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  1. EXNESS introduces round-the-clock client support in Thai and Vietnamese Dear clients and partners, EXNESS is pleased to announce that beginning in May 2015 round-the-clock support in Thai and Vietnamese is available for all traders. This change has been made in response to numerous client requests. It is now much easier for clients to receive consultations in their native languages. Remember that in addition to Thai and Vietnamese, support is also available round-the-clock 5 days a week in Urdu, Malay, Indonesian, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Farsi, and Tamil. Consultations are available 24/7 in English, Chinese, and Russian.
  2. EXNESS reports highest ever trading volumes Dear clients and partners, EXNESS can today report that April has seen its highest ever trading volumes of 210.8 billion USD. The retail forex broker has seen a continued increase in its trading volumes in 2015. This record number is an increase of 8% on March's strong performance of 194.9 billion USD. In the past month 43360 clients traded with EXNESS and the average trading volume per client was 4.8 million USD. George Tsaparillas, the Director of Global Strategy and Business Development of EXNESS commented: "This is a very exciting milestone for our company. We have had an excellent start to 2015 and our focus on providing the best conditions to trade has made us a very attractive choice for traders. As such we are seeing more and more customers choosing to trade with EXNESS." Given that EXNESS is committed to the highest ethical industry standards, its trading volumes for the first quarter of 2015 are certified by independent auditors and available on our website.
  3. EXNESS releases verified figures showing continued growth in Q1 2015 EXNESS has today continued its call for the retail Forex industry to become more transparent in order to build trust amongst retail traders. George Tsaparillas, Director of Global Strategy and Business Development of EXNESS, comments: "It's incredible that retail Forex broking has grown into such a massive industry with such minimal transparency. Many traders have deposits with brokers with no real visibility of their broker's trading volumes, performance or financial strength. At times of market stress, such as we saw with the Swiss Franc in January, transparency really matters and we think will be critical for the retail Forex industry to build trust amongst traders moving forward." Today, EXNESS has released its trading volumes, client withdrawals and agents' commissions for the period 1 January to 31 March 2015. All figures have been verified by Deloitte, one of the world's leading auditing firms. For the first quarter of this year, EXNESS' trading volumes were US$549 billion, an increase of US$13 billion on Q4 2014 and US$91 billion more than the same period last year. Average monthly trading volumes were US$183 billion, a rise of 20% compared to Q1 2014. Client withdrawals, which often represent profits taken by traders, were US$50.3 million during the first three months of this year, an increase of 20% on Q4 2014. Commissions paid to clients for introducing new traders to EXNESS totalled US$8.1 million, increasing 19% compared to the final quarter last year. George Tsaparillas comments: "We have seen a strong start to 2015 and our focus on providing the best conditions to trade has made us a very attractive choice for traders. Our clients have also started the year strongly with significant increases in both client withdrawals and commissions paid." Trading Volume, Clients' Withdrawals and Partners' Reward Calculation and Verification (01 January 2015 - 31 March 2015)
  4. EXNESS partners enjoy Shanghai Grand Prix The EXNESS team attended the Shanghai Grand Prix this weekend and met with its partners to discuss further cooperation. Each partner had the opportunity to meet EXNESS’ CEO Petr Valov, where they were able to ask questions and share their individual proposals. On the day of the practice laps in Shanghai, our EXNESS partners had the opportunity to meet with IRBR Team Principal, Christian Horner as well as the drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat. This was a great experience for our partners who took some amazing photos with the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team' members and received autographs from each of the drivers. This race in particular was very enjoyable for all parties involved as the Shanghai International Circuit is one of the most famous and interesting circuits in the F1 calendar, which resulted in a testing but spectacular race. The weekend proved very fruitful for both EXNESS and our partners, and it strengthened the important relationship between the two parties. We feel confident of fulfilling our commitment to our partners and rolling out our strategy in China to the benefit of all. Learn more about partnership of EXNESS and Infiniti Red Bull Racing
  5. EXNESS partners enjoy Malaysia Grand Prix The EXNESS team attended the PETRONAS MALAYSIA GRAND PRIX this weekend and took the opportunity to develop its important relationship with our south-east Asian partners in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand; discussions were focussed on the exciting developments that partners can expect from EXNESS going forward and the development of cooperation between all members. Our invited partners had the exciting opportunity to meet the IRBR Team Principal Christian Horner, as well as the Red Bull drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Danil Kvyat for an autograph session. The IRBR team members welcomed our EXNESS partners at the Sepang circuit. The invited partners also had the opportunity to tour the team’s garage before the race and were able to see the engineering team in action working on the car. EXNESS looks forward to continuing our fruitful relationship with our south-east Asian partners in the future and is grateful for their support. Learn more about partnership of EXNESS and Infiniti Red Bull Racing https://www.exness.com/infiniti-redbullracing.
