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  1. This VIP contest prizes are much tempting however let see who will be the winner this time.
  2. I am also using skrill for quite some time now, just used CC once to fund my skrill and so on..
  3. Retail traders are like us and institutional traders are a bunch of retail traders working for any single institution.
  4. Every new traders should actually start it as a part time and once we get good hands on forex trading we can switch from part time to full time business because it is very rewarding job.
  5. Gambling and forex makes no sense together because they both are very different things but still people put them together and looses money in forex, they simply trade like they are gambling.
  6. Also we can make notes by marking the important news on economic calendar which helps us knowing what exactly is happening in todays world and we can easily evaluate their impact on the currency market.
  7. I see we should go with those brokers having some good repute in the past although past performance does not guarantee future results because forex is too risky but still we have the option to find out the right broker to start trading forex.
  8. When we overcome our fears, take some time learning the market and certainly we learn to earn money from this forex trading business so the point is to stick with the objective and you will get the success for sure.
  9. Analysis and accuracy of data comes up with experience, i still have a habit of going to news sites reading news from all across the world and learning how it will impact the market is one of my biggest assets that i currently have and i suggest all new traders to make a habit of reading news sites if they wish to make good conclusions.
  10. Discipline is all about a process of controlling one's behavior and actions, either through self-motivation or through teaching and punishment.
  11. Trading knowledge can be improved by trading your self, learning from webinars and other online stuff etc.
  12. This is because you never tried researching at your own, better to be with regulated broker and always test them through demo accounts and once you open live account with them try to start with small amount to test their further processes like withdrawal etc. By using this technique you will for sure get a good broker.
  13. It happens when even a good trades went bad but we need to keep use of stop loss feature which enables us to cut our losses before it blew the entire account.
  14. Maybe you are right so the best way is to shortlist a few brokers and do a little research at your own before finalizing the right broker. I have shortlisted a few brokers like hotforex, fxprimus, octafx, lmfx etc which can be an option to be considered while considering a decent broker to start trading forex.
  15. Day trading might be good however better to have a mix strategy but the major focus is to earning pips, more the pips and more the money we will earn at the end of day.