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  1. tradesprint

    Bonuses have always been tricky however i have also noticed that hotforex offering btcusd and other crypto pairs for trading however i am usually on trading popular pairs like EURUSD, Cable and gold etc..
  2. tradesprint

    Broker selection is really becoming harder because there are so many brokers in the market these days, so the traders should do some research at their own by shortlisting reputed brokers and testing them through trading their demo accounts.
  3. tradesprint

    Mostly every trader make mistake in start, almost 90% looses money too however its better to let go these losses and move forward in order to become successful in future.
  4. tradesprint

    Just trust your own self and do your own research before investing your hard earned money in forex.
  5. tradesprint

    Cutting losses earlier through using proper SL helps traders to loose more money because one single trade if went bad can kill the entire account so stop losses are must to be used.
  6. tradesprint

    New traders especially being unaware of the market conditions should keep the leverage low because high leverage causes higher damages too.
  7. tradesprint

    Bonuses are good however they comes up with many terms and conditions so avail only if you can fullfill those concerns otherwise it becomes hard to reach the required thresholds. Those who on the other hand does not wish to avail bonuses have always the option to open account with out availing bonuses.
  8. tradesprint

    Better to start forex trading in free time as a hobby while doing primary job and learning about forex with proper passion, try demo practicing for more than six months and once done with the learning it is good to start with small amounts to test the broker for their further processes like withdrawal etc..
  9. tradesprint

    Forex forums can also be a good place to learn forex easily with the help of other professionals available through out.
  10. tradesprint

    Broker can only support by providing leverage and liquidity to initiate trades however making money from forex requires proper working and doing some own research.
  11. tradesprint

    I think soon such mobile wallets will be integrated by the brokers in future, let see where it goes due to advancement in technologies.
  12. tradesprint

    Research is the beginning to any successful venture and learning the skills required to earn money from forex is the key to become a successful trader in my opinion.
  13. tradesprint

    Greed is just like other emotions which are needed to be set aside while trading, better to stick with a trading plan and once the trading goal is achieved the trading should be stopped and the trader should spend some time reviewing performance.
  14. tradesprint

    Research is necessary and newcommers should try on trading virtual funds available in demo accounts till they become familiar with the trading method.
  15. tradesprint

    Broker selection is really getting hard so better doing some own research before finalising the right broker.