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  1. Superforex

    SuperForex's Forex Copy is a special service that permits you to copy deals that are made by the best Forex traders (Masters) to your trading account. You register for the service, select a professional trader whose trading operations you want to copy, set the amount of copying, and after that all the transactions from the account of the selected trader are automatically copied to your account. Our service is one of the most popular offers for traders from around the world. https://superforex.com/forex-copy-system
  2. Superforex

    What is new in the markets March 29 US GDP growth slowed down Yesterday a report on US GDP growth was released, which demonstrated a slowdown in the economy and the growth was only 2.2% against 2.4% of the forecasted. The Donald Trump administration said it was ready to negotiate with China over a long period in order to make the Chinese market more open, as well as to respect intellectual property rights. Negotiations began yesterday in Beijing, and their next round will continue today. Next week, we expect to arrive in Washington Chinese Prime Minister Liu Hye Who will meet with sales representatives and Donald Trump. Next week, we expect Chinese bonds to be included in reference global indices for the first time, which will make the Chinese market even more open to foreign investment and borrowing. After yesterday's recession, oil quotes today began to recover and scored more than 1% each against the background of the completion of Iran’s temporary exclusion from US sanctions.
  3. Superforex

    Rebate system The term "rebate" refers to the return of a part of the spread back to traders. This is really a great way to earn extra money on Forex for partners. Think about it: as a partner, you make a profit from the trading activity of the clients in your affiliate group. With an active rebate system, you can share a fraction of the commission you earn with them, so that they will have higher liquidity. That way they can trade even more, generating more profit for you, and more rebate for themselves, so everybody wins. Moreover, practically nothing needs to be done - just register and start receiving additional profits. Read more: https://superforex.com/rebate-system
  4. Superforex

    NZD/JPY: Fundamental Review & Forecast The rates continue within a downward trend. Since January we have observed an increase in the demand for risky assets. Also, the probability of a successful end to the trade conflict between the US and China grew, and this has the potential to stop the slowdown in the global economy. But until this happens, the trade conflict remains and the perspectives for its completion are not defined. All factors affecting this currency pair are outside of New Zealand and Japan, although the economies of both countries are also important. More information see here
  5. Superforex

    Forex Glossary A clear knowledge of basic trading concepts is one of the important factors for truly successful trading. We have prepared for you a complete glossary of Forex terms. We have collected the most complete definitions that will be useful not only for beginners, but also for experienced traders. We also have a convenient search system with which you can easily find the necessary terms. Read more: https://superforex.com/glossary
  6. Superforex

    PaySec We are happy to announce that we have updated the conditions of our work with the PaySec system to include our Korean customers. PaySec now accepts South Korean won as a currency for making deposits and withdrawals. This means you can replenish your account directly in KRW. The minimum deposit amount in that case is 20,000 KRW. Please note that all financial transactions in Korean won will be processed by Korean banks. PaySec is an easy and convenient payment method popular in the region of East and South-East Asia. It provides a safe environment for your online transactions that has a very wide field of application. In effect, using PaySec is very similar to direct banking operations. You can now use this payment method to make hassle-free deposits to and withdrawals from your SuperForex account. For your convenience, SuperForex charges 0% commission on deposits, regardless of the payment method selected, so you don’t have to worry about any extra fees. Open Account: https://my.superforex.com/register-client
  7. Superforex

    Brexit Officially Postponed When in 2016 the United Kingdom’s citizens were invited to cast their votes in a referendum as to whether they want to stay or leave the European Union, the Brexiteers prevailed by a narrow margin. Since then the conservative government led by Theresa May has championed that her cabinet deliver on that promise, one way or another. She formally triggered Article 50, which set the deadline for Brexit to March 29, 2019. However, with one week until Brexit it is now official: the exit of the UK has been delayed. More information see here
  8. Superforex

    SuperForex education Internet trading in the foreign exchange market requires special knowledge in the field of fundamental, technical analysis and the psychology of trade. Even if a trader does not analyze the market independently, but trades on trading signals, at least he needs knowledge of the trading terminal for making deals. Our training courses for Forex trading are designed both for beginners who require basic knowledge, and for experienced traders who need a new trading strategy or approach to market analysis We have collected all the necessary products to help improve your trading skills: - Video analytics - Training lectures - Seminars Visit our website and find all the necessary information - https://superforex.com/education VIDEO - https://youtu.be/l7n0XtLxPa4
  9. Superforex

