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  1. Keyword, Price biding, targeted audience are the factor in determining your ad position
  2. Keyword stuffing Cloaking Sneaky Redirects Poor Quality Content Paid Links
  3. Off Page Optimization Techniques are Guest posting, Article submission, Press Release, Review Submission, Image Optimization, Video Submission
  4. Guest Posting is one of the best to makes off page optimization much better.
  5. Do you browse SEO forums or consult different SEO agencies and they talk about optimizing your file "Sitemaps.xml"? You do not know what that means? No worries, we will explain you the interest of this famous Sitemaps which translates as "Plan of the Web site" . Launched by Google in 2005, Sitemaps is a solution that provides Google's crawlers with a site map in XML format. Google bot can then identify and check the pages that are indicated in the file. A crawler is a robot (which is also called spider > or bot ). These robots browse the web and automatically retrieve the web pages visited. The concept of this file is quite simple. Indeed, you create an XML file which will contain the list of the pages of your site then you indicate various information like the frequency of update of these pages, the priority of crawl, etc ...). The home page will have a priority index of 1.
  6. Many of you ask what are the best free tools for creating a sitemap. It's simple: you have to create a script yourself that generates the sitemap (s), or use a sitemap plugin if you ever use a CMS . This script is very similar to the one that generates an RSS feed from elsewhere. You can do as many scripts (or options) as there are types of pages on your site (if you follow my idea of creating a sitemap file by type of pages). Of course, you can use scripts that are completely adapted to your CMS . For example for WordPress there are plenty. With this solution, your sitemap will be up-to-date all the time. You will never need to upload it somewhere (except to declare it to Google, see below). If necessary, manage a cache so you do not regenerate this file each time it is accessed by a crawler. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should never use a sitemap generation tool type "crawler" (sitemap generator / sitemap generator ) why use a crawl tool instead of trusting Google's business? Do you really think that the tool you choose will outperform Google's crawler? And besides, why want to do the job of Google? by running a crawler on your site, you request your server. If the tool you are using is poorly designed or configured, it may overload your server by asking too many pages per second. this solution is not automated: you will have to think about launching the tool, exporting the generated file and uploading it to your server. While with the script you made, the sitemap will always be up to date. By cons, if you use a crawler tool to do other analysis on your site, as much as to export a site map, it can still serve you.
  7. The robots.txt is a text file using a precise format that allows a Webmaster to control which areas of his site an indexing robot is allowed to scan. This text file will be available at a specific URL for a given site, for example http://www.mysite.com/robots.txt
  8. Every entrepreneur knows that one of the keys to growth is to make your business known to those who need its products and services. Well, here is great news! Research indicates that over 90% of potential buyers consult the Internet. In other words, many people search you on the Internet. But how can they find you? There are two ways: either you buy Internet traffic by paying online ads or not. If you are among those who prefer free, that is to say everyone, this article concerns you. A free way is SEO.
  9. We were already talking about it , web content writing does not follow any rules about the length of the article. 300 words can be as interesting as another 1000 words . The bottom line is that it is relevant with quality information. While brevity and accuracy are often enough to engage the reader, it is also possible that the details add additional value to an article. However, you should know that an article of more than 1000 words will never be read to the end , as relevant as it is.
  10. Adwords ads are presented to users who are actively seeking information or products and services related to your business or business. The operating principle of Google Adwords is based on a keyword auction system . It encourages advertisers to raise bids to appear among the first search results with the keywords chosen for their campaigns.
  11. They must be of various types: non-reciprocal (mostly), reciprocal (a little), triangular (not too much, Google realizes it), etc. follow (mostly) and nofollow (!!!) Signatures of forums or comments embedded links in widgets links from RSS / Atom aggregators links from social networks (read this article on SEO and social networks to understand why) Each of these types must not exceed in proportion a threshold set by Google.
  12. You now understand why and how backlinks are so important in the SEO process. But perhaps you do not currently have sufficient notoriety with third-party sites to enjoy it? It can sometimes be difficult to be recognized by an already well referenced site that is already successful. Do not panic ! There is a free solution to overcome this problem, it is called "backlinking campaign".
  13. The SEO link juice , therefore defines what you transmit in juice to the page that receives the link. For simplicity, say that the more potential a page has (popularity, seniority, quality of content, etc.) and the more the link juice that you receive from this page if it links to one of your pages will be qualitative. Attention, we are talking here, all things being equal, but we will come back to it later. Finally, if an SEO consultant will know faster than average detect a page on which the link juice obtained would be beneficial to him, he will not hesitate to audit to use one or more tools of his choice that will give him valuable indicators . In our Lille SEO agency we are quite fond of Majestic SEO, but there are others.
  14. The best forum sites are: http://magentoexpertforum.com http://www.edollarearn.com http://siteownersforums.com http://www.ewebdiscussion.com http://forums.seomotionz.com http://forums.hostsearch.com https://internetlifeforum.com http://www.hoxforum.com http://topgoldforum.com https://www.smallbusinessforums.org Thanks
  15. Schema is the markup code that using to supply information about the other website pages and its improves search engine result in google.
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