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  1. EMFNetHusen

    Dears Top Gold Forum we're here to introduce you EMFNet.us Inc EMFNet is a registered company at Nevada, USA. Now we're open to offer opportunity for public to take part and get profits from our project. at Jan. 15th, 2011: EMFnet acquired Facebook shares. The good news for you is all peoples can register at EMFNet.us, and buy shares. currently the price per shares is : $0.1 minimum buy is : 100 shares currently, payment done manually and we accept payment at Liberty Reserve : U115236 or Paypal : [email protected] with just $10 all peoples can take part for this big business opportunity. you can register at EMFNet.us and join our group on Facebook here some information about this opportunity offer : * facebook will launch IPO end of this year * from Facebook.com development, we can expect the price per shares going up higher on end of this year *currently EMFNet paying 5% dividend per shares, next payment is on 1st February 2011 from survey on few peoples who already interested to make investment for this offer, i know the most question is 1) this offer is real and i will get Facebook.com shares for real ? EMFNet have acquired huge amount of Facebook.com shares and you can take part by buying public shares from us, you also can get receipt for this and you can get physical shares certificates, but postal fees would apply. 2) how to make investment/buy the shares ? simply register to EMFNet.us and send payment to LR or Paypal address above, then please "pm" me here or reply on this thread is better, you also can send confirmation directly to [email protected] or to my email : [email protected] 3)can i sell my shares ? yes you can sell it anytime you want it just like other company shares. i will update here for FAQ above and anyone who interested or have any question, you can post here, ask to me and do not hesitate to do it. tell your family/friends/partner about this opportunity smile.gif and we wish can make good co operation with you please visit EMFNet.us to get updates about our next projects Regards EMFNet.us Director
  2. EMFNetHusen

    Hi all, I am newbie in this website ,I hope can get many more friends and learn here ^_^
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