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  1. wow congrats to us guys! thank you admin. :smile: god bless.
  2. no i dont want your dog to die, i just found it while searching for some facts on dogs. :wacko: well i'm glad yours is healthy maybe it's not really applied to all. :wacko:
  3. lol, amcfx. thats why i stopped playing that addicted game for a while. i dont want to see myself being the first proof of zombie in the world. :rolleyes:
  4. yeah right you can call it a hobby. :smile: i feel good sharing things you might not know guys. i dont have a blog yet, that's a nice suggestion thanks. :smile:
  5. alice29


    thanks for the links, i will check on it. you know i dont really eat banana in the morning but after every meal like in lunch and dinner. so i find it weird to eat already at breakfast. :smile:
  6. alice29


    really, whats the site name? :smile: i guess males here will check on that one. anyway what i heard was that eating banana is what an athlete's do to give them a high level of energy, they usually eat it in the morning. :smile:
  7. i know the snake's meaning in dreams too, i used to see it just like you. :wacko: well it's better than seeing it in real life and alive! lol :smile:
  8. i just added this game on my facebook account because some of my friends and cousins are playing it too. i play it again tomorrow if i have time. :smile:
  9. yes my father go out during that time, 6-8am. to get his natural vitamin D everyday. that was his doctor's advice. :smile: for him to easily recover.
  10. the only connection to women is to look for her boyfriend's fingers. now the poster should also make another topic, this time on the womens side. :smile:
  11. lol amcfx. :laugh: i guess pj will ask that question to any member that is active at the forum. well since the contest started i spend most of the time searching for something new to post here. :smile: to make the discussion alive. :smile:
  12. welcome back, friend. you can still make it. goodluck! :smile: it's not over yet.
  13. A thief was taking red paint and he was running fast. "Can't spill the paint. " He said as he ran. But he tripped over a rock. "ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGG NOOOO I SPILED THE PAINT ON MY HANDS!" And the law got him. "Talk about getting caught red handed!," The police man joked. :smile:
  14. nice joke pj! After losing another tooth, young-old Timmy became more curious about the mysterious tooth fairy. Finally putting two and two together, he came right out and asked his mother, “Mom, are you the tooth fairy?” Assuming he was old enough to hear the truth, she replied, “Yes Timmy, I am.” Timmy seemed to take this news quite well. But as he headed for the door, he slowly turned back toward his mother with a curious look on his face and said, “Wait a minute mom. How do you get into the other kids’ houses?” :smile:
  15. hi there blues, nice to see you here at the forum. i'm from Philippines, so that's in Asia too. :smile: anyway, same votes for USA/Canada and Asia. :smile: both got 5.
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