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  1. The Euro Back to 2015 Highs The euro continues to take on the USD in a confident bullish movement. This week we turn our eyes to Europe once more. The economic climate in the European Union seems to be quite heated these days: many reports coming from all around the eurozone are flooding in, and investors are paying close attention to the euro, particularly in the context of the much weaker dollar we’ve been seeing these days. Earlier today the European Central Bank’s Survey of Professional Forecasters was published. The survey, which is quite important to the ECB and whose results always figure into the decision-making process of the ECB, showed that while there is stable economic growth and a decrease in the unemployment rate, the inflation rate still remains relatively low. As we’ve mentioned before on our blog, the ECB is currently in the midst of a massive stimulus program whose goal is to boost inflation to a healthy level. It appears this level still hasn’t been achieved, despite investors’ hopes that the ECB might be satisfied with the current progress and start turning towards more hawkish policies. Read more:
  2. SuperForex - Economic Calendar Our Economic Calendar includes the most recent and significant economic events, figures, and facts that can influence the currency and financial market in general. Watching events in the news line will allow you to see the nuances of the development of different economic situations, and will also give you an opportunity to catch the market reactions to each development. We hope that our economic calendar will serve as a loyal assistant to each trader making decisions on the Forex market.
  3. USD/MXN: Fundamental Review & Forecast The MXN has achieved its April 2016 level, while the USD is losing positions due to the failure of the health care reform. The rates of the USD/MXN pair continue in the frames of the downtrend which has lasted for more than six months, when the Mexican peso fell as a result of the presidential elections in the USA and D. Trump's anti-immigration protectionist policies openly directed against Mexico. Despite several factors against the Mexican peso, such as perspectives for lowering oil prices and the worsened relations between the U.S. and Mexico, the peso managed to recover its lost positions. This week the MXN reached the level from April 2016 amid the rising oil prices and the failure of the health care reform in the United States. This points to the inefficiency and weakness of Donald Trump's administration. The failure of the health care reform threatens the further policies of Donald Trump and decreases his popularity in the United States. The US dollar was also negatively impacted by the cautious rhetoric of Yellen about a further tightening the FED policy. Also, amid disappointing data about inflation and retail sales, investors began to doubt whether we would see a further increasing of the interest rate this year.
  4. Swap-free account Superforex tries to respect the cultural features of Islamic countries, in particular, the Sharia law, which prohibits Muslims to receive interest. In this regard, we have a special account for Muslims - our Swap-free account. When making transactions using this trading account for any currency pair if the position extends past midnight the trader does not receive or lose any amount, regardless of the volume of the position. You can check the specific amounts of the swap by browsing the list of trading instruments. To compensate for the lack of swaps, Islamic accounts work on a fixed commission, which is perfect for traders who tend to make long-term deals.
