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    no. its against google's TOS. if found out, it shall be taken out.
  2. well, if you are earning $500 per week, would you ever want to sell this guide ?
  3. cashmaster

    if u can easily make $12 , why do you actually want to sell it ? and no one who ever get a good method will ever sell it out. they wont want it to get saturated. learn that first.
  4. cashmaster

    for <script> its basically to insert js codes or css codes normally. <a href? tags are used to insert backlinks
  5. cashmaster

    try xtreemhost.com so far i have found them the best. they give too much free space and bandwidth per month for free hosting.
  6. cashmaster

    meta tag optimization is old story now. just do the title tag and description good. and keywords too. but the most important is backlinks. the more you have, the better your ranking.
  7. cashmaster

    well, the fact that most people think that sites to get to the top requires is the fact that google updates their pr data within 3-4 months. but that does not mean it requires that time. you can get into google with just one day if you have enough backlinks.
  8. cashmaster

    well, i cant get to the links. displaying "page not found" each time when i click a link. you may look into it.
  9. cashmaster

    actually its a good way to earn.all you need is a good traffic blog with content updated regularly. signup for some blog services that pay you to post new articles. but then your blog must first qualify.
  10. thats good. but do you think the links that we use in our posts can be do-follow ? it must be mostly no-follow, but then a link from a pr 6 site will be good from google's perspective.
  11. cashmaster

    you can also do with smo - social media optimization, to drive traffic to your blog. nowadays most of the people live in sites like twitter and facebook,so its high time to utilize that .
  12. cashmaster

    i would like santa to bring me : 1) an iphone 2) a year full of happiness 3) seo jobs lr : U4512319
  13. cashmaster

    my username is cashmaster, and i currently has 3 posts
  14. cashmaster

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