  6. Analytics In the short term, the euro may fall to the 1.03 level On March 18, we expect the US Federal Reserve to reject the "show patience" phrase when planning to preserve the federal funds rate at a low level. The US regulator is most likely to increase it to 0.5% on June 17, 2015. In the next 1-1.5 years, the US dollar will certainly continue to be one of the strongest currencies in the world, which is also due to the weakness of the euro and the currencies of developing countries. The employment growth in the US (which exceeds 200 thousand people per month), in the long term will increase the GDP growth rate from the current 2.4% to 3% per annum. Growth of aggregate demand in the United States will in turn accelerate the inflation in the country to 1.5% -2.0% in the medium term. This week, we expect a reduction in the EUR/USD pair to the 1.03 level, in the GBP/USD pair- to the 1.46 level, and an update in the USD/JPY pair's high to around the 122 level this year. On March 19, attention should be paid to the Swiss National Bank meeting. Against the background of the EUR/CHF pair falling in March, the national regulator can reduce the key interest rate to minus 1%, which will bring about a growth in the USD / CHF pair above the 1.0240 level. Risk Warning: Trading leveraged products such as CFDs involves substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors. Trading such products is risky and you may lose all of your invested capital. EXNESS supports a project to save the polar bear in the Arctic In cooperation with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Russia, EXNESS is supporting the "Save the Polar Bear" project in Republic Yakutia (Russia). The campaign is set to start in March 2015. As part of the project EXNESS will allocate funds to support patrols of the Bear Islands (Medvezhyi Islands), which are home to up to 15 ancestral bear dens, and will finance the purchase of field equipment for inspectors (GPS units, binoculars, uniforms, cameras) and fuel for the snowmobiles. In the middle of March female bears with cubs leave the dens, so it is an especially important time to protect them. Experts estimate that no more than 25,000 polar bears remain in the world and their number shrinks with each passing year. Large-scale poaching and climate change are to blame. Due to the melting of Arctic sea ice, the polar bear is losing its natural habitat. The bears live on ice floes and hunt for seals - their main source of food - on them. Learn more about other WWF projects supported by EXNESS at https://www.exness.com/social-responsibility-wwf/
  7. EXNESS takes the lead with the release of audited funds and trading volumes EXNESS has today called on the retail Forex industry to become more transparent regarding broker funds and trading volumes, so that traders can assess the financial strength of brokers and their ability to withstand market shocks. George Tsaparillas, Director of Global Strategy and Business Development of EXNESS, comments: “This year has already been a testing time for retail Forex brokers, with many suffering losses on the back of January’s volatility in the Swiss Franc. At present, the industry is far too opaque, with traders often having no visibility of the financial performance of their broker. We believe traders deserve more transparency and that is why we are today releasing audited figures for our funds and trading volumes.” EXNESS has today released its trading volumes, client withdrawals and agents’ commissions for the period 1 October to 31 December 2014, in addition to figures for EXNESS’ own funds on 20 January 2015. All figures are audited by Deloitte, one of the world’s leading auditing firms. EXNESS’ trading volumes for the period were US$536 billion, with average monthly trading volumes of US$178 billion, 7% higher than the average trading volumes for the previous months in 2014. Total client withdrawals during the period October to December 2015 were US$42 million, averaging US$14 million being withdrawn by EXNESS clients each month. Commissions paid to clients for introducing new traders to EXNESS totalled US$6.8 million over the three month period. On 20 January 2015, EXNESS’ total funds stood at US$66 million, of which US$51 million was EXNESS’ own funds. These figures were audited after compensation was paid to clients for negative client account balances as a result of the fall in the Swiss Franc earlier in January. George Tsaparillas comments: “With the release of these audited figures, EXNESS is one of the most transparent retail Forex brokers in the industry. Our trading volumes remained high in the final quarter of last year and, with a substantial level of own funds relative to our trading volumes, traders have a visible measure of the financial strength of the company.” Learn more about the report on EXNESS website.
  8. The EXNESS logo adorns the new race car presented by Infiniti Red Bull Racing The EXNESS logo has appeared on the Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s 2015 Formula One car, RB11, which the team began testing February 1, 2015 on the Circuito de Jerez circuit in Spain. The RB11's unique camouflage test livery made a special impression on spectators. “The team at EXNESS were really impressed by the new testing livery of RB11. Indeed, it symbolizes the amazing power and energy, which all the Infiniti Red Bull Racing cars are always remarkable for. The first pre-season test has truly inspired us and all the fans of the team for the season ahead,” said Petr Valov, director of EXNESS. The RB11 is Infiniti Red Bull Racing's first race car to sport the EXNESS logo, which signifies the partnership that began in January 2015. EXNESS became Team Partner following a period of sweeping growth having achieved its position as one of the leaders in the foreign exchange market. We hope that during this season both EXNESS and Infiniti Red Bull Racing will have more occasions to amaze. Learn more about the partnership between EXNESS and Infiniti Red Bull Racing: https://www.exness.com/infiniti-redbullracing.
  9. An energetic start to 2015: the partnership between EXNESS and Infiniti Red Bull Racing begins Beginning January 1, 2015 EXNESS will be an official partner of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. The partnership will continue throughout the entire year. "The past year was one of the most successful in the company's history. The trend in trading volumes and the number of new clients indicates steady growth, and traders increasingly trust us as a reliable and transparent company. As a result, we are prepared for big achievements together with Infiniti Red Bull Racing. And we believe this partnership will recharge us with special energy and power to succeed in the coming year," said Petr Valov, director of EXNESS. EXNESS has big plans in 2015 to improve our services for our clients. And the partnership with the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team will be another occasion to meet with partners and clients from around the world - and it will motivate us to implement ideas and joint projects. To stay tuned in to the latest news about contests and events being held in cooperation with Infiniti Red Bull Racing, watch for updates on the company's website under the "News" section. EXNESS' most active clients and partners will have the opportunity to participate in drawings for unique gifts with EXNESS and Infiniti Red Bull Racing branding and other unusual prizes. Follow EXNESS and Infiniti Red Bull Racing: Be at the epicenter of big events! EXNESS hopes that 2015 will become a significant milestone in the company's history and a success time for traders, and that it will bring many breathtaking wins to the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team.
  10. May you have success in trading in the New Year! Dear clients and partners, We joyfully extend season's greetings to you and wish the very best for you in 2015! Benjamin Franklin once said, "Time is money". This aphorism has since become a motto for many successful people. May the coming year bring success and be the best time for precise strategies and calculations! And may each minute of trading increase your equity! We value each of our clients and the results that we have achieved thanks to your partnership with us. EXNESS proudly presents our results from the outgoing year and sincerely wishes you well on a special holiday page. As a New Year's gift, we have prepared the "Happy New Year" bonus program for you. Participate in the program between December 23 to January 10 and you can receive a bonus of up to 70% on each deposit. Learn more about the "Happy New Year" program here. Thank you for choosing EXNESS for your professional development and trading achievements. We hope that our superior trading conditions delight you in 2015 and become the foundation for your victories on the currency market!
  11. EXNESS operating hours on Christmas and New Year's Day Due to the upcoming holidays, there will be changes to the trading conditions and operating hours of many major financial centers, which may affect your trading at EXNESS. Please see the changes to trading during the holidays and for EXNESS client support.
  12. This week, the dollar may fall to 117.2 yen The US Federal Reserve meeting will be this week's key event. On Wednesday, the US regulator will announce the economic forecasts for inflation and GDP growth in the US over the next 2 years. The November decline in the producer price index from 1.7% (y/y) to 1.1% (y/y) in the United States signaled a weakening of inflationary pressures in the world's largest economy. The cold winter in the United States in Q1 2015 can play a mean joke on the US GDP as it did in Q1 2014. The US Central bank is unlikely to take risks and will raise the key rate at the end of Q2 2015 rather that at the beginning. On Monday, December 15, the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections in Japan will be announced. It is expected that the Liberal Democratic Party, led by current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will get a comfortable majority. In this case, the implementation of an ultra soft monetary policy in Japan is likely to continue. With the USDJPY pair lowering to the 117.20 support level, opening long positions in the US dollar is worth considering. In the first half of this week, market participants will learn the latest data on inflation and unemployment in the UK. The expected reduction in both indicators will cause headache for the Bank of England again. According to the forecasts of the S&P agency in 2015, the UK's GDP growth rate will exceed 3% per year. The British regulator will probably raise the rate next year, but earlier than Q3. 2015. During the week, the pound may test the 1.5800 level.
  13. EXNESS' new website — New opportunities for traders! Dear clients and partners! We are pleased to announce that, thanks to your active assistance, we have completed a major project to update the official EXNESS website. We have entirely transformed the website and created a new state-of-the-art resource with convenient features that comply with the latest web technology standards. Each employee actively participated in this project in order to make our service both high-quality and informative, but also simple and intuitive. We have tried to consider the needs of each of our clients. And now the new EXNESS Group website is ready — and we are delighted to present it to you! Continuous improvement is one of our priorities. But effective growth is only possible with our clients' involvement. That is why for six years we have carefully listened to your wishes to create the most convenient environment for successful trading. We eagerly look forward to you visiting the updated website and would love to receive any comments about how to make it even better. Our technical support specialists are ready to receive your feedback, comments, and suggestions at any time. We hope that our new website will not only be an excellent help and source of information, but also expand your opportunities to achieve new levels of professional mastery in the forex market!
  14. This week, the dominance of the US dollar will continue Despite the fact that the ECB has postponed the issue of expanding the asset purchases program in the euro zone for Q1 2015, at the end of last week, the EUR/USD pair still declined against the background of a sharp strengthening of the US dollar. The publication of an exceptionally strong November statistics on employment outside the US agricultural sector has provided substantial support for the world's reserve currency. During this week, the euro may fall to the level of 1.2200. On December 8, the upwards revision of Japan's GDP from - 0.4% (q/q) to -0.1% (q/q) in Q3 2014 may provide support for the Japanese currency. Regular purchases in the USDJPY pair are worth considering near the level of 120.00. On December 11, it is worthwhile paying attention to the publication of the November employment statistics in Australia. The expected rise in unemployment rate in this country from 6.2% to 6.3% is likely to put pressure on the Aussie. By the end of the week, the AUDUSD pair may decline to around 0.8200. By the end of the week, the New Zealand dollar is likely to test this year's lows around the 0.7650 level. Factors such as the slowdown in the growth rate for the Chinese economy, as well as the expected rise in interest rates in the US will continue to put pressure on it. The Swiss currency is unlikely to experience much joy if on December 11, the Swiss Central Bank keeps its key interest rate in the country in the range of 0-0.25%. On this day, at the time of the publication of data on retail sales in the US, the USDCHF pair is, likely to test the 0.9850 level.
  15. Deflation destroys the euro zone Last Friday, the negative inflation statistics for the euro zone was published, putting the ECB in an awkward position. The European regulator, whose goals include targeting inflation at 2% per year, allowed it to reduce from 0.4% (y/y) to 0.3% (y/y) in November. Weak demand in the euro zone against the background of the sanctions war with the Russian Federation, as well as the 2.5% (y/y) drop in energy prices have provoked an unwinding of the deflationary spiral in the European region. At the same M. Draghi's revolutionary words on the need for an economic union in the euro zone are very pleasing for Berlin, which encourages their younger colleagues to tighten their control of expenses. However, it is clear that such deep European integration, in which the European states national governments give the control over the finances to Brussels, will not be implemented in the short term. In this regard, we believe that in order to support economic growth and acceleration of inflation in the European region, the ECB will resort to buying the euro zone countries sovereign bonds, including the PIGS countries bonds. Germany will certainly oppose this. On December 4, 2014 Mario Draghi will probably set the record straight. The chances of the euro declining to 1.2350 by the end of the week, and by the end of 2014 - to the 1.2200 level, remain very high.