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  1. Wow. I feel sorry for the people who lost money in liberty reserve accounts... I think bitcoins will have the same fortune in futere... perhaps not the coins, but the exchangers will be restricted through goverments, so the will become worthless perhaps...
  2. Wow! I really wonder about how long neobux stay on the market... Nearly 5 years (or longer) and always attract new members... Im out of this since nearly 5 years (or longer? ;) ) because at their beginning i thought they will dissapear in short time... Good luck for all members of NB to make money for longer time...
  3. Yes, its a great Info and a great deal. But if you sign up through the link in the post above you will not recieve 25$, even if you qualify. Only those who complete register through a personal link will recieve 25$ awards, if the load reaches at least 100$. Look the difference between direct link and the personal page you are directed when you click on my link. Great thing is, you can not only verify PP, you can also cashout Clockbank commissions through payoneer account. The 25$ Dollar Bonus is not valid for existing Card holders, and you must have reached the age of 18 and older
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  5. exchange

    no problem,it was very usefull for myself at the beginning,so its a pleasure for me if i can help.. forgot to say something important: its highly possible that a new trader loose his first account..(i know it well,blowed out three accounts in the first 6 month of trading with real money) important thing for success is: Dont give up! most stories of sucessful traders begin with a blowed account ;) try it first with small money,till you feel comfortable with bigger positions its possible to begin trading with amounts between 100 and 1000 dollars, and the good thing in forex is,you can not loose more than you invest in your account. if your trading is horrible and all goes against you,the broker will give you a margin call at the end and your positions all will be closed automaticly before your balance can go negative
  6. hello to all, i am a professional caterer,aged 39,living in germany i lost a lot of time and money in my first years in the net with hyips and ptr,ptc,surveysand so on and on.. through the hyips, i heard first time what FOREX is,and since 2006 i began to trade for myself... i learn all day,and its not easy because you must be able to control your emotions when your money is in the market,but my goal is to trade for a living within the next 2-3 years... im glad to found this forum and curious about to learn from the members about making money other ways in the net. lets have fun andmake a lot of bucks :) kind regards from germany
  7. exchange

    hi, i am a new member of this forum,and i can say,there IS money in forex... you must learn alot about the rules and the psychologie of the markets,and more important than the best strategie is a proper risk and moneymanagement...and be able to control your emotions,when your money is in the market... one of the best sites to begin and learn about forex is http://www.babypips.com/ there you can visit the school of forex and learn from basic to graduate. and while you learn,open a demo account with a broker,its without risk and for free,you trade with virtual dollars. there you can test your strategies,learn about the use of indikators,learn to read the charts and become the feeling for the markets. dont invest more than you can afford to loose,and first try to become profitable with your demo account,before invest real money. but always remember,that paper trading is easier to become profitable than trading with your own,real money,because of your psych. some brokers,like avafx,offers bonus on your first deposit,so you can trade with more margin than you must invest...