  5. The more trades you make - the more real money you earn The Dynamic Bonus is designed based on the principle of communicating vessels – nothing can change in one without affecting the other. In our case - the number of your trade orders will dynamically be reflected on the amount of funds you may withdraw. This means the more trades you make, the more real money you can withdraw. For each lot you trade with us, we will release $1 from the bonus amount for you to withdraw. The Dynamic Bonus is calculated based on the amount of the deposit as follows: from $100 to $500 – the bonus is 20% from $501 to $1500 - the bonus is 15% from $1501 to $3000 - the bonus is 10% over $3000 - the bonus is 25%
  6. Qatar Crisis Continues Qatar is still under blockade by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and two other countries. Can Qatar's economy weather this storm? A few weeks ago we shed a little bit of light on the current diplomatic crisis in Qatar. It has been essentially blockaded by its neighbouring countries on the grounds of supposedly promoting terrorism and destabilizing the Middle East. This has made it slightly more complicated for Qatar to import and export goods, but as we learned from Qatar’s finance minister, there was no need to worry too much. Or is there? The countries opposing Qatar are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Bahrain. They made a list of demands that aim at making Qatar work for better stability in the region. However, the blockaded state has refused to comply, stating that the demands may constitute a violation of international law, reports CNN. In retaliation, the four countries which cut ties with Qatar have showed a determination to step up their measures and increase pressure on Qatar, though the meaning of this is yet unclear. Read more:
  7. Micro Cent Account Only about 10% of all Forex brokers offer cent accounts in one form or another. SuperForex is one of these brokers. Our Micro Cent Account will be very useful for beginners, as it allows you to trade with a real deposit that doesn't need to be very big. Cent accounts can be perceived as a transitional stage between demo accounts and standard accounts, which are the first step in real trading. There are no special requirements for opening a cent account. Micro Cent Account Description: Accepted currency: USD and EUR Maximum deposit: 100USD/EUR (10000 cents) Compatable with bonuses: Welcome, Energy, Hot Lot size: 10 000 cents Maximum leverage: 1:1000 Unlimited EA trading: Allowed
  8. AUD/CAD: Fundamental Review & Forecast The CAD continues strengthening against the AUD. Investors expect an increase of the interest rate today. The rates of the AUD/CAD continue in the frames of a downtrend. Last month the Canadian dollar successfully withstood the pressure due to low oil prices and strengthened against the Australian dollar. The Australian dollar continued decreasing even after the positive statistics about the trade balance, although this did support the AUD for a few days. Last week the RBA refused to raise the interest rate. Despite the positive economic data, the RBA supposes that the goals of its stimulus program haven't been achieved yet. In particular, the RBA is concerned about the situation on the labour market. This week we do not expect important information about the AUD. The only thing that can have an impact on the value of the AUD is information about the Chinese economy. As for the CAD, we expect important information. In particular, this evening investors expect a decision from the Bank of Canada regarding raising the interest rate. Given the recent information about the PMI index and positive reports about the employment market, investors are sure that the Bank of Canada will raise the interest rate by 25 pips - up to 0.75%, for the first time since 2010. Thus, Canada will become the first country after the United States to tighten its monetary policy amid the good economic situation in the country. Another reason for the further strengthening of the CA, is a growth in oil prices, which have increased due to information about a reduction in the reserves of WTI crude oil by 2.1 million barrels for a week in the main oil storage reservoir of the United States. In addition, it was reported that OPEC can limit the volume of oil extraction in Nigeria and Libya, which were free from obligations to reduce the volume of oil production with the current agreement. In this situation, the optimal decision is to open the deals on the trend. The Stochastic oscillator also gives a signal for short deals indicating the rates in the overbought zone.
  9. Forex Copy System SuperForex is happy to say that we have found a way to make your life easier. Rather than go to painstaking efforts to analyze, predict, and plan every single trade you make, we give you the Forex Copy service - a shortcut to success. Forex Copy is a unique functionality that allows traders to subscribe to the trades of some of our most successful Forex masters, thereby making a profit using their strategies.
  10. A New Hope for the Pound The United Kingdom's currency seems to have finally slowed its descent - could it be ready to start recovering? The future of the British currency became quite uncertain the weeks leading up to the Brexit vote last June, then slumped after the results came through. Now it seems that for the first time in 2017 investors are changing their views on the pound for the better. However, this pertains to the pound vs the dollar; where the euro is concerned, the situation is different. This discrepancy could be easily explained. For one thing, investors expected a lot more from the US economy, mostly riding on Donald Trump’s promised goals as president, especially his vow to bring economic growth up to 3%. This is easier said than done, as we’ve seen. Lukewarm reports from the United States, as well as Trump’s general struggle to enact any kind of policy successfully have made investors lower their expectations. We’ve even seen the dollar drop against all major currencies in recent weeks. The situation is pretty much the opposite with the eurozone. The European Central Bank is in the midst of a massive stimulus program to encourage healthy inflation and spending. Even though the expectation was to see it continue a bit longer, the program is already paying off and surprisingly good economic data from all around Europe has prompted the ECB to admit they may start phasing out the program before the year’s end and turn to a more hawkish policy on the euro. In addition, fears of further political unrest in the EU have been calmed by Macron’s victory in the French presidential elections in April. We still have to see what would happen in the German general elections this fall, but things seem promising for Angela Merkel. It was previously feared she might not gather enough support but after a successful equal marriage rights vote last week it seems likely that she would stay in power. Read more here:
  11. Partner's starter kit The Partner’s Starter Kit holds all the answers you need. The following booklet has been carefully designed by the SuperForex Partner Relations department in order to help you on your way as a partner. In the pages that follow you can learn about the essence of our Partnership Program - its structure, goals, and benefits. You will also find instructions and recommendations as to how to develop your business as an official partner of SuperForex. We have included a preview of our substantial collection of promotional materials that you can use to raise awareness about SuperForex.
