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  1. Yes they should launch a card similar to the prepaid cards available in the market and that could be helpful though..
  2. Yes you are right, the choice is always with the trader that either they prefer paying zero or fixed spread to the broker or a commission..
  3. Many new traders looses in start and as per the stats, the losers ratio is around 90 % however we have to let go these losses if we wish to become a successful trader.
  4. Yes you are right but it will also be good if we trade with a proper trade management plan, and keep a trading journal too for evaluating our performance and learning from the mistakes that we have done in past.
  5. Market conditions can be analyzed properly if we keep our eyes on the news and learn what outcome this news will bring up on the market.
  6. Learning is really important otherwise you will make loss even if you invest a million dollar in forex trading.
  7. I better suggest sticking to small but consistent profits that at the end of day enables us a significant improvement in our earning graph. Taking high risks may be tempting in start but may ends up in blowing up the account within no time.
  8. How long are you using this broker, I guess its a good way to recommend those which we have used and verified.. really, i appreciate that!
  9. I guess we better always have an option to make a little research for reputed brokers before finalizing any decent broker and the spreads are really important to count as lower spreads will lower the transaction costs, hence more profits.
  10. Are you a binary option trader..? How long are you trading binary options with this suggested broker?
  11. The scam offers are those which offers you getting richer over the night right after purchasing services from them so it is better to stay away from those scammers.
  12. We should invest in those stocks that can yield guaranteed dividends as this way we better get some consistent passive income, and don't go behind those which are too risky fluctuating in the market just for blowing your capital.
  13. I better suggest you shortlist a few reputed brokers and make some own research over them by checking their reviews online. Meanwhile, try opening demo account with those you wish to further shortlist and practice these demo accounts. Soon, you will be able to compare which broker processes suits your requirement and that is the point you choose your right broker. However, any broker you choose, keep in mind to start with small amount to check their withdrawals and other processes. As per my experience, i think shortlisting hotforex, octafx, fxprimus, lmfx etc can be some reputed brokers that can be considered while choosing a decent broker.
  14. Guys, I think 2016 is history now so why don't we open a new thread for 2017. Moreover, it will be good if we come up with more broader money making ideas rather than sticking to PTC or forex relevant discussions.
  15. .. and is risky too! So all we need to do is to learn how to manage those risks before starting trading as it is not that easier as it looks like.
  16. I think yes..! Every new trader should do proper research before choosing the right broker, although researching might seem a tiring job yet it is very helpful too.
  17. We can become professionals if we get the skills of foreseeing the risk associated with our investments and knowing how to manage these associated risks.
  18. I better say we should stay away from such silly promising invites that offers getting rich right after purchasing services from them. HYIPs, pyramid schemes, mlm, ponzi etc are the places where the senior members are compensated with the junior members' money. However, i guess PAMM accounts can be good option for those who wishes to earn money from forex trading but can't trade forex due to lack of time or knowledge. Though investing inherits certain risks so anyone willing to invest should understand those associated risks before investing in any venture and invest to that extent that we can afford to loose.
  19. I better suggest that forex trading is a business based purely on calculations, analysis and risk management so we cannot relate it with gambling or casinos.
  20. Small amounts can only bring limited returns however it is good to get small but consistent profits on any invested amount.
  21. I guess scalping is allowed by almost every broker but they do restrict those types of trading techniques that violates their terms of services.
  22. Indeed investment capital is the basic necessity needed to start forex trading, and without it we can't make any return through forex so better to save some money while learning how to earn money from forex and then start.
  23. In fact we can get good hands on trading through practicing demo accounts and i still use my demo for couple of hours before implementing any new strategy to my live accounts.
  24. The new month has just started so i think i better wait for this month's webinars list and attend some of them.. Btw! thanks for sharing and i appreciate your contribution as sharing is caring too in my opinion.
  25. I didn't got time going through any of the hotforex webinar this month, planning to take a look at their past webinar page to get some refresher.