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  1. Some brokers like hotforex allows 1:1000 leverage on their micro account and 1:400 on their regular accounts, new traders however being unaware of the market conditions should keep the leverage low in start because high leverage can claim higher losses too.
  2. Indicator might be helpful however i guess all these indicators can sometimes become misleading and can get us into trouble like the signal services which no doubt works most of the time yet they sometime become hard nuts to crack. SO better to trust on our own abilities to conclude how the market moves.
  3. More than 90% losing statistics in forex just because of the fact that the new traders does not want to learn how it works.
  4. Demo accounts can also be helpful in learning forex processes more easily than any other learning method in my opinion.
  5. It can be a great source for earning money quickly but the situation seems quite different if you are not aware how the market works.
  6. Money management and using the stop loss feature can help us reduce the risks of losing in forex trading.
  7. Usually the demo accounts of the reputed brokers are similar to their live trading environment still we should test them with small amounts i guess.
  8. The btcusd pair was cool still i focus on trading the major and i will surely stick to the EUR and GBP for they are perfect in scalping and day trading.
  9. Yet the proper risk management and money management comes up with the time so be patient with that.
  10. While chosing a broker we should do some thorough research and shortlist the few reputed brokers. Then trade their demo accounts to test their processes and which ever suits the best we should go with that particular broker.
  11. We can also protect the account from sudden blow up by keeping the leverage low, using stop loss and taking calculated risks.
  12. We are surrounded by good and bad so we need to be extra vigilant while choosing the right one to trust with our money.
  13. We can also start with as low as 5 but i think better to start with 50 as it is a good handsome amount to take a start. Starting with small amounts can help us test the brokers further processes like withdrawal etc which we cant usually check using their demo accounts.
  14. Good to know and do let us posted when you make good earnings on trades we will be glad to see you winning the markets. Cheers!
  15. Hedging might also be hazardous for the new traders because they dont know when to exit the markets. Still the new traders can choose a demo account to practice and learn in the meantime.
  16. Forex trading is a very professional business which does not spare any traders' mistakes so we can not count it in gambling and those who comes in forex to gamble eventually ends up the same way as they do in casino. They give their money to the casino thinking they would make some big winning one day which is their illusion in my opinion.
  17. Forex is difficult way to earn easy money in my opinion because a lot of people are attracted to forex trading as they think it is very easy however in actual it is not that easy and they have to learn all the necessary skills needed to make money using your own money which is really hard and take time to master those necessary skills.
  18. I do not think there is any guarantee when we transfer money in someone's account. so even i am trading with some good reputed brokers right now i always withdraw profits leaving necessary capital behind just to stay on the safe side.
  19. Babypips is a great resource in my opinion when it comes to learning forex tips however these days we can find useful resources on each google search still babypips is a good learning source in my opinion.
  20. It usually takes some time to reach at the levels where we are able to define how to manage our risks and money accordingly so stick with the learning processes and become a better trader.
  21. Usually small amounts can be a good start to test the broker's further processes like withdrawal etc which we cant test on their demo account.
  22. Still the EURUSD and GBPUSD can be evergreen trading pairs even if they are not offering cryptos. I guess crypto currencies are still in their in fancy and may take some time to reach maturity.
  23. In my opinion, EURUSD and GBPUSD is the only favorable pair to keep an eye or new traders can also consider major pairs in start because they have sufficient liquidity with low spreads.
  24. Agreed, however we should not take that amount of risks which we can not afford to lose.
  25. Getting rigorous training in my opinion is to get involved with the forex and demo account and keep on learning.

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