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  1. ram.sh

    Share your sites on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin and Instagram.
  2. ram.sh

    Do Follow Links are the important for the ranking of your site. Try to take the links which are provided Do Follow links.
  3. ram.sh

    Share your blog posts on the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram.
  4. There are many profile creation sites. You can search online and find the best sites according to your business. Moz.com
  5. ram.sh

    Always write unique and high quality content in your blog. Also, share your posts in the social media networking sites.
  6. ram.sh

    Social media marketing helps to increase the brand awareness of the products and services.
  7. There are some points which you will have to do in image optimization to your website. 1. Use the correct product name 2. Use alt tags 3. Use caption 4. Use proper size of image
  8. ram.sh

    Addmefast dot com is the best website to get the likes, followers, repost etc. You will have to do the same from your account to get the points and points will be deducted if someone will do mentioned activity.
  9. ram.sh

    You can use Google Keyword Planner tool to check the traffic and competition of keyword. Always try to choose the keywords which has low competition and high traffic.
  10. Use Google Keyword Planner tool and search the keywords related to your product or services. Try to pick the keywords which has high searches and low competition to get the traffic and easily rank in search engine.
  11. ram.sh

    Well, in previous there were so many activities to get the traffic and ranking in search engine. But now google has make some changes in its algorithm. According to it, quantity of backlinks does'nt matter but quality links will appreciate by google. There are some activities in 2018 : 1. Guest Blogging 2. Blog Posting 3. Web 2.0 4. Blog Commenting 5. SMO 6. Microblogging 7. PPT and PDF 8. Infographics
  12. ram.sh

    Google Sandbox is a filter that is applies to new websites before getting in search engines. It is created by google to prevent the spammers achieving rank by manipulating search.
  13. ram.sh

    If you are providing services or selling products then ask your client to post the review about their experience.
  14. Thanks for sharing this useful information.
  15. ram.sh

    Set up your blog Write content that gets lots of traffic Convert visitors into email subscribers Send those subscribers content that builds trust Sell products or services your audience wants