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  1. tradesprint

    If you are using live account then why would you taking part with your demo account? I guess if you want to back test your strategy you can use demo but you better participate through live accounts. For demo i guess they have another contest running which is demo to real contest i guess.
  2. tradesprint

    Even if they (the newcommers) start live trading, they should back test their strategy on demo accounts before implementing it on live trading accounts.
  3. tradesprint

    Since i am not planned to switch to mt5 for now or maybe i will shift to it when mt4 ends, so why not taking time to check support which may be helpful in suggesting you the right answer.
  4. tradesprint

    Contests are always good for proving skills so participation can also leads to winning the competition and earning repute among other traders.
  5. tradesprint

    When you logged into your my.hotforex account you can see almost every detail in the bottom, please try and tell us how many awards are showing up there.
  6. tradesprint

    Losses occurs even experienced traders face losses as bad day happens to anyone, so better to cut off losses earlier coz one bad trade can ends up the entire account.
  7. tradesprint

    Honest brokers are really hard to find out these days, better doing some research to find out the right broker.
  8. tradesprint

    With virtual funds in demo account when any new traders earn profits he earns nothing but experience as how to trade in forex live account, when they loose even then they don't loose any money however even in this loosing event they learn experience which is more valuable i guess.
  9. tradesprint

    All these things take time and thats why we learn from our daily routine, it is better if we review our trading journal on regular basis and check for necessary improvements in it.
  10. tradesprint

    Loosing ratio of these new traders is more than 90% however those who let go off these losses eventually get successful in future because they learn from their mistakes and add them to their experiences.
  11. tradesprint

    Obviously these demo trading accounts can be used to back test strategies before implementing on real accounts by professional traders. New traders use it for learning forex trading or forex processes.
  12. tradesprint

    Mostly these demo accounts are offered without depositing any money with the broker, means that we can test the brokers processes with the virtual money added by them.
  13. tradesprint

    Demo accounts are the best way to build up skills required in earning money from forex trading so the importance of practicing demo account should be kept in mind while going for forex trading.
  14. tradesprint

    Forex trading is among one of the best legit businesses available online and those who are experienced traders lives a luxury dream life however earning from forex trading isn't that easier as it seems so better to learn the necessary skills required to earn money through forex trading.
  15. tradesprint

    Spreads are usually low on major pairs and relatively more on exotic pairs, the new traders should focus on major pairs in order to earn more pips by paying low spreads.
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