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  1. Broker is an important factor in the success of a trader. Do not just choose a broker that provides comfort in trading, but choose a broker that provides support to its traders in the success of trading. And do not forget to pay attention to the regulations that are in use. I also chose tradin with ViproMarkets.
  2. correctly . To get loss in forex I think it is a natural thing, because we can certainly just do a favor. The important thing is we must be able to rise and not terpururk when we get loss.
  3. That's right, it's like that. But that must be noticed is in the forex it will never have an instant, all of them need process and hard work. What else if we are trading by relying on luck, it will be very dangerous.
  4. I really agree with that. Gains or losses that we get from forex that I think depends on the trading management process that we have. Because then we must properly pay attention to the MM and RM that exist in trading activities that we have.
  5. Really, we can make money in forex in accordance with the expectations that we have. But it all requires a process and hard work, because in the forex it will never have an instant.
  6. Importantly, we will be very helpful to be able to run our trading activities well if we can choose the right broker that provides what we need well. I chose tradin with ViproMarkets.
  7. Very well, planning or a mature strategy is a very important factor of funds must be owned by traders in order to make its trading activities more directed and more efficient.
  8. We can generate big profits in forex, but it all requires a process that must be passed by the trader. Because in the forex it will never have an instant. Then it is important for traders to have sufficient trading capability to continue to survive in forex.
  9. manage trading well and truly in my opinion easier to make trades manually with discipline in money management are good. Fund management in forex trading is a key element in maintaining our balance when facing a situation that is not good in the forex market
  10. fair if we are confused when choosing a broker. but the most important addition to the see what the advantages and benefits, do not forget to see also his broker regulations. for the sake of convenience and security trader. I choose to trade along ViproMarkets.
  11. the important thing is we can use a demo account first. if used seriously a lot of science or knowledge that we can get from a demo account. besides the benefit itself is trading demo account using virtual money, in other words it can minimize the risks that exist when we practice or strategize using a demo account.
  12. exactly once, I strongly agrees with it. stragtegi mature will make traders become better prepared for the trading, in addition tu could also make trading activities become more focused and efficient
  13. determination leverage every trader must be different. Her determination to differentiate through the capital used, as well as the ability and experience at the disposal. but usually for a trader who has capital is not too big, or traders who lack the ability or experience, using the leverage of 1: 500 in order to be more focused to manage trading, as well as the adaptation process.
  14. exactly once, I strongly agree that circuitry. experience could be one important factor for traders to add flying hours and more can be confident. experience can be the best teacher ever.
  15. because the most important is its management. good management and correct it should be accompanied with sufficient trading skills. because if we as traders can manage the trading that we have properly, automatic profit in the can would be the maximum.