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  1. I celebrated my Valentines Day at the Office with tons of paper works.
  2. @acmfx i think there was a short documentary about zombies... i saw it some time ago, i forgot when. but it is not as what we see in movies.. its lifeless human that moves due to medicine. they dont think... and they dont eat flesh..they just move... and walk.
  3. King James version contain a lot of translation errors.. also they removed some books in the bible to fit their needs...
  4. you really want to kill my dog? well, i am prepared for that moment... and if that happens,, i wanted to get another one, this time, bigger.... German Shepherd
  5. Just recently a new website is launched for all people who are unemployed.... It is called a Social NotWorking Site....
  6. there is actually a store in Manila on Our Lady of Victories Church in New Manila Quezon City. They sell Douay Rheim Bible. I think its 3000 Pesos per copy. Their difference is that the Douay Rheim version have accurate translation while the newer versions do have a lot of mis interpreted translation and most of them are Protestant Bible.
  7. why are you posting this information Alice? i do have a mini dachshund and she is 5 years old now.. do you want my dog to die soon? well my dog is still active and she (i think) is not suffering from any illness...
  8. if it will work on other pcs then it should work on yours as well...
  9. Hi blues from Malaysia. I am from Philippines too... welcome to topgoldforum.
  10. yes, the code does work in my samsung. i think it is universal and standard, they do that for security purposes. but i am not sure if it does work on smart phones such as android, iphones and windows mobile.
  11. @blues, that's right, that is called the manifestation of our subconsciousness, they are most of the time revealed in dreams. @alice, did you take up psychology course when you were in college?
  12. the problem with capsule is that it may contain chemicals that gives out side effect to your body.. the best way to get vitamin D is acquiring it naturally, the best is the sun's heat early in the morning. DO you think it is already hot in 6 in the morning? when the sun is still level with the horizon.
  13. @blues, i have seen a friend who was addicted to play Poker in facebook.. i did not play it.. but i only see him playing.. does it involve real money when you play?
  14. the Latin Vulagate is in English, taken from the word Vulgata which means approved by the Church.. the Douay Rhiems are the accepted and more accurate translation of the Latin Vulgate.
  15. the only thing i know is that zombies are becoming one because of virus or diseases. i remmber many movies that talks about zombies.. Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, and Plants Vs Zombies.. LOL..
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