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  1. 27 in my network now. VC is launching soon! Get in now! Use the "EarnCashForSharing" link in my sig.
  2. 16 in my network now. Come on over and check it out!
  3. I'm currently sitting at 535 XRP, waiting, waiting, waiting :) ....
  4. Still looking for more people to join my network on this opportunity! Currently sitting at 10 people. Come on over and sign up!
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  7. I live in the US and am currently using Coinbase and Binance. Coinbase... http://bit.ly/davidrosso-coinbase Binance... http://bit.ly/davidrosso-binance I use CB to buy Bitcoin, Etherium or Litecoin and I'm using Binance to buy Ripple/XRP. You can push BTC or ETH over from CB to Binance in order to buy XRP. I did this last night for the first time and it worked quite easily and quickly :)
  8. So Binance finally opened up new user registrations again and I was able to get in! Used my Coinbase account to send ETH over to my Binance account which I then used to buy 101 XRP :)
  9. Same old same old.... eat better, hit the gym, lose weight :)
  10. At this point I actually prefer this, since the less places that have my bank account info the better ;)
  11. I want to buy some Ripple but finding a reliable exchange with good reviews and is "actually" accepting new users lol is not easy. Been using this site ( https://www.cryptocompare.com/ ) to compare exchanges, most have bad forum reviews :( So frustrating. I use Coinbase currently for BTC. I just wish they would pickup Ripple!
  12. Wanted to clarify, the above statement about "unlimited extensions" is no longer accurate unless you get the top-tier package for $89/mo. The company made some package pricing/feature changes recently. Current pricing and included features can be found on the website under "Pricing & Sign Up", also attached a screenshot to this message. I currently have the SOLO package myself but seem to be grandfathered in under the old features as my extensions are still listed as "unlimited" in my back office.
  13. Yes is is indeed Grasshopper. I have been using the service for about two months now and like it a lot. It is a great service if you have multiple people that you want to share a number with, like a husband and wife team or a business partner. Because you can have unlimited number of forwarding extensions. It has many of the same features of GoogleVoice but allows you to add extensions. GV doesn't do that. Each extension can have its own voicemailbox and operate on a schedule. Also nice are informational extensions that only provide info and don't go to voicemail. You can call my number and hear how I have mine setup, I have two extension set up, extenstion 1 connects the caller to my cell phone between the hours of 8a-8p est. Extension 2 is a information extension that play info only. And of course the main number accepts incoming faxes. I started the first month on the lowest plan and upgraded to the $24 plan heading into my second month. Click thru to the page and you will find my phone number. You can call it 24/7. David
  14. Turn the World Into Your Office® with MyVirtualPhoneSystem! Designed for the Entrepreneur, Home-Based, and Small Business owners that use their cell phones as their primary business phone. In business with your spouse or another partner? Use this service with a single phone number and multiple users, all with their own extension and voicemail! One number for the entire team/company! - Local and/or Toll Free Numbers - Multiple users/extensions - Forward calls based on schedules - Receive faxes and provide Fax-On-Demand - Android & iPhone app - Plans starting as low as $12/mo - Many more great features! For more info visit... www.MyVirtualPhoneSystem.com
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