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  1. What is a VPS? A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is your own private server hosted in the cloud or on the Internet – being on 24/7 and constantly online. It runs it’s own copy of an operating system (OS), but isn’t hosted on your computer, so your PC can operate freely, even when you’re not there. A VPS allows you to run automated algorithmic strategies or ‘Expert Advisors’ (EAs) around the clock on a Remote Server, independently from your own computer and without any efforts from your side. For Mor Detail : VPS
  2. Online Forex Trading: All you Need to Know to Start Trading FX So, you’re looking to learn the basics, perhaps even get a detailed understanding of Forex Trading. Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide we’ll be addressing all of the important things that you need to know before you start forex trading in order to understand how to enter the markets safely, with an effective strategy in place. Firstly, we’re going to explain what Forex Trading actually is and how it works. We’ll then be examining basic terminology so that you can become accustomed to the words and phrases used while trading foreign exchange. Following the basic terminology, we’re also going to examine the calculations that you’ll be using in your day-to-day life as a forex trader. Our guide aims to fully equip you with the tools to further your knowledge and understand the details of fx trading before you enter the global markets. If you’ve had some experience with trading Forex before then feel free to skip ahead to the sections that you’d be interested in. Simply click on the menu titles below to be redirected to the relevant information for you. For More Detail : Forex
  3. What are Precious Metals? Precious metals like Gold and Silver are tradable instruments classed as a commodity, therefore making their price relatively uniform across the world. Traders tend to use precious metals as ‘safe-haven’ assets which become more tradable as economic developments and political unrest cause increased volatility across other markets. Afterall, when adverse market conditions arise from war, recession, government debt issues etc, Gold retains its value whereas stocks and currencies are vulnerable to significant losses. Gold and Silver are characteristically limited in supply, which means that they tend to be of higher value. Where Gold is used as the main safe-haven asset, Silver is typically used in industrial production. Therefore, it’s more susceptible to price fluctuations from changes in business conditions. For More Detail : Precious Metal
  4. Copy Trading like no Other! Powered by a network of high-performing traders, this social trading solution redefines the way you trade and optimises your trading strategies by introducing a new level of access to the world’s financial markets and bringing some of the best traders available, right at your fingertips! Supported by both iOS and Android devices, Pelican’s user-friendly interface provides an ideal platform to learn from the most talented traders and mentors available, chatting with them, tracking and analysing patterns of their performance, receiving their trade updates and a lot more…all on the go! More importantly, with Pelican you are able to control your risk by adjusting your copier settings accordingly and copy as many trading strategies as you wish. Also, you may easily connect your Tickmill live MT4 account and start trading with outstanding execution, 24/7 from anywhere in the world! For More Detail : Pelican Trading
  5. What is Copy Trading? Quite simply, its copying the trades of other successful traders within your own MT4 account. As an investor, you’re able to look at the performance of a variety of trading systems that have been created by other successful traders. You’re given the choice between a diverse range of trader systems and can choose a system to follow based on your own trading style. For More Detail : Myfxbook Copy Trading
  6. What are Stock Indices? A stock index is a group of stocks that can be bought or sold as a single tradable instrument. Now, some traders speculate on how the price of a single asset changes however, some choose to speculate with Stock Indices. As a group, stock indices can be used to indicate the health of an industry or even a country. Classifying stock indices, however, is a little more complex. Some indices, like the DAX 30 for example, is a group of the 30 top-performing companies in Germany. Classified as a ‘national stock index’ it gives an indication of the health of the German stock market. However, stock indices aren’t only comprised of stocks that are grouped together because of their geographical location. Some stock indices represent and track the performance of certain sectors of the market. For example, the Nasdaq 100 index, tracks the performance of all the companies listed on the Nasdaq exchange. Generally being technology-related firms, the Nasdaq gives an indication of the health of the technology sector in the US! For More Detail : Stock Indices
  7. Predict the NFP figure for your Chance to Win! Feel the rush of the Non-Farm Payroll event that sends the major instruments into complete turmoil. Think you know what the monthly US labour report will uncover this time? Then put your trader’s intuition to a test with Tickmill’s one-of-a-kind NFP Machine campaign and grab the chance to win! The rules are simpler than ever. During every NFP week, we will choose one instrument and challenge you to guess its price on our MT4 platform at 16:00, exactly 30 minutes after the NFP release. A perfect hit will bring you as much as $500 to your trading account. If no one breaks the bank by an exact figure, the trader with the closest prediction will cash in a $200 prize. The whole action will take place on the Woobox platform. Just place your prediction and provide your trading account number along with your full name from Monday 0:00 till Friday 15:00 on the NFP week and leave the rest to us. For More Detail : Nfp Machine
