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  1. shibilyt

    hi there , when i started trading in forex i have heard a lot that you must trade avoiding your emotions and control your feelings but i didn't understood why they say so . and i started trading , and eventually i got some profit from my first few trades and i was getting greedier and made several trades continuously , but what was the effect i got margin call because all my trades went wrong . then i understood that this is why they say that we have to control our emotions when we trade . so it's a most important lesson that every trader must control emotions and don't trade with them .
  2. shibilyt

    well i have tried different brokers like uwc, nordfx,marketiva,etorro but i have found instaforex best among them . ifx have the best support i ever had the react quickly . they also have impressive forex tv . i love watching the tv to get updated about the latest news in the market .
  3. shibilyt

    well i have tried marketiva but i don't like their trading portal it's not much cool after all , and they have a withdrawal fee of $7 for the first withdrawal from there . that's not cool either . so i quit from it .
  4. shibilyt

    well i like pairs like GBP/USD an EUR/USD more i barely trade with other pairs . now a days i only use GU as i find this pair more good to understand .
  5. shibilyt

    what a timing to enter a forum i am happy that a nice contest is up just on time i join the forum :D Currently has 1 post...
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