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  1. Some of the brokers which i usually suggest to be shortlisted before finalizing the right broker are hotforex, oanda, octa, fxprimus, xm, exness, lmfx etc. However better doing a little more research before going with any broker because broker selection is really tough and is getting harder every day.
  2. I guess the bonuses aren't the only aspect to be considered while choosing any decent broker moreover from your own post i agree that these bonuses should be availed only after knowing to the terms and condition which they are usually associated with.
  3. Forex trading in my opinion is one of the legit business available online these days however the hard thing is that many traders looses money in start because they think that it is easy but it isn't that easy and we need to specialize in that specific niche if we wishes to earn money from trading forex which is actually possible.
  4. New traders should focus on trading demo account and besides this the best thing to learn is how the support and resistance works.
  5. I believe that google is quite helpful and we can find all the relevant information about any niche just by doing "google it" and the good part of it is it's easy and free btw..
  6. Epay might be a good service i believe however i have to advise those who feel trapped in bitcoin market; "Guys! why to sell out the bitcoin when there is only a maximum supply of 21M bitcoins in total. That means that the price has eventually go up with every passing day."
  7. Yes we have a lot many ways to make money online but we have to choose the right niche, then start specializing in that particular area and sooner you will find out money streams starting flowing in. For me, my niche is forex trading and i am also looking at crypto trading too which is a good however brokers like hotforex etc have already added bitcoin to be traded against USD or EUR which is also a good initiative for forex traders to earn more from this high volatile commodity.
  8. Thanks for the share, i did clicked the link but honestly i can write more than 5000 words on earning thousands in bitcoin without adding referral links which you had inserted in your pdf. Sorry about that but please do not spam here. Your link put my browser turned into a lot of pop up and ads site, when i finally downloaded the guide it was a crap seriously.
  9. Agreed to this as we can't count this factor while trading forex, maybe it could help us a little in earning however the majors are the discipline, money management, emotion management and the right appropriate strategy which allow us to foresee and manage the risks associated with our investments.
  10. I see these demo contests are really helpful because they really allow us to improve our trading by learning through a demo account and as the winner is also entitled for a prize so it does motivate new traders to compete with others by utilizing the skills which they learn in these demo contests.
  11. Demo account can be a good option to learn how to trade and how to minimize the risks. The new traders should stick to it for at least six months before going to live trading accounts.
  12. Many new traders looses in start and some of them also looses more while chasing their lost money however that is actually inevitable in my opinion and in fact it is the lesson learned or experience gained by paying money. Those who does not repeat those mistakes and let go off these losses obviously become successful in forex trading.
  13. Research is something that helps us becoming good at choosing the best among the top because we have a lot many brokers which are joining the industry and many at the same time ending up as well, so don't let your money goes to those who had planned to end the operation. The best way is to go with reputed brokers which have some good repute over the past few years. Also we should diversify our investment portfolio with more than one broker so the chances of loosing all the money in case of broker default can be reduced as well. Last but not the least why not withdraw the profits regularly by keeping the necessary capital behind. I hope that might be helpful for everyone.
  14. Maybe from Vietnam as i have seen these Vietnamese traders are also very crazy when it comes to trade forex however let see who will win this contest as it might be a very tough challenge for everyone.
  15. This VIP contest prizes are much tempting however let see who will be the winner this time.
  16. I am also using skrill for quite some time now, just used CC once to fund my skrill and so on..
  17. Every new traders should actually start it as a part time and once we get good hands on forex trading we can switch from part time to full time business because it is very rewarding job.
  18. I see we should go with those brokers having some good repute in the past although past performance does not guarantee future results because forex is too risky but still we have the option to find out the right broker to start trading forex.
  19. When we overcome our fears, take some time learning the market and certainly we learn to earn money from this forex trading business so the point is to stick with the objective and you will get the success for sure.
  20. Analysis and accuracy of data comes up with experience, i still have a habit of going to news sites reading news from all across the world and learning how it will impact the market is one of my biggest assets that i currently have and i suggest all new traders to make a habit of reading news sites if they wish to make good conclusions.