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  1. Well well, thats really a surprise seriously.. i would request you to please open a new thread to sell up your stuff rather than spamming the entire forum threads.
  2. tradesprint

    Better looking for other account options as well which starts from 50 usd i guess but being a new trader the only advise is to start forex trading as a hobby while doing some primary job, save some money from it and trade demo account only which does not cost you anything. Once you get some savings in your piggy bank i am sure you will be able to make profitable trades too so that would be the right time for you to open a live account even with more than 1000 usd or above..Good luck
  3. Meta trader 4 is very user friendly and most of the trades are executed by one single clicks.
  4. tradesprint

    Babypips school is no doubt an extensive place of learning forex as a newbie.
  5. tradesprint

    It took many years gaining experiences so practice is a key to learn new things in forex industry either way you learn by loosing money or by looking at other's experiences. So start learning now either taking regular leaning classes or through internet, moreover internet is full of learning resources which comes up with no costs.
  6. tradesprint

    Those who have targets, they also have a proper plan to chase these targets and these guys eventually make their way in forex trading.
  7. tradesprint

    Trader himself is the main reason for failing in forex trading, there is a set of rule which is fixed for everyone so those who try to make another shortcut to these always fail.
  8. tradesprint

    Yes that's why a trading journal is recommended to every trader, which is easy to review and evaluate all the past mistakes.
  9. tradesprint

    Better if we can choose regulated and reputed broker for trading forex.
  10. tradesprint

    Savings and investing those savings in order to built some assets for future.
  11. tradesprint

    I guess Alpari UK was also shut down in past, not sure if the traders get their money back.
  12. tradesprint

    PS you can earn more money from forex trading rather than advertising such spammy affiliate links.
  13. tradesprint

    Thats an affiliate link my friend and to be very honest i really dislike those who misleads new users. FOrex trading is a good way to make money so better remove this link and instead learn about how to make money from forex.
  14. tradesprint

    Starting with small amounts can be a good start however demo trading in start can be more helpful in developing the right skills to make profit from forex.
  15. tradesprint

    Forex trading guarantee good steady source of income however broker selection is really important in my opinion.
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