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  1. I guess these bonuses are only to test broker performance so instead of joining any broker with no deposit bonus isn't it a good option to trade their demo account to test their offerings.
  2. As i mentioned earlier, it is good to shortlist a few decent brokers then test their performance by practicing their demo accounts and sooner we will be able to compare which broker demo account suits our trading needs.
  3. Absolutely these brokers are the one who help us earning money through forex trading, when we make money we forget them and whenever we face a bad day we usually put our blame on these brokers.
  4. I am sure that those who acquire those required skills will never make losses in forex trading and make a lot much returns on the investments. In fact learning those skills help lowering the risks involved and maximizing the profits.
  5. I better say that the only important tip to note is to make a good plan and stick to it.
  6. Agreed to some extent as we can't trade without having any broker support however finding the right broker seems to becoming harder these days.
  7. Those who make losses but try letting go off these losses become the top successful traders in future as they knew the value of such losses which have transformed their dreams into reality.
  8. Exactly we can make good returns on our investments through trading forex or either losses our own capital. I see its a crazy market where everyone thinks that he is clever however the only one who succeed is the one who identify when to enter and how to exit from their existing positions.
  9. Many traders preferred paying a fixed spread instead of going to anonymous commission structure offered by many forex brokers.
  10. It might be risky however it is rewarding too but all we need is to learn the tactics required to earn money from forex trading. Most of the new traders looses money in start but they have to let go these losses in order to become a success forex trader. So practice demo account and be patience in start to acquire all those necessary skills.
  11. I guess the zero spread account might be helpful for the scalpers however the new traders being unaware of the market conditions should apply scalping carefully or they may risk their entire capital.
  12. These days almost every broker allows trading during new where scalping is more easier however they do restricts those trading tactics that violates their terms and conditions.
  13. Obviously broker selection is an important factor in our success because ultimately it is the broker who help us initiating trades in the forex market.
  14. We should prepare a trade management plan and then stick to it, even if we reach our target we should stop trading further and if any trade went bad we better take some time to evaluate our mistakes rather than chasing that lost amount.
  15. I see this broker discussion thread is too common on many forums.. better we should make a little research shortlisting a few reputed brokers like hotforex, octafx, lmfx etc and try them with opening their demo accounts for comparing them and testing them at your own.

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