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  1. If youtube allows such translation facility then i guess everyone can take benefits from these webinars or other stuff available online at youtube.
  2. I guess you better can do it with fiat dollar deposit or either you can use bitpay to fund btc dollar in your account.
  3. There are a lot of brokers and many new brokers are joining the market while many winding up every day so better to go with those which are regulated, reputed and are in this industry for quite some time now. A few brokers like hotforex, octa, xm, lmfx etc are the few examples of those which have good history in the past.
  4. I guess this is not about luck and lack of knowledge but it all depends on how hard you have researched to find the right broker in my opinion.
  5. Market analysis can be learned through practice and learning from the trends and charts because they are easy to learn. Mostly those who get familiar with the support and resistance also take advantage of the market movement and earn money.
  6. I better suggest that anyone who wishes to start forex should start learning those processes which are required to earn money from this trading business because forex trading might seem easy however earning money from it is not that easier.
  7. Even if you say that demo is risk free even then we need to trade demo account for a minimum of six months before jumping into the live trading accounts.
  8. I guess they both are helpful for improvement website ranking and brand awareness among the targeted audience. However SMO might be cheaper as compare to SEO.
  9. Not sure which directories are we talking about..? I guess lot many websites are there so if one is not working we can search for others which have active mod and users.
  10. I would like adding one more thing about owning bitcoins and that is, the total supply of this bitcoin is 21 million so in the future those who have bitcoin might have the privilege to sell it anywhere at any price of their choice.
  11. I guess even if we are confident enough at our strategy we better use the stop loss feature as well as we should only take the risks to that extent which we can afford to loose.
  12. I had few dollars in my bitcoin wallet which i had now transferred to my hotforex account as they had started accepting bitcoin as payment deposit method.
  13. Forex brokers are basically responsible for providing the technology required like liquidity, platform etc for initiating trade in forex market and in return they charge their commission or spread for their service.
  14. Guys before posting comments at least check the last posting date as its more than two years when the last post was made.
  15. MT4 is a great trading platform however the new traders should practice demo account for at least a minimum of six months before going to trade live.