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  1. Think it's good when going to choose a broker, note the advantages and disadvantages of the broker. Do not just choose a broker that provides comfort in trading, but choose a broker that provides support to its traders in the success of trading such as ViproMarkets.
  2. If I prefer to trade with ViproMarkets, because in addition there are many advantages that I can get. I can also get very important support from ViproMarkets to be able to improve the motivation to be more excited when running trading activities.
  3. Very well, utilizing the facilities provided by the broker is important in order to meningkaktan advantages and experiences that exist. I also use ViproMarkets demo account facility well to improve my trading ability.
  4. Truly, traders should also be able to better improve their trading skills well. Because sufficient trading skills are the main capital that must be owned by traders in order to survive in forex.
  5. Really, traders should be able to better in improving the ability to analyze it has to be better. Therefore traders should be able to better in the evaluation in order to train the ability to analyze that we have for can the better.
  6. Very well, besides traders really should be able to better in improving their trading skills in order to get better. With so traders can to live their trading activities with more leverage.
  7. Truly traders should be able to better improve their trading skills in order to get better and be maximized when running trading activities using real accounts.
  8. I really agree with that. Traders will really need a trading plan when running existing trading activities. Because it is a trading plan must be owned by a trader in order to better manage the existing trading activities.
  9. So we should be able to better improve our ability to better correct the errors. With so traders can to better manage their trading activities in order to become better and maximum.
  10. Really, we should be able to better utilize the demo account as well as possible. This is done in order to better improve the existing trading capabilities better.
  11. If I have more memili8h to be able to use the account dmeo ViproMarkets first in order to improve the trading skills that I have for bsia to be better. In addition I also use it to be able to arrange a trading plan
  12. Very well, we can to take advantage of demo account with the best possible to be better again in meningkaktan ability of trading that we have to be better. Therefore I use the ViproMarkets dmoe account.
  13. Very well, traders can use SL and TP as one effort that can be done to be able to manage its trading activities in order to get better. But do not forget to pay attention to SL and TP placement
  14. That's right, I agree with that. Because to be able to generate profits in accordance with expectations is not easy, traders must really be able to manage their trading activities accompanied by sufficient trading skills
  15. That's right, the dmoe account is the right place for traders who want to run training and learning. It is necessary for traders to do better in running trading activities when running it using a real account.

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