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  1. I got PAID! The amount of 2 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U17675481->U402xxxx. Memo: API Payment. Payment for WebGoldMiner from bitcoinspecialist.net.. Date: 00:59 15.06.19. Batch: 26678xxxx.
  2. A Valentines date with my grandkids and an hour video call with my wife abroad!
  3. Several attempts to quit smoking to no avail, thus, maybe slowly cut my daily cigarette consumption by half :)
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  5. PAYING!!!! My first withdrawal was paid fast!!! Thanks Admin!
  6. I am not Admin! Click Here to Check Nowadays, it is widely observed that the fossil fuel supply of our planet diminishes, and the sun is becoming an increasingly valuable energy source. Solar power is becoming more plausible energy choice for many industries and also finds it practicality of the everyday life of people. Energy is the world's largest industry, and so it should come as no surprise that energy investments make up a large chunk of the portfolios of institutional and individual investors alike. Global energy markets have experienced major swings for fossil fuel prices in recent years and it is only going to get worse. As an investors of Fortune Steam you have the opportunity to invest in solar steam technology and thus supporting the development of CSP, a new source of clean energy. The profits gained from the investment activity of Fortune Steam are shared with the investors of the company in the form of returns. The minimum requirement to start is $6 USD. The payment plans offering returns pay 144% ROI after 12 days and 10% daily ROI for 12 days. Fortune Steam also provides rewards for those who recruit new members to the program. The affiliate commission is 6% and it is paid on each new deposit of the investors' referrals. Affiliate commissions are not credited on investments from account balance. At Fortune Steam we believe the fastest way to create a 100% clean energy economy is to let everyone benefit from it. That is why we work every day to create a rock solid, accessible clean energy investment. CLICK TO JOIN
  7. Paid my 2nd withdrawal real fast!!!! Thanks Admin!!!
  8. I GOT PAID AGAIN!!!! Thanks Admin!!!
  9. Payments received, fresh deposit made!!!! Thanks Admin!!!
  10. Daily profit and a little RC withdrawn and paid fast!!! Thanks Admin!
  11. PAID!!! PAID!!! Made another fresh deposits!!! Thank you!!!!
  12. Hey!!! Paying like INSTANT!!! Was paid within a minute!!! Loving it! Let's keep it Rocking to the bank!!!!! Made another fresh deposit to return the favor!!!! Thank you Admin Dominique!!!
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