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  1. i agree with you. because of too many cheating via online, i think it will be better if we sell gold jewelry right to the shop. it is for both safety. between seller and buyer can meet each other and if something happen, the seller already know the buyer shop. the buyer also can check the purity of gold in front of the seller, so both will be satisfied.
  2. how do you know neng between real and fake smile? i can't see the different exactly, but i do have some feeling to determine whether the smile is real or fake. sometimes my feeling is right but sometimes wrong too.
  3. i think the most important in trading is to take regular profit, not only experience. at the end, profit or earning is all about. we don't need to know about how much experience you gain, but we need to know how much money you make in your trading. people only see the ending result by physical look, not by experience but with not so good result.
  4. what is cycler? how do they work? could you please explain to me? i have been scammed by hyip. that's why i don't like hyip. it is better to avoid hyip since mostly they are scam. fortunately overall i still in profit though.
  5. what about fried mashed potato to replace cones? it will be good i think since it will be some salty taste from fried mashed potato with sweet ice cream on top. do you think the taste will be good?
  6. totally agree with you. last year was quiet ok for me. i am grateful that i could pass last year with better achievement than the year before. some of my goals still away behind from achievement, so i will try to accomplish on this year.
  7. how do you know which one is real payment proof? it can be fake payment proof. i don't know how to choose the real one from the fake one, and i would like to know too about how to make fake payment proof because if i know, i will be cheated again by those bad creatures who want to deceive me.
  8. lottery will not make you poor if you are not addicted or can use good money management. if you spend all of your money just to buy lottery with hope that you can win the jackpot, surely you will be poor very soon. mindset is the one can make you poor, because what ever you do in action starting from your mindset.
  9. no matter what, this forum already become one of the most favorite forum for me, especially when the contest held. it is really informative and friendly money maker forum. i hope this forum can growth more with more competition.
  10. don't worry, someday you will recover your loss. i hope this year will bring all of us good fortune and prosperity. i set some goals for this year and hopefully this year can give me opportunity to achieve my goal.
  11. you will see soon neng. i already posting some. i hope i can catch up with the rest eventhough i know it will be hard for me to win the contest. i just want to try it because it is kind a challenge for me. lol
  12. i love ice cream too. to make it tasty, i prefer using bread crumb covering dark chocolate. i think in the future we can see much more type and design of the ice cream. i love to see that and tasting it.
  13. lite forex is good broker actually. i might try it one day, but not now. i want to try lite forex contest. hopefully i can win, so i don't need to use my own money to invest.
  14. ok, i will give you the link when i found it. i hope i am not losing it as i wrote in piece of paper. i will pm you when i found it. basically you just sending email to paypal services and saying that you want to verify your account and willing to upgrade your account. that's all what you need to do. unfortunately i have to find the email address first. i did it 2 years ago. i hope it still valid until now. last time the processed from first time i sent my email until got verified only need one week.
  15. have you registered yet with that site? could you please tell me how the site work? i never heard about it. do you think it is legit site? actually i don't quiet understand about paid to review. could you please explain to me?