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  1. so I suggest traders bsia choose trading with ViproMarkets, because in addition to getting a lot of luck, traders can also get secure security because ViproMArkets using trusted regulation.
  2. traders should also be able to take advantage of demo account well, because if used seriously a lot of knowledge or knowledge that we can get from a demo account. in addition manfaaat own demo account is trading by using virtual funds, in other words it can minimize the risk that exists when we practice or strategize by using a demo account.
  3. I choose trading with ViproMarkets because we will be very helpful to be able to run our trading activities well if we can choose the right broker that provides what we need well.
  4. of course to be a successful trader or experienced is not easy. but if we have a strong motivation to want to have better trading skills, I think to be a successful trader can happen, and do not forget to do an evaluation.
  5. really do not forget to always pay attention to the regulations used in order to get good and secure trading security such as security that I get when running trading activity in real account together with ViproMarkets.
  6. besides traders also should not be greedy when in a real account. greed is a trait that must be wasted very far in this business. because fatal consequences if we maintain the nature of greed. a trader must have patience, mental, and strong motivation.
  7. if my suggestion is better trader can do understanding in demo account first before trading by using real account, this is done so that trader can be better and more confidence again when managing fund and risk in real account.
  8. psychological well must also be owned by the trader. psychological will be very influential on the results of trading we do, it will really affect both positive and negative then I recommend to do trading when we are really in good condition
  9. Having self-control in this business is very important because then it will make us able to trade well. Trading with good self-control will make us able to trade with the maximum.
  10. good management and correct it must be accompanied by sufficient trading ability. because if we as a trader can manage the trades we have with good and correct, automatic profit in the can will be maximal, and the risk that is in the forex can be managed as possible.
  11. then think of it well when going to choose a broker, note the advantages and disadvantages of the broker. do not just choose a broker that provides comfort in trading, but we also must pay attention to the regulations used by brokers.
  12. that's why traders should be able to improve their trading skills by doing training and learning on demo account so that better and more bsia maximal when later run trading activities in ViproMarkets real account.
  13. our trading capabilities should always be upgraded to the best possible in order to better and more maximize in improving existing trading skills and be maximized when running trading activities in real accounts.
  14. you should also note when at the time will choose a broker for trading, in addition to see what advantages and advantages, do not forget to see also his broker regulation. for the convenience and security of the trader. that's why I chose trading with ViproMarkets.
  15. applying the discipline is one thing that the obligation must be done by the trader so that bsai become more maximal again in improving existing trading skills in order to become better and more maximal again.