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  1. Yes, I won... I will post my InstaForex account soon to you, thanks. I will wait your next competition :)
  2. With many forum sites which I joined, I can spend more time in front of computer now. Usually I can spend about 3-4 hours and maybe more if that is necessary :)
  3. @pjbabia Yeah, you're right. I only wanted to know their opinion about this and compare it with mine :)
  4. Andry

    email spam

    @pjbabia That can happen because the hacker got our email address too. Maybe it's fake forum site or another kind of site. We must be more careful to join in some sites now. That is making sense friend.
  5. @alice I think that's only imagination, it's not real thing alice. Because as I knew, robot which can be made by human only did something which programmed.
  6. Andry


    @pjbabia Oh I never knew about that. SO what is the differences with Firefox and what is the benefit if I used that? It's a little bit weird why Modzilla made another browser beside Firefox :p
  7. @alice Yes, mostly people won't use robot because that was too expensive. I ever had uncle who had stroke too and he used walker too not robot.
  8. @pjbabia I don't know how the virus attacked me. As I knew, when I opened my email address, I can't open it. I think it's not virus but it's spyware.
  9. @pjbabia Oh you're good digital image editor in photoshop there. If you like to make some edits in photoshop maybe you can take part to competition too friend.
  10. @alice If you are familiar with jewelry, I think you will know which one is the real and which one is not. Besides, if you met face by face, you can use tools to recognize it if that was online you can't use anything to prove it but believe only.
  11. @alice Yes, that's right alice. I will see the trailer first and then if I am intersting to watch the complete movie, I will look for it.
  12. @alice I think you're right. It's better to find out the update one because it can be the real site in few months ago has turned into scam site. Or maybe there is similiar site which is like that real site.
  13. Yes, I have the same mind with you. I think the criminal will know if he is being watched so it's kind of useless thing. I don't know why police still used it. Maybe it's prevention action so the suspect won't know person who told him as suspect.
  14. @pjbabia Wow you had great imagination there. Robot to make another machines and robot which is controlled by human off course. That was good idea I think.
  15. @pjbabia I ever lost my phones 2 times in 2 months :(( that was really unlucky but it wasn't stolen by someone. I forgot to bring it back when I put it in some places :p
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