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  1. I just recently learned that members can earn commission as a FREE member and once they have at least $5 they can use that to pay their upgrade fee 🙂 👍 So join for FREE and start referring others!
  2. WHAT: 2Up Powerline Program COST: $5 one time (via TRON or LITECOIN) PRODUCT: Advertising package/credits. REQUIREMENTS: 5 upgraded sales to be fully qualified for commissions. Member must have access to TRON or LITECOIN cyprto wallet. COMMISSIONS: $4 per upgraded referral/sale. 2nd & 5th sale passed up to sponsor, all others are yours to keep. PIF AVAILABLE?: No. Members must pay their upgrade fee themselves. AVAILABILITY: Worldwide. RISK: The only thing you can lose is your $5 upgrade fee if you were unable to get any upgraded referrals.
  3. Why would anyone want to PAY for anything at PornHub when you can watch as much porn as you want for free??
  4. Earn TRON with our 2x4 Matrix and 300% Profit Sharing advertising platform! "AutomaticTronProfits" was created with the user in mind. We have combined some of the best advertising products with a pay plan that can generate you profits for years to come. LOW STARTUP COST... Entering the ATP platform is simple and easy. Simply deposit or directly purchase your ATP 2x4 and profit share ad pack for 100 TRX. AUTOMATIC UPGRADES... Our system will automatically upgrade you to the next level of 2x4 and profit sharing each time you accumulate enough
  5. I'm currently sitting at 535 XRP, waiting, waiting, waiting :) ....
  6. So Binance finally opened up new user registrations again and I was able to get in! Used my Coinbase account to send ETH over to my Binance account which I then used to buy 101 XRP :)
  7. Same old same old.... eat better, hit the gym, lose weight :)
  8. At this point I actually prefer this, since the less places that have my bank account info the better ;)
  9. I want to buy some Ripple but finding a reliable exchange with good reviews and is "actually" accepting new users lol is not easy. Been using this site ( https://www.cryptocompare.com/ ) to compare exchanges, most have bad forum reviews :( So frustrating. I use Coinbase currently for BTC. I just wish they would pickup Ripple!
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