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  1. As i have mentioned earlier that high leverage can claim high damages too, so keep the leverage low in the start and i have noticed that many brokers like hotforex also offers 1:1000 on micro and 1:400 on regular but the new traders should learn trading processes first by practicing demo account before moving to the live accounts.
  2. The new traders thinks they might become rich immediately and some silly promising invites also let them think that they will become rich right after buying the services however they should know that most of such services are scam that are only meant to take away investors money.
  3. I better say if anyone wishes to earn income from forex trading then they need to obtain the knowledge, experience and skill before jumping into this business.
  4. Actually you are right and i did binary options trading for quite sometime and then i shifted to hotforex broker and now only trading forex which is so far so good for me.
  5. Some of those brokers which are market makers also claims to be NDD, so i think we should only go with reputed brokers as they have some past history which we can check although it does not guarantee future performance but forex itself is a risky business.
  6. I can agree with this statement because losses are incurred as well besides the good trades a few might went bad by professional traders as well..
  7. Some asks spread while some also settle on commissions i guess, its all about our choice as which account type we choose according to what suits best to our trading needs.. either its commission or spread whatever..!
  8. Security of funds can be only ensured if we choose a regulated broker which do also have a good repute in the market, otherwise we might loose our money for sure.
  9. Forex trading is not eating burgers i guess but it can't be boring because we got new things to learn in forex in our daily routine.
  10. This can only comes up while practicing a demo account with proper patience and consistency which is the key to become successful trader.
  11. There are many forex brokers available today and it really seems hard finding the right broker among those so i better suggest shortlisting few decent brokers like hotforex, octafx, lmfx etc before finalizing the one and i think it is also good to trade with more than one broker in order to reduce the risks or diversifying the portfolio.
  12. I guess you are right, me too also prefer trading forex over stocks as i found forex more lucrative than any other earning options.
  13. Forex trading can be learned easily by trading the demo account, they are also helpful in getting familiar with the trading processes and we can also test any broker by testing their demo accounts.
  14. There is no shortcut and the shortest distance between the two point is the straight line so whatever we wish to master at, we have to struggle, learning the rules with patience and consistency.
  15. That's sounds interesting but stellar is now around 1500 satoshi and is among digital currencies however i am not trading them because i like trading FIAT currencies on my hotforex account.

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