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  1. Another round is going to be on?
  2. I downloaded a tweetattacks before. but it didn't work. Your link is dead.
  3. I want to use those followers for marketing purpose. But how to do it? I am now selling account of 1000 followers in a cheap rate. Not finding trusted customers with high rate. Some new companies come and buy twitter account having good numbers of followers for showing professionalism in their business.
  4. FxOptimax broker launch its forex forum. Its paying 20 cent per post. Payment will be delivered to your fxoptimax trading account. You can trade with that bonus but only withdraw the profit not main balance. Link:
  5. Please describe here what idea do you have about facebook marketing. Why making it suspicious. Forum is made aim to share our views.
  6. Facebook is much better than myspace. i like it for its facebook connect, apps and chat. Myscape is the crappy community to me.
  7. I used tweetadder. But it only add 138-147 follower from every user, though they have over 24K followers. It takes more time. I can follow 1000 people in only 25 minute. :D
  8. Twitter followers are not really worth to have. Most of them are for marketing. Twitter is no longer a social network. It mostly use for marketing.
  9. Most people are making money by twitter. but I have over 25K followers in twitter. But not finding any marketing way to earn money from twitter.
  10. The only thing is needed is to increase your own followers. Its so easy. And just increase your tweets. That will give you good rate for ads.
  11. I am making twitter accounts and sell it when it reach 1K. I have 21 twitter account and have over 25K followers now. But I do not find any good way to make money by marketing. Can't login in twivert! I can get 1000+ followers within just a week. :P
  12. Facebook is my favourite social networking site. Because most of my friends are there. But its long time I deactivated my account and out of FB. It takes huge time daily from me. but missing my school friends though. :(
  13. Myspace really sucks. It have a very complex design and users made it more complex too. It takes many times to find a info of a friend. I have a myspace account. But I used this only 2-3 times. Never backed to that. Facebook is much better.
  14. Is these really works? Anybody here made money from this? I am inactive in facebook for a long time.
  15. When you go to a friend's profile, it shows his profile id in the address box. Isn't it?

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