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  1. Google Keyword Planner is the best keyword research tool.
  2. Latest SEO tools are Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Google Keyword planner, Small SEO tools, SEMrush, Open site Explorer, Copyscape, Duplichecker, MOZ local listing.
  3. Off Page Optimization Techniques are Guest posting, Press Release Bookmarking, Microblogging, Infogrpahics Submission PPT PDf Video Article Submission Commenting
  4. Keyword mapping usually refers to when you assign your various targeted search terms to the relevant page on your site. This is quite simple when you understand the process.
  5. Press Release Submission is essentially a communicative tools that lets users know about your product or services and website. It is an effective technique of OFF page SEO, it also help to increase and create the quality backlinks. It is publish on various new publishing and press release websites.
  6. Growth Hacking is of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective , efficient way to grow the business. Growth hacking is a set of marketing experiments that leads of growth a business.
  7. To follow search engine guidelines and do SEO activities is known as white hat SEO and does not obey search engines guidelines is black hat SEO.
  8. By using black hat SEO techniques it is possible to achieved higher ranking in search engine but its temporarily ,when Google updated algorithm its completely destroy and may be damage your website or penalize.
  9. Good quality backlink is important to achieved higher SERP.
  10. On page optimization is a techniques to changes in website designing part Like Title Tag, Description Tag, Alt Tag and many more.
  11. Generate quality backlink for using Guest posting techniques and try to generate backlink from Wikipedia.
  12. In cloaking create a different view of webpage for Bot and different for user,it's a black SEO technique to increase SERP.
  13. Do On page optimization according to search engine guidelines and generate authority backlink for website.
  14. You can promote website blog on social media channels and boost your Alexa ranking.
  15. To promote your blog you can use social media channels like Stumbleupon, Reddit, Facebook ,Pinterest and Google plus.