    ECN Accounts Many of you have been waiting for this and it is finally here: trading on ECN Accounts has become available. In case you are not familiar with the term, ECN is a virtual system that automatically connects bidders with each other. This means that your trading positions are directly displayed to liquidity providers and the broker does not interfere in the trading process. We offer our customers 5 ECN accounts: Standard, Standard Mini, Swap-Free, Swap-Free Mini, and Crypto. You will have access to all the advantages of ECN trading such as: - Instant execution of deals - Trade without slippage and requotes. - Transparency of deals - Floating spreads - Availability of reliable information support More and more traders open ECN accounts to take full advantage of this type of trading. Learn more: https://superforex.com/ecn-accounts
  10. Superforex

    Technical Analysis of the EUR/USD Pair for March 19 All investors' attention this week is focused on the Fed's interest rate decision tomorrow. It is predicted that the decision will be in favor of maintaining the current rate of 2.5%. The dollar index continues to decline and is at a monthly minimum, below the 96.00 mark. More information see here
  11. Superforex

    ForexGP To keep up with the popularity of our Forex GP contest we have upgraded some of its terms, which would hopefully allow more people the chance to participate. As of now, the minimum deposit required to get a lucky ticket in the running is $100. This is down 75%, from $400 as our previous requirement. Moreover, we have extended the deadline for the contest to October 19 2019, giving you six extra months to try and win the amazing prizes. To refresh your memory, we will be giving away a Kawasaki Ninja 250r, a Honda PCX, two Samsung Galaxy S9 devices, and Samsung smart watches as prizes for the winners. Don’t miss your chance and sign up for the contest here! Learn more: https://superforex.com/forex-gp VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ENsro5weNRo
  12. Superforex

    SF Bank Our SF Bank service can help everybody to increase the profit value you earn with SuperForex. The main idea of this service is related to a classic bank deposit, but has some distinctive features specific to the Forex sphere. First of all, by placing a deposit into SF Bank you make an investment in 4 different portfolios with the most popular trading instruments nowadays. Some money is stored on the account and is not working if traders don’t use their whole deposit amount directly for trading. By investing your residual funds in SF Bank you will get a personal digital asset investment portfolio. Each week the system will calculate the cost of your portfolio according to the MT4 prices for all trading instruments. It means that, for example, if Bitcoin grows by 20%, your investment value of BTC also grows by 20%. As you see, this instrument has simple and clear conditions. Learn more: https://superforex.com/sf-bank
  13. Superforex

    Road Tour in Kenya We are pleased to announce that SuperForex had a successful tour in Kenya! For 5 days we visited 10 different cities in Kenya. During this time, we met with the local trading communities in each of them and discussed recommendations on trading on the financial markets, as well as special SuperForex services that can help significantly increase profits. The brief seminars that we held in each city covered both the basic Forex course and a review of our own portfolio of services to help traders choose the right offers to achieve their trading goals. All cities: Rongai Machakos Thika Muranga Embu Nyeri Nanyuki Nyahururu Naivasha Nakuru Full report: https://superforex.com/seminars/road-tour-in-kenya-march-2018--1532
  14. Superforex

    GBP/USD Technical Analysis Hope for a calm Brexit supported the British pound and the pair demonstrated a strong upward momentum during yesterday's trading session. The dollar index, on the contrary, during yesterday's trading session fell below the 97.00 level. More information see here
  15. Superforex

    Membership Club Our goal is to increase the loyalty of our customers. Therefore, we have prepared an incredible proposal - the Membership Club. In fact, your membership in the Membership Club consists of four basic principles - trading, bonuses, analytics, and SF Bank. Thus, we offer some advantages to all members: - Advanced Deposit Protection conditions. - A 100% bonus - Unique Forex signals and analytics - 24/7 customer support - SF Bank deposits are available to you without commissions. Note: To enter the club, you must make a deposit of $500. Learn more: https://superforex.com/membership-club
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