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  1. Did you realized that you had bumped a six years old thread..! Still didn't addressed related to the pivots.
  2. First people losses money and those who let go off these losses and learn from their mistakes eventually make their ways to success.
  3. Gold and USD are considered to be safe heavens in my opinion however trading is really risky so we should be very careful while trading and deciding which asset to choose for trading.
  4. Anyways how is the trades going on.. i see many of us are doing shorts only since the market is affected due to the new corona virus lockdown.
  5. At least for a minimum of six months in my opinion before going to trade on live accounts.
  6. So i was assuming that this thread was about to discuss forex trading EAs , right!
  7. I guess we cannot make a living in forex in start however when we learn the necessary skills we can move into another world where we can do everything like a dream comes true.
  8. Hmm,, I see they are following the latest trends which is good because trend is your friend as we know in our trading terminology.. :)
  9. Bonuses can be good however most of them are associated with many terms and conditions so better to start with small deposits for testing broker's processes like withdrawals etc which cannot be tested on demo accounts.
  10. If you are using live account then why would you taking part with your demo account? I guess if you want to back test your strategy you can use demo but you better participate through live accounts. For demo i guess they have another contest running which is demo to real contest i guess.
  11. Even if they (the newcommers) start live trading, they should back test their strategy on demo accounts before implementing it on live trading accounts.
  12. Since i am not planned to switch to mt5 for now or maybe i will shift to it when mt4 ends, so why not taking time to check support which may be helpful in suggesting you the right answer.
  13. Contests are always good for proving skills so participation can also leads to winning the competition and earning repute among other traders.
  14. When you logged into your my.hotforex account you can see almost every detail in the bottom, please try and tell us how many awards are showing up there.
  15. Losses occurs even experienced traders face losses as bad day happens to anyone, so better to cut off losses earlier coz one bad trade can ends up the entire account.
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