  8. Analysis, Apps, Live Charts and Everything In-between. The Tickmill Advanced Trading Toolkit is a kit like no other. With an extensive range of tools, you’re able to level-up your MT4 & MT5 to get a deeper understanding of the markets while interacting with an extensive network of other trading enthusiasts! With 13 individual applications and 15 indicators, Tickmill clients now have access to one of the most comprehensive analysis and sharing services in the Forex industry. Publish and analyse trading results with ease to not only enhance your trading strategy but to learn and grow with your peers! For More Detail : Advanced trading toolkit
  9. PUTTING TRADERS FIRST We’re Rewarding Our Clients Loyalty It’s so important to us that our traders have the best trading conditions and support possible. But, we wanted to go one step further! So, we’re rewarding our traders by creating a rebate program where you can really get paid to trade. For More Detail : Rebate Promotion
  10. Why choose our VIP Account? Trade CFDs on 62 currency pairs, major stock indices, oil, precious metals, bonds and Cryptocurrencies on your VIP account with spreads starting from 0.0 pips. You will pay commission of only 1 currency unit per side per lot (0.0010% notional) on your VIP account in the base currency of the trading instrument. Our standard commission is one of the lowest in the world. Example: If you trade 1 lot of EURUSD, which has a contract size of 100,000 EUR, then your commission per side would be 1 EUR and 2 EUR round turn. Though many brokers do not allow placing stop and limit orders close to market prices, we allow you to do just that. So, stop and limit levels for VIP account users are zero. For More Detail : Vip Account
  11. The Islamic Account in a Nutshell Here at Tickmill, our clients’ interests always come first. For this purpose, we continuously strive to facilitate our trading conditions to suit the various needs of clients throughout the world. With this in mind, we offer Islamic accounts that are compliant with the Sharia law. Forex Islamic account is known as a swap-free account as there is no swap or rollover interest on overnight positions, which is against the Muslim faith. All Muslim clients can benefit from Tickmill’s best trading conditions by opening any account with us – Classic, Pro or VIP – and converting it to an Islamic type. Islamic accounts have exactly the same trading conditions and terms as our regular trading account types. The only difference is that there are no swaps on trading instruments, however, a handling charge applies for holding several trading instruments overnight for more than three consecutive nights. Our all-star Client Support team will process your request for an Islamic account status within 1 business day and you will receive an email confirmation once all is set up. All subsequent trading accounts opened by you at Tickmill will be automatically classified as swap-free meaning there will be no need for contacting us again. For More Detail : Islamic Account
  12. What are Cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrencies represent one of the latest innovations of the financial world through which transactions are made without intermediaries, meaning that there is no intervention by a central authority or financial institution. We therefore refer to digital assets that are secured by cryptography and are distributed across a decentralised network. Because of their virtual nature, cryptocurrencies are not backed by any real-world commodity or central bank. Instead, they rely on the law of supply and demand just like the value of a stock or currency does. Therefore, the price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates based on the number of people who want to buy or sell it at a given moment. Cryptocurrencies are quoted in conventional currencies such as the US dollar. For More Detail : Cryptocurrencies
  13. Tickmill is proud to have a long and expanding list of successful traders who benefit from our quality services. Believing that remarkable achievements deserve special acknowledgment, every month we choose the best of the best among our skilled clients and award the top-performing trader with a $1,000 prize. When deciding on the winner, we account not only for good profit, but also for money and risk management skills. No additional registration is required to participate in the contest. Just open a live account with Tickmill, if you haven’t already done so, show your outstanding trading skills and you may well become the next Trader of the Month. For More Detail : Trader Of The Month
  14. Why choose our PRO Account? Trade CFDs on 62 currency pairs, major stock indices, oil, precious metals, bonds and Cryptocurrencies on your Pro account, with fluctuating spreads starting from 0.0 pips. You will pay commission of only 2 currency units per side per lot (0.0020% notional) on your Pro account in the base currency of the trading instrument.Our standard commission is one of the lowest in the world. Example: If you trade 1 lot of EURUSD, which has a contract size of 100,000 EUR, then your commission per side would be 2 EUR and 4 EUR round turn. Though many brokers do not allow placing stop and limit orders close to market prices, we allow you to do just that. So stop and limit levels for Pro account users are zero. For More Detail : Pro Account
  15. Trade Better with Autochartist. Save valuable time with an essential trading tool. Use Autochartist, one of the most versatile technical analysis tools, and make informed trading decisions when trading CFDs on Forex, Metals, Stock Indices, Oil and Cryptocurrencies. As one of the world's top trading tools, Autochartist uses its advanced recognition engine to sift through huge amounts of data, identifying chart patterns and key price levels across a wide range of Forex and CFD instruments. With an award-winning web platform and MT4 plugin, you’re able to scan the markets to filter out the noise, highlight actionable trading opportunities and predict future price movement with accuracy, speed and ultimate transparency. Tickmill offers Autochartist to all our clients with a live account, for free. We’re even giving access to demo account holders with a delay of 5 candlesticks! For More Detail : Autochartist

⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF does not endorse any products advertised. 🔥 Advertise here.🔥

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