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    AdminSpeak Hello to all our much appreciated members ! A warm welcome to all new members. Thank you for choosing Adsrealm ! WE HAVE MOVED ! As some of you are aware, we were experiencing hosting issues, and therefore we have moved AdsRealm to a new and better server. The move was completed earlier today with minimal downtime, and we are once more ready to Rock 'n Roll !! ************* EXCITING 1-DAY ONLY OFFER BEGINS SEPT. 21st at 1am Server Time !! We will be offering a BUY 2, GET 1 FREE Launch Special for 24 hours only, beginning Sept. 21st, at 1am server time. >buy 4, get 2 free >buy 6, get 3 free....and so on, up to a maximum of 10. This is an AMAZING opportunity, and our way of saying thank you to our first customers. PLEASE NOTE: FREE UNITS WILL BE ADDED MANUALLY!! This could take up to 24 hours, so your patience will be appreciated. *************** All withdrawal requests to date have been fulfilled. ********************** Hope you are enjoying a happy and profitable week, Rachel Cheerios  
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