  12. USD/SEK: Review & Forecast Riksbank supported the SEK while the USD was losing positions amid political tensions and investors' worries about the rate change by the FED. The rates continue in the frames of a downward trend, although in the period from May 19 until June 27 the trend changed to a flat one. It seemed that the downward trend had been finally completed at the beginning of July. However, market volatility has suddenly increased, and the downward trend has been restored. This week there were no significant factors that would affect the USD/SEK rates. The main factor that influence the value of the USD in recent weeks remains the political tension in the United States and investors' worries about the future for the FED rate hikes due to weak economic data in the United States. At the same time, Federal Reserve officials maintain the stance that the rates should be raised more before the end of 2017. Nevertheless, investors suppose that the Federal Reserve may delay increasing the interest rate if the situation in the U.S. economy changes in a positive way and if political tensions in the US grow. Based on this, the dollar lost positions against most currencies while investors prefer safe-haven instruments such as JPY and Gold. Read more here:
  13. Distance Education Course Regardless of whether you are beginner in Forex trading or just want to update your knowledge of basic forex requirements, a special distance learning course by SuperForex will allow you to become better acquainted with Forex trading. Starting from the basic concepts of currency exchange to the most useful technical and fundamental analysis tools, our course contains all the specification that will help you grasp how the Forex market works. You will be provided with visual and quantitative examples to improve your learning process. Each lecture also contains a set of sample questions to test your knowledge after completing the reading. Read more:
  14. SuperForex 40% Welcome Bonus. Thanks to this highly popular bonus you can easily increase your trading volume and realize a much better trading profit! Our 40% Welcome Bonus is the motivation for traders to register an account in our company. Take advantage of the possibility of risk-free trading with the ability to withdraw profits. Get $40 for free in just a few simple steps. All you need to do is register a live trading account with us and submit the “Get the 40% Welcome Bonus” button from the Client's Cabinet. Start trading with us using the advanced MT4 trading platform! Read more here
  15. The Euro on the Rise The European currency seems to be on the rise, enjoying a positive economic outlook. Here is something we didn’t think we’d be saying so soon: the euro is having a good time. The currency of the European Union went through some serious hardship over the past decade – it suffered immensely in the global recession of 2008, the debt crisis in some EU countries such as Greece and Portugal, which eventually led to further internal conflicts and more trouble for Europe’s unity as the United Kingdom announced its intention to leave and the fear of losing more members spread as Italy and France held elections recently. However, this bleak phase for the euro seems to be approaching an end. Despite small daily fluctuations, which occur naturally when there’s global activity on the financial markets, the euro was able to climb up and is currently in its strongest levels since 2011, according to Reuters. Part of the reason why this is a little surprising is the fact that the European Central Bank, the EU’s organ for monetary policy, has been implementing a stimulus program to boost the European economy by encouraging inflation, something that logically decreases the value of the euro versus other major currencies. It has already been two years since the program began and investors as well as the ECB itself initially expected to continue with this approach for a few years. Nevertheless, recent data from the European Union shows the economy is doing quite well, which prompted ECB President Mario Draghi to show willingness to change the course of the current policy as early as September this year. Read more:

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