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  1. Social networks existed well before the Internet. A social network is nothing more than a group of people or organizations connected to each other by the social exchanges they maintain. A knitting or petanque club was one before the letter! Today the Internet network has multiplied these networks and interactions and has given them a whole new power.
  2. It is common to have to represent an age pyramid in an Excel workbook to identify the distribution of its customers or employees. Although Excel does not offer this graphic type directly in the ribbon, it is very simple to build a pyramid of ages by following the different steps below. The basic data for an age pyramid To create an age pyramid, you must have your data presented in a table as follows: ages grouped by 5 or 10 years the results for men and women in 2 separate columns.
  3. The PageRank results in " Popularity Index ". It's an algorithm of the famous Google search engine. It helps to evaluate the popularity and relevance of a web page.
  4. One of the best things about Disqus is that it simplifies the management and moderation of blog comments. It's easy to set up email notifications that webmasters can sift through in order to approve or decline comments. The simple login for Disqus users promotes interaction that can significantly increase the value of individual articles. The spam filtering feature of the genus Akismet is great. Finally, establishing a blacklist of problematic commentators is easy and webmasters can even change the appearance of comments to complete their layouts.
  5. Popular SEO techniques are: Blog Submission Social Bookmarking Forum Posting Article Submission Guest Posting
  6. Advantages of the SSL certificate: A. Pages with SSL certificates have a higher Google preference B. The SSL certificate will encrypt the information C. The SSL certificate is a requirement for the compliance of the payment card industry D. SSL Certificate is able to prevent fraudulent transactions E. SSL Certificates Allow Authentication F. SSL Certificates Can Increase Visitor Confidence
  7. The benefits of the Facebook ads 1. An important audience 2. Counter the decline of organic litters 3. The speed of creating your Facebook campaigns 4. Very precise targeting 5. A powerful tool 6. Control your budget and costs 7. Total management of your advertising campaigns
  8. It is worth remembering that the Google Display Network covers more than 2 million websites worldwide . But that does not mean that your ads will show on each one. The network is indeed composed of different levels. There are sites specific to Google, such as Blogger, Youtube ... and publisher sites, which site managers can register.
  9. An anchor , anchor text , or anchor text (in English) is the hotspot that the visitor clicks to trigger the link from the current page to the landing page of that link. Links are the vectors of potential between pages, and therefore between websites: each link that is made between two web pages transmits potential, from the source to the target of the link.
  10. The <abbr> tag is supposed to define an abbreviation, the title attribute of the tag containing the full meaning of the abbreviation, and the abbreviation itself displayed between the opening and closing tags.
  11. Some Social Sites are: Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. Pinterest. Tumblr
  12. The cloaking or concealment is a technique called black-hat because it violates the quality guidelines for webmasters of Google in which you specify your robot or spider should always access the exact same content that users can see when they visit the website.
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