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  1. I think its the same with other sub branches of Christianity to remove any books they don't find fit. But anyway, for a clean, not provocative discussion sake's let's leave this job to the religious heads and its their burden later for keeping some of the holy books away from the public's knowledge.
  2. I think its better for you to contact an official Instaforex representative or their live chat for this matter. You'll get a direct answer and explanations since they operate this and not us. We can only assume things. HongKong server may have replaced USA or USA server is under some tweaking for better performance before they open it for new registrations.
  3. Yeap, but you will get that bonus if you deposit over $20 bucks. If below it then no bonus. An update of my experience with them. I had a lot of requotes the other day when I traded which made me frustrated. I'm wondering what's wrong since I didn't get much requotes before.
  4. 6 am sunshine is still healthy, just don't extend up to noon because its no longer good for the body and higher risk for skin cancer. Some textbooks (If I remember it correctly) says 6-8 am sunshine is best for the body.
  5. Do you have a problem with a protestant bible? Or you don't like their translation? (King james version is what my church prefers)
  6. Ahahaha social notworking site. But seriously many of us are really there. Employment is something our governments should focus on. Ok back to the topic I'm hungry for more jokes!
  7. Liteforex, Great place for beginners. - MetaTrader 4 trading platform including MultiTerminal and free PDA version; - Minimum deposit to start trading $1 ($10+ recommended) on accounts MINILite and 100KLite, denominated in US cents; - Dedicated trading server for professional traders on accounts MINIForex and 100KForex; - Deposits/withdrawals in e-Gold, WebMoney, Bank wires; - Instant payments to your account when depositing electronic currencies; - 43 instruments to trade including 8 unique currency indexes; - No dealing desk - automated orders execution including market orders; - 24/5 customer support; - More than 18000 active traders; - Instant account activation - start trade in minutes; - Free affiliate and partnership program. Link - www.LITEFOREX.org
  8. @ Andry There are a lot. Most of them are involved in ptcs only. Hyips maybe a handful. Forex very few.
  9. Yeah, I chat with them in YM from time to time. But some are away from my region.
  10. Nope, I haven't yet. But will consider going there someday. A few friends there that I want to meet in person.
  11. Yes considering there are millions of traders online. We experience almost the same things when we start out.
  12. Yes Andry, SL is very important. I lost $50 before in 1 week. I was using 0.01. A big lesson and eye opener for me. "Small cents can pile up and hurt your risk capital".
  13. Nope it takes only a few hours. My previous experience I got my LR withdrawal within 1 hour of request. Details of how long you will get the payment is found in the client log in, withdrawal button. Withdraw when the financial department is open to avoid getting your money the next day.
  14. It takes up to 2 days. I withdrawed yesterday. I'm still waiting for it now.

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