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  1. When it comes to deposit/withdrawal, it is often difficult for many people due to limited available option for it, but now with TradeWiseFX, there is massive range of options available to use for deposit/withdrawal. TradeWiseFX offers you 8 methods to use for making deposit/withdrawals. Now you can deposit with us via Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Visa MasterCard, Fasapay, Qiwi, Okpay and Giropay, so we can use whatever option we feel comfortable with without having to pay any additional fees! For further info, please visit our web site here - Now you can also follow us on
  2. Now Trade forex, metals and equities on the industry standard MetaTrader 4 platform with us - You can trade on your desktop, tablet or a mobile device through TradeWiseFX. MetaTrader 4 offers lightning speed trade execution, automated trading, a shop for add-ons and live wire news. MetaTrader 4 platform here with TradeWiseFX is for trading Forex, analyzing financial markets and using Expert Advisors while Mobile trading, Trading Signals and the Market are the integral parts of MetaTrader 4 that enhance your Forex trading experience. Millions of traders with a wide range of needs choose MetaTrader 4 to trade in the market. The platform offers ample of opportunities to traders of all skill levels: advanced technical analysis, flexible trading system, algorithmic trading and Expert Advisors, as well as mobile trading applications. Now you can also follow us on
  3. Do you wish to make extra money without much of effort? TradeWiseFX Company is now offering you such chance; it’s through our Refer a Friend Promo! Send a friend to us and receive $50 If you like our trading services, we give you a great way to recommend TradeWiseFX to a friend and also receive money for it. All you have to do is share our link. Steps to follow – 1. Open a live account on TradeWiseFX if you already haven't. You will receive your personal referral link. 2. We will create a referral link which you can share with how many friends you want. 3. The referred person has to trade 5 lots in the first month. 4. We will credit your trading account with $50 for every friend who trades the required amount. 5. Trading volume is accounted for currency pairs. Metals and CFDs are excluded. 6. TradeWiseFX reserves the right to disqualify any user if there is a suspicion of misuse or abuse. 7. TradeWiseFX reserves the right to change the terms of the campaign or cancel it at any time. For more details visit here - Now you can also follow us on
  4. Myfxbook AutoTrade An opportunity to tap into some of the best performing trading systems around. Autotrade lets you follow and copy successful traders automatically. If you don’t have much time to trade or want to diversify your own strategy it can be done with Autotrade. Features: Autotrade comes with a friendly and simple interface that makes it easy for you to choose from a variety of Trading Systems after you have compared their trading history and overall performance. It's simple. You don't need to download anything extra. It works automatically with Metatrader 4. It's profitable. Myfxbook offers you the choice from only best-performing strategies. Commission is only paid to strategy providers for making profitable trades. It's proven. Only experienced providers with live trading accounts and a profitable performance for 3 months or more who have deposited over $1000 are accepted. It's reliable and precise. Detailed charts give you an overview of the provider's past performance to help you assess their potential. It's visual. Myfxbook offers demo accounts and a strategy simulator. See how it really works before investing your money! You have it all under control — you are free to suspend or opt out of a losing strategy at any moment in time. You can also limit the number of lots, trades or currency pairs for any strategy through your myfxbook personal profile or set a level of balance or drawdown, at which point a risky or losing strategy will be suspended automatically for your account. How to start up? To get started with Autotrade please follow the 2 steps below. 1.First open a account with TradeWiseFX. Account type "Myfxbook". If you are an existing client please request a new account from the Client-Center or send us an email to requesting a Myfxbook account. 2. Secondly go to Myfxbook to link your account to Autotrade. After you have linked your account you can choose the system you wish to autotrade on your Metatrader 4. Read more from our introductory page Now you can also follow us on
  5. Do you like to trade on wide range of instruments? Here you go - We have listed our range of tradable products on this page - You have the choice to trade with 64 forex pairs, 4 metals and 14 CFD instruments. Forex is a 24 hour 5 days a week currency exchange system with no central trading place. Still, some of the more active trading hours overlap with the stock market openings in London, Tokyo and New York as the most traded currencies are the US dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen and the British Pound which you will find under the major currency pairs list. We also offer trading with Metals and CFDs. While metals like gold and silver can be traded around the clock, CFD's or contracts for difference follow some more distinct patterns as they are the proxies for trading local stock markets like the S&P500 stock market for the United States and GER30 for the German DAX30 index to name a few. NOTE - With TradeWiseFX you can deposit and withdraw your funds with absolutely no commission charges. Now you can also follow us on
  6. Are you new to Forex? Just starting up? Not sure where to start from? Now with TradeWiseFX go with the option which suits you the best - ALL OUR LIVE ACCOUNT TYPES We offer low spreads, consistent liquidity and sub 0.2 second order execution times on every trade, even with news. We also won't let your account cross to negative balance with adequate stop out protection. Scalping and automated trading is our specialty. There are three live account types. Find the best match for your trading. Now you can also follow us on
  7. Do you feel frustrated with your unstable connection? Do you like to use EA through reliable VPS? All this is available now with TradeWiseFX – We help you reach your final destination of SUCCESS! VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER - In partnership with ForexVPS we offer you VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. This allows you to run automated algorithmic strategies and expert advisors 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Why do I need a VPS for my MT4 EA? Any Forex EA requires the MT4 terminal to be running 24/7 with the EA attached to a chart for it to function. If the MT4 terminal is offline or shutdown the EA ceases to function. With VPS you can install your MT4 terminal with our Receiver EA and let it run 24/7. You can access your VPS using the Remote Desktop Connection at any time and you will see that your MT4 is still running as you left it. Advantages of using our VPS over your PC for running a Forex EA Internet Connection Stability - Our VPS solution offers a professional setup. We have a high grade Internet connection and multiple backup connections in case one or more go down. In comparison a Home Internet connection has no backup and can vary in reliability. Power Consumption - Our VPS solution offers a professional setup. We have a high grade Internet connection and multiple backup connections in case one or more go down. In comparison a Home Internet connection has no backup and can vary in reliability. Keep your PC desktop tidy - If you run your MT4 on your PC you will always have the terminal on the desktop. This can be annoying and also you could mistakenly close the terminal while closing other applications. With a VPS it is out of sight unless you have your RDP connection running. Access from anywhere - You can remotely access your VPS from anywhere you have an Internet connection. The packages start from $34.99 a month but active traders may receive this for free from TradeWiseFX. Contact us further to receive your VPS at Now you can also follow us on
  8. Use Prepaid Trading Commission Account! Have you tried our Prepaid Trading Commission Option? Not yet? TradeWiseFX is offering you a new way to save money, so make the move towards bright future right from here - A prepaid trading account is an excellent way to save up to 30% on trading commissions for frequent traders. You will receive a reduction on commissions after choosing a prepayment plan that best suits your needs. What is a prepaid trading account? A prepaid trading account is an innovative and great solution for EA and high frequency traders to lower their trading costs. If you know you trade frequently you can opt in to pay a certain amount of commissions in the beginning of the month and receive lower commissions in return. How does it work? Let's say you take the "Bronze" prepaid account package. You open an account, make a deposit and opt in for a prepaid account. After you deposit we will reserve €$500 from the account for the coming month for which you will receive a 10 % reduction in commissions. In the end of the month we will rebate from the prepaid account according to your trading volume up to the €$500. If you trade more than €$500 worth it will still be with the 10% price reduction. In case you trade less than the €$500 we will just charge the amount from the prepaid account. NOTE - With TradeWiseFX you can deposit and withdraw your funds with absolutely no commission charges. Now you can also follow us on
  9. TradeWiseFX.Com - Get 50% Bonus on Deposit TradeWiseFX is offering a deposit bonus of 50% for every client's deposit made. In order to receive the bonus follow the steps below - 1. Open a live account on TradeWiseFX. Choose the account type "Classic". 2. Deposit at least $€100 3. Make a deposit and send us an email to claiming the bonus. We will add the 50% to your deposit in 24 hours for a maximum of €$50 bonus. 4. You will own and can withdraw the 50% bonus if you trade all together 0.5 lots for every bonus dollar in 1 month. The bonus does not support margin and will be removed if your equity drops below the amount of the bonus. 5. One bonus per person only. 6. Trading volume is accounted for currency pairs and metals, CFDs are excluded. 7. The bonus can only be claimed on deposits, which are not covered by any other campaigns, offers or bonuses. 8. TradeWiseFX reserves the right to disqualify any user if there is a suspicion of misuse or abuse. 9. TradeWiseFX reserves the right to change the terms of the campaign or cancel it at any time. NOTE - With TradeWiseFX you can deposit and withdraw your funds with absolutely no commission charges. Now you can also follow us on
  10. In a way it is because we can’t succeed without education, but with broker it can be still possible if they are not good. So, I will too give highest priority to education and from onwards, it is broker selection. I have that right as well with TradeWiseFX, as they are best in the business having low spread, deposit bonus, over 80 instruments and much more, it’s awesome.
  11. My side of the tip would be planning and execution, as these are the two main points as per profit making is concern. I can do it all brilliantly with TradeWiseFX, as they have Zero Spread facility; it is seriously beneficial which allows me to work nicely and helps in bringing good rewards.
  12. TradeWiseFX - cTrader platform! (On request) We always like our customers to take a step towards new technology in FX trading. We are are always working our for improvement, therefore, TradeWiseFX Company have option of cTrader platform and is available if requested. cTrader provides full STP access to the currency trading markets for professional and new traders. We route your trades using STP networks, allowing you to trade directly with prominent global banks, freeing you from the inefficiencies of market maker models and opening the door to transparent trading in a live environment. Dealing desk intervention is impossible, guaranteeing you a level trading field that helps you reach your trading goals. Fast Entry and Execution Most of the time, timing is everything. The success of your trade will depend on how fast you can fill your order, and with cTrader, orders are filled in just milliseconds. cTrader also supports simultaneous order processing - so if you're entering several trades at once, there's no order queue. Simple, smart, fast. Level II Pricing cTrader’s depth of market shows the full range of executable prices coming directly from liquidity providers. Orders are filled against the full order book using Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP). ChartShots ChartShots is a great way to share ideas, trading examples and technical analysis strategies with other traders. Set up your chart and click once with the ChartShots tool to open the image in a unique URL with multiple sharing options available. You can embed the chart directly into your web page or blog, or post is straight to your Facebook, Twitter or any of 300+ social networking sites. Chart Trading With cTrader, your charts are also your best trading tool. Using simple click-and-drag functionality, you can open and close orders, as well as modify stop losses, take profits and limit order entries. You can also see your profit and loss for each trade in pips and base currency from within the charts. Order Types cTrader offers a full range of orders to maximise your trading options. Market orders, limit orders, stop orders and other rare order types such as market-range orders are available to help you make smarter trading choices. Charting cTrader charting is packed with features to suit the needs of any and all traders. Get the view of the market you need, when you need it with our different presentation modes, layouts and customizable templates. Don't miss your entry - identify trade opportunities with cTrader's extensive indicator library. You can even build your own custom indicators in C#, download other custom indicators, and combine indicators together by using one to reference another. And many more features you will love... Now you can also follow us on
  13. continues their service for US Clients! With many brokers shutting down their work for US Clients, we TradeWiseFX continues to provide service to traders from all over the world including US! It’s our privileged to serve clients from US and will continue to do so. We are also constantly working to improve our service and upgrading our system with adding depth and more features to help traders achieving best possible results and high quality atmosphere to work with! So, stay tune with us! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us here or via email to customer support at NOTE - With TradeWiseFX you can deposit and withdraw your funds with absolutely no commission charges. Now you can also follow us on
  14. Dear clients and partners, We are pleased to announce that TradeWiseFX is all set to start series of trading improvements over next couple of months which is going to bring positive change in spreads, execution speed and even lower slippage! TradeWiseFX set its highest riority to give clients the best possible and this is another step towards that, so stay tune for the surprise ahead with us! NOTE - With TradeWiseFX you can deposit and withdraw your funds with absolutely no commission charges. Now you can also follow us on
  15. Earn money as our agent! Registering to be an introducing broker also known as an agent can be a great way for you to generate extra income by referring new clients to us, therefore TradeWiseFX is happy to announce the Introducing Broker or agent program. This is an opportunity for everyone who wishes to earn money by referring new clients to us. After you register here you will receive a personal link that ties any new customer that you introduce to us to your account and earns yous $2 on every trade he/she makes. Start earning today and register as a introducing broker - NOTE - With TradeWiseFX you can deposit and withdraw your funds with absolutely no commission charges. Now you can also follow us on