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  1. tradesprint

    Risk management is important to consider or you will loose all of your money so better to invest that sum which you can afford to loose in my opinion.
  2. tradesprint

    Being a beginner, only trade demo account for a minimum of six months before funding up live accounts.
  3. tradesprint

    There are in fact millions of stuff which can appear on each google and i guess most of them is free, the brokers also offer free educational stuff like free webinars which are free to join.
  4. tradesprint

    Demo accounts serve as the key fundamentals in developing traders skills, those who are successful in trading have traded demo account for more than six months before moving to their live trading accounts.
  5. tradesprint

    Scalping is first to be discussed by your own self as if you are a new trader then chances are that you may end up your balance opening and closing multiple positions. New traders should trade on the longer time frames in order to earn as well as staying on the safe side.
  6. tradesprint


    Yes i do agree that this broker webinars are very helpful and up to date which refresh everything related to trading.
  7. tradesprint

    Not sure about the mess honestly but one thing that we haven't noticed so far is that the year has almost ended. Let make some new year resolutions .. :)
  8. tradesprint

    Both are same just comes up with different labels, what kind of restrictions are we talking about btw..? Also if you have issues with skrill better to register with neteller as well and see if they offer any better services.
  9. tradesprint


    I hope that when you go through the details you will surely love it as they have very wonderful options which the winners will receive.
  10. tradesprint


    If youtube allows such translation facility then i guess everyone can take benefits from these webinars or other stuff available online at youtube.
  11. tradesprint


    I guess you better can do it with fiat dollar deposit or either you can use bitpay to fund btc dollar in your account.
  12. tradesprint

    There are a lot of brokers and many new brokers are joining the market while many winding up every day so better to go with those which are regulated, reputed and are in this industry for quite some time now. A few brokers like hotforex, octa, xm, lmfx etc are the few examples of those which have good history in the past.
  13. tradesprint

    I guess this is not about luck and lack of knowledge but it all depends on how hard you have researched to find the right broker in my opinion.
  14. tradesprint

    Market analysis can be learned through practice and learning from the trends and charts because they are easy to learn. Mostly those who get familiar with the support and resistance also take advantage of the market movement and earn money.
  15. tradesprint

    I better suggest that anyone who wishes to start forex should start learning those processes which are required to earn money from this trading business because forex trading might seem easy however earning money from it is not that easier.