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  1. Lose all of the money and then blaming broker and those friend who referred the broker.
  2. Yet many comes in to forex trading with a mindset of get rich right over the night which is actually not the scenario in forex.
  3. We can check most of the features offered by the broker by opening demo account with them.
  4. Reliable trader plus trading knowledge is a combination for making money from forex trading otherwise many traders lose money and lose more while chasing their lost money and eventually ends up blaming their broker.
  5. Low spreads or zero spreads can be best for increasing scalping profits. New traders on the other side should try trading on long terms because scalping is a form of short term trading which can be done when the market are much more volatile so the chances are that the new traders can lose money.
  6. In my opinion demo account and practicing it is the best way of learning forex processes more easily than any other learning method.
  7. Without a trading plan it will be like throwing darts in the dark.
  8. Selecting the right broker is really becoming harder these day so anyone looking for a good broker should at least do some of their own research before finalising the right broker.
  9. New comers only listen when they ends up blowing their accounts imo, a demo account is key for any successful traders so anyone who wishes to become successful in future should not ignore the importance of trading demo account.
  10. Are you referring to the webinars, they are good to enhance your trading experience so you can check them more often. They can be helpful and refreshing as well.
  11. Forex becomes gambling when you don't know what you are actually doing, in fact you are then throwing darts in the dark hoping to make money whereas it is not the case. Forex is a purely professional market which does not spare any trader's mistake.
  12. That's why risk management comes into practice i guess.
  13. Yeah forget about live account and money making stuff.. only focus on building up those skills which will put you one step ahead of others less informed traders, then try with live funds and enjoy the profits.
  14. When everyone makes money with their trading partners/broker, they feel satisfied and on the other hand when they lose they starts with blaming their broker and then go through checking either it was due to their own fault.
  15. Setting up goals is important otherwise without goals becoming successful is a mere daydreaming or wishful thinking in my opinion.
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