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  1. It's probably another flavor of the month game, I saw a lot of people active in the chat box of Doomsday defense and I wonder how it would look after people get bored of this game. Facebook is popular with game overload that we try so many and stick only a few.
  2. Sometimes this is the tricky part. To earn from a blog it needs to have a certain quality of post. Posting frequently may lessen the quality and for me I need inspiration to blog and make a good post. "Post frequently" two words that sounds easy but you'd find difficulty when your trying to type an article.
  3. I think you misunderstand his message. He's not encouraging you to blog. But rather check out his programs that paid him.
  4. Your welcome. Some good blogging tips can be found here http://topgoldforum.com/forum/28-blogging/ you might want to check some articles there.
  5. I did not mean it that way. I did not intend for you to misinterpret to happen to your pet. Yeah, just get a another one younger so you'll spend much more time with it.
  6. I think its the same with other sub branches of Christianity to remove any books they don't find fit. But anyway, for a clean, not provocative discussion sake's let's leave this job to the religious heads and its their burden later for keeping some of the holy books away from the public's knowledge.
  7. Good to hear they don't eat flesh LOL, I have a different concept of zombies. It's amazing how multimedia can affect the image of something harmless (mindless, brain eating, walking piece of terrror).
  8. Slinky is the real name of this toy? We called it spring since its like the spring in our bed. I remember crying to my mom to buy me one of these back then when I was a kid because most kids before had one in school. Oh the memories :D
  9. amcfx


    Alice, I think its ok. As long as you get your daily serving of it regardless whether its served on any meal/snack.
  10. Hey Alice, you have an interesting hobby of searching for unusual information. Do you own a blog? I suggest to make one and compile your findings. You might get good traffic from this.
  11. I think its better for you to contact an official Instaforex representative or their live chat for this matter. You'll get a direct answer and explanations since they operate this and not us. We can only assume things. HongKong server may have replaced USA or USA server is under some tweaking for better performance before they open it for new registrations.
  12. Thanks Alice, I relate my situation now like cramming on studying a night before an exam since a few hours till the contest ends....
  13. amcfx


    http://www.menshealth.com/ yeap a good time to be conscious of our health and here's te women's health website for you Alice http://www.womenshealthmag.com/
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