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  1. Google+ is released as a beta few days ago. And already it has got so many users. Google already tried and failed to break Facebook with Google Buzz etc. But this time it seems they are on a track. What do you guys think? Can Google do this with Google+? I have used it and so far it is good. But very less features as compared to Facebook, for example, no Games. What are your thoughts on this?
  2. One of the most important thing to keep traffic coming from search engines is to update your blog regularly. (post twice a week at-least)
  3. I have 4 blogs on blogger, 2 on wordpress, and three personally hosted blogs. I can manage only 2 personally hosted blogs and one blogger blog. So far earning through adsense and another program (which uses adsense). But will soon be including other methods and I am looking to learn my way into online forex business.
  4. I am sure if someone follows all the 101 tips, there would be a LOT of traffic coming towards his blog. I already follow many of the wonderful tips and benefits a lot.
  5. There is another way also, requires a little work, but this will make you more creative. Start making a blog on a free site (for example blogger or wordpress), blogger will be better for starters. Your website will look like this -> something.blogspot.com Try inputting some creative looking posts. Don't try to copy much, if you copy ->change title and inner components. Share your blog on social media websites (twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, digg etc) Main Idea of sharing is to get visitors and to get your website in Google results. Within weeks you will be getting enough traffic and you will apply for Google Adsense, and can start making money (with creativity) When you earn enough. Buy domain, and get started get visitors, then you will really earn. And don't forget to be involved in forums like this, to get good ideas etc. Hope this helped :)
  6. Suddenly the use of computers for me has increased a lot from last week. Sheesh, its almost like 3 jobs.
  7. Yes it will be a busy summer, this week was very busy. Company is very good and professional (every project needs to be well documented and video tutorials created for some also). And my colleagues are very good. My team lead is a great person man, he helps a lot. We don't do SEO there in office but he has already been in Social Media as a side work since last 3 years and I am doing successful SEO side work from last 1 year. But believe me he tells me some real important things like what to place in articles you are creating etc. Very important points. So far I like my new company and colleagues. :)
  8. Hi and welcome to this lovely forum and Thanks for the friend add.... :wink:
  9. Hi, This Summer I will be working as a Drupal Developer in a new company. (joined this monday) Also I will be updating my Blog regularly and earning through Google Adsense, and Pixazza. Both applied to the Blog. AND Also I will be busy working part time SEO for my clients. :) If all goes well and after 3 months I save enough money, I will be flying to Dubai. (to have some fun with friends over there, and possibly apply for a job as well) My LR: U2412435
  10. I would also like to Support InstaForex team :smile: I am new to this Forex business but I like that, and I have noticed you are one of the best online Forex company.
  11. Shocking indeed. lol. I always liked butter, margarine tastes bad too.
  12. I have seen some content with Google Adsense, but that won't last long. When they find out, they block the account.
  13. I see here many people talking about forex trading, can you guys suggest any good two or three websites where new people like me can get started? Thank you.
  14. Hi all, Fairly simple question, how to get targeted twitter followers? I can get 500 followers a day, but they are not targeted. U want to get followers according to my profile topic. Any expert opinions?
  15. Hi, How about sharing one or two or max upto three of your all time favorite iPhone Apps? Mine are Angry Bird and Facebook. :cool:
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