (that comes to about 2.08% daily), by owning a share of a well established company. About the Opportunity If you want to have a share of a website (but don't want to run it), Viktorson.biz is now offering an opportunity to buy/sell their own shares. They are genuine opportunity and by buying their shares you are actually buying shares in a real established company (with its head offices located in the European Union - Bulgaria). The share price is estimated (but not guaranteed) to grow by about 500% for the period between May 2011 - January 2012. There is no time limit on how long you hold your shares you can buy/sell them anytime you want. Great thing about dividends is that the profit of the company is split among the shareholders giving you some extra income on top. How does it work? (Investment Plan) 1. You buy Viktorson.biz shares directly from the Viktorson.biz website. www.viktorson.biz 2. You will receive an e-share Certificate within 48 hours of purchase. 3. (For shares held for at least 6+ months only) You will get dividends paid every January for every share you have purchased. Dividends are the Viktorson.biz yearly profits divided between shares held for at least 6 months by (medium to log-term) shareholders. If you have not held shares for at least 6 months prior to 1st January you will receive dividends from the following January. 4. Sell your shares - you can sell your shares anytime you want through the Viktorson.biz website. All you have to do is go to the page where you purchased your shares and on the bottom there is a short form. Fill it in and your payment will be sent within 48 hours to your AlertPay account. Note: You can sell all or part of your Viktorson.biz shares. What payment processor do you accept? Viktorson.biz currently accepts AlertPay only. Sustainability: As you may know when investing it's important to know whether a business is sustainable or not, that way you can see the level of risk involved. Viktorson.biz is sustainable in terms that its main function is not the buying/selling of its shares. The company has been trading since 2007, and since has been making money from: 1. Gold and silver bullion coins online, which are the core of the business since 2007. 2. Online advertising Why do Viktorson.biz sells their shares? You might be asking why Viktorson.biz offers its shares to the public if its making enough profit without the need of shares? Its simple, we want to grow big like the companies listed on the stock exchange. But in the same time We want to give this opportunity to ordinary people to buy shares, without any dealing costs, fees etc. We were thinking about the stock exchange but there is too much regulation and it is too expensive for medium sized companies to enter, besides it will not be open to the public. Referrals 10% for new and already existing referrals for lifetime. Its totally free to join and start referring. Corrected your Description... Please read the instructions for posting a Topic... Thank